It is possible that dreaming of a cake is a pleasant experience. Cakes traditionally represent something unique. For every birthday we decide to share a cake and decorate it with some candles. In some countries they sing a birthday song while the candles are lit. This tradition is very common, but how common is it to dream about a cake?

This dream commonly appears in cake bakers, who have long been linked to them. Perhaps if you are a pastry chef it is common to dream of cakes, because during the day you have made many. However, they can also appear in people who love cake and for this reason having a dream with a cake is nothing strange.

To dream of cakes can indicate that we are generous people and that we love to share with others. But all depending on the context of the dream. Cakes in dreams can bring negative or positive visions and for this reason it is important that we are very attentive when dreaming about them.


Dreams with cakes are a bit strange. If you have dreamed that you eat cake, possibly you find yourself having some or accompanying it with a drink. In other cases, there may be many people you know around you or you don’t know. All this is really important to remember to know exactly the interpretation of dreams with cakes. If you have dreamt that you bite into a cake and you find yourself surrounded by people you do not know, you should be aware. This may mean that there is falsehood and that the people around you may be deceiving you.

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On the other hand, if you dream that you share a cake, it will mean that you feel comfortable with the people around you. In these dreams people may be accompanying you are clearly recognizable and are in a passive and happy manner. These dreams can be positive or negative so you will have to have an excellent perception of what is happening so as not to be confused when it comes to knowing the interpretation of dreams.

One aspect to keep in mind about dreams with cakes is the taste of the cake. The sweeter the cake we eat seems to us, the greater the deception we are in. To take into account also if this very sweet cake has not been given to us by someone we know, we have to move away from that person. Dreams with cakes can warn us of lies, deceit and falsehoods of people who are around us.

Dreaming of eating cake

To dream of eating cake can be a dream that causes us confusion according to the meanings they represent, therefore, it is necessary that we interpret what is happening in our life just at that moment. Expert dream analysts indicate that dreaming of eating a very sweet cake can be a representation of the feeling of pride. If we are at a stage in our lives where we have achieved significant goals for ourselves, this dream may be nothing more than a representation of the pride we feel.

However, when we dream that we are given a very sweet or very salty cake, it has another meaning as we have already discussed above. If in our life we are going through a moment wrapped in negative things, we may encounter this dream and it would have nothing to do with pride. In a dream, eating extremely sweet pastries means that you are being deceived or betrayed. To this we have to be very attentive, because the sweeter the cake in the dream, the greater the damage that can be done to us.

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Dreaming of eating a salty cake, on the other hand, does not bring bad or good news. It only indicates that our perception of life has changed. We do not have to worry because it is nothing bad, sometimes we can change our tastes.

Dreams of eating chocolate cake

We all love chocolate cakes, well almost all of us. Dreaming of eating chocolate cake has been linked by dream specialists to love. This means that there is good news about love if you have this dream. If you have a partner, you are about to spend very happy times and reach the fullness of your love life. It also brings with it the news of a coming love if we find ourselves without a partner.

If you have had this dream, it is important that you take everything into account and take advantage to make the most of those moments of happiness that are about to come. Avoid insignificant problems and enjoy the love you receive and give to your partner.

Dreaming of a birthday cake

To dream of a birthday cake has many interpretations according to the context of the dream. Sometimes this dream can be positive or negative. But now we will gradually talk about each of the situations that may arise in this dream and its meaning.

If you dream that you are given a birthday cake, it means that the person who gave it to you will betray you. On the other hand, if you are singing or eating a birthday cake, it can mean two things. If you see the group of people and recognize them, it means that you want to share your accomplishments with them. On the other hand, if you do not recognize the group of people it is because there are people in your social sphere who are betraying you as a group.

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Dreams with a cake

Cake in a dream can be a symbol of betrayal and lies. So dreaming of a cake warns you that you are being hurt by people close to you or even by yourself. It is important that you analyze the dream so that you can interpret all the details.

Cakes are delicious, but in dream interpretation, they can represent ambiguous situations depending on what happens in the dream, so be alert in your life if you have a dream of this type.

Dreaming of a white cake

White cakes usually represent a celebration. When you dream of white cakes it is because you will soon be celebrating something. This may be a victory or a goal achieved. Keep the calm and peace you carry so far throughout so that the celebration will not be affected.

Dreams of a wedding cake

Wedding cakes are white and very tall. To dream of one means that you will soon be entering into a love relationship, either to finalize the engagement and turn it into a marriage or if you will find someone with whom you decide to spend the rest of your life.

This dream may reflect the above, however, it does not indicate a date, the time that may occur from the dream to a wedding is not defined by the dream itself.