One of the best ways to activate us is by tasting a candy. It seems hard to believe, but just give a little candy to a child and see how magically this makes a being full of naivety enjoy something as simple as candy. Tsadsadpjkm aspkdmnasd

We choose to be boring and emphatically deny the possibility of proving how sweet life is. That’s why your subconscious shows you this reality by taking you to dream of candy. The intention is for you to indulge yourself in trying out all that you are missing in your life, both for yourself and for others. Dreaming of candies is a sign that you will receive a news that will sweeten your life and that you will have to accept and let the child within you enjoy its sweetness.

Dreaming of candies is a clear indication that you want something good, that soon situations will come to your life to your liking. It also has a close relationship with good sentimental moments and is sometimes associated with religious beliefs. Dreams with candies are also considered as longings or goals to fulfill, so they are related to perseverance, good luck in love, work, friendships, among others.

Love everywhere, overflowing passion, next new news and a season full of enjoyment after having worked hard, are just some of the meanings of dreaming about sweets. These messages from your subconscious so that you do not give up on those goals that have taken time to give results and to give you the opportunity to experience good moments and pleasant feelings without feeling any remorse, because you deserve it.



The meaning of dreaming of candies is as rewarding and pleasant as the feeling of feeling the flavors of a sweet, and is that you cannot deny that you are a lover of candy. Maybe, over the years, you’ve repressed this taste, but it’s time to let it flow. To dream that they give you sweets, that you eat them, that it is one or many, or that you give them presents, reveals fantastic things about you and your life for your immediate future. Dreaming of sweets, or even any food that is also sweet, is a sign of good things in your life. According to oneiric psychoanalysts, it’s a revelation from your subconscious about future good news for you.

This dream is a premonition of interesting changes that will allow you to see how little by Little your life is evolving towards a positive future. You must understand that everything that happens to you from here on out will be for the good, you must only give your best, continue not to give up and do everything within your reach so that life will smile at you every day. To know the meaning of dreaming of sweets, you need to analyze each of the additional elements that can be part of your dream with sweets: the kind of sweet you see in the dream, which is the environment of your dream, if the sweet is to your liking, if you share it, among others.

Dream of eating candies

Dreaming about eating candy is a sign that you are living or about to live a bonanza stage in your life. You will begin to experience the pleasures of life and see how little by Little great things come to you. You’ll understand that everything can be for the best. Go ahead and see how you will reap the fruits of your effort.

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Dream of candies and cakes

Dreaming of sweets and cakes is the way your subconscious shows you that in the near future you will enjoy a season similar to an endless party. Best of all, this feeling will never bother you because you won’t feel overwhelmed or tired by all the good things that will come into your life.

Dream of colored candies

Dreaming of colored candies, light and beautiful, is a good sign that in the future you will live very pleasant moments, with friendly people. You’ll be very lucky too. In case the sweets have strong and vivid colors, you should know that your subconscious indicates a change that will renew your life: you will go out, change your environment, travel and live new experiences.

Dream of many candies

Dreaming of many candies tells you that the passion in your relationship as a couple will be full of skin. You will live a season in which you will both feel like a couple of kids enjoying a giant bag of candy, which you can taste all because your parents have given you permission. A dream many would long to have, take advantage of it.

Dream of candies and chocolates

This may prove to be a strange combination for your subconscious, however, dreaming of candy and chocolates reveals that you will receive one of Cupid’s most powerful arrows in your life. Both you and the person with whom you are to join (or have already joined) and vice versa, will feel a strong, deep and true love that will be proof of all and everything. Why? You have the luck in your favor at this time in your love life, plus, you have all the preparation to lead a loving relationship that will last in time. It’s your time.

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