Dromedaries or camels are animals known for their great ability to retain water and their adaptability to stay in the desert for large amounts of time, often present in our dreams, which makes us seek a meaning for this oneiric epiphany.

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Camel dreams can be interpreted in a personal way by the burdens you carry with you, whether it be family, work or social burdens. Depending on the situation in which you are in your dream, this will dictate the meaning of your dream with dromedaries.

The meanings of dreams can also be according to the area in which you are with the camel, you can dream of camels, that you are a camel or that you are in a desert and you see camels, this can vary a lot, so we will teach you the meanings of each one of them here.

Dreaming of camels or dromedaries are not always bad dreams, even if they are not always good interpretations, they are dreams that warn us and keep us at the margins about the direction we are leading in our lives, the dreams with camels reveal to us information that we can use to retake the reins of our path and fix our gaze on our goal.

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The camel represents resistance and restlessness, this animal can adapt to extreme weather conditions and can travel an entire desert without supplies like water or food, is a very hard animal and is used to reach a goal, whether crossing a desert or reaching a destination. Knowing this, we can understand that dreaming of camels goes more with the goals and how strong we have to be to overcome the obstacles that will lead us to fulfill them.  Dreaming of camels can be interpreted by the Omen of a decisive moment in which you must be strong and adapt so that you can cope with everything and reach your goal.

Camel dreams can also dictate an economic drought, so if you’re having a hard time in your personal appearance for the economy, it’s time for you to stay calm and make an economic Reserve just like the camel does on its hump with water, so you can help you overcome that time of economic crisis for yourself. It’s time for you to learn how to ration.

Dream of white camels

Dreams with white camels indicate that we are or will be in a moment of abundance and fortune, it can be economic or personal, indicates that they will be moments of great success for us, so do not waste time to risk a little on an investment or buy a lottery ticket. White camels are animals that represent joy, healing and blessings.

Dream of baby camels

Dreams with baby camels mean that new paths are about to start and it is taken as a beneficial omen for our personal and working life, it is time to take a new path. Dreaming of white dromedaries will bring a new beginning to your life, it’s time for you to take advantage of it.

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  • Dreaming of dead camels: this means that we are in moments of economic crisis or approaching them, we have to be attentive to the losses of capital and embezzlement, as we can see ourselves in a complex economic situation.
  • Dreaming of wounded camels: this means that we are taking wrong paths that lead us nowhere, we have to take back the reins and visualize new paths to avoid finding ourselves in a difficult situation to overcome.
  • Dreaming of black camels: these dreams with black camels, are interpreted as a bad omen.
  • To dream that you feed a camel: these dreams mean that what you want is to come.
  • To dream that you buy a camel: if in your dream you bought a camel, it means that you will be in a moment of professional and labor growth that will bring wealth to your home.
  • To dream that a camel spits on you: even if it seems a bit bizarre, a dream in which the camel spits on you, is interpreted as mistrust and betrayal, in that case you should take care of the people around you as they can cause some kind of conflict in your personal life.