Dreaming about cats is a very recurring type of soil that people have ever had. But what does it mean to dream about cats? Is it good luck or bad luck?Cats symbolize mystery and strength for the subconscious, often representing many things. Depending on the way the cat appears, it’s the old, Young, the color, the sensations. Every contribution you’ve ever considered as part of the often contradictory interpretation.

In the dream world it can generate complexity when interpreting dreams with cats. Since cats like rats or snakes are animals that most often appear in dreams. These are perfect for knowing what the future holds, and it is also related to the power to convince those around us, as well as sexuality. Throughout history it is associated with family Energy and for Egyptian culture used to. For Egyptian culture they symbolized Guardians of light and order.

As we all know, typical dreams with Black Cats are associated with bad luck. But this doesn’t mean the other cats are ominous. There are usually certain exceptions to the dreams of cats. Because it symbolizes success in the work environment in the short or medium term. Everything will depend on the health of the feline, since if he does not have any disease he will have no problems. No doubt these animals have kept an important place in the dream world. As well as the Cats who stole the heart from various cultures especially the Egyptian. Related to a divine being with elegance and beauty that only they demonstrate.

Dreaming With Cats offers different versions and interpretations depending on the characteristics of the dream. The main ones are identification with sexuality. Therefore the playful character of the feline offers tenderness. Cats, in turn, are health symptoms from the saying that “they have seven lives.”

If you encounter a cat in your dream, we understand that you are going through situations of intrigue and tension. Where they require analysis and reflection, as it is a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. Thus, fantasies with cats involve processes of self-centeredness of the subconscious itself. Where the desire for admiration and individuality stands out.

In addition, the meaning of Dreams With Cats is linked to the economic situation of the person. But do you really want to know why you dreamed it? Taking into account the above mentioned, we can get to have some confusion regarding what symbolizes dreaming of felines. In spite of that, it’s not that complicated. What follows is simply to find the interpretation of the dream to know what may be happening in our subconscious.



Dreaming about cats represents the spiritual side, as well as the Wild Side, where it opposes the correct version of the human being. It is related to strength, power and creativity. No doubt these felines are beautiful, independent, elegant and wild beings. So, if you’ve had cat dreams, it symbolizes true nature, the one you’re trying to repress. For many they are indicative of peace, well-being, peace and moments of comfort. At the moment, the garos are one of the many images that the subconscious uses in order to communicate with us. For many people, these felines evoke positive energies, such as well-being, peace, comfort.


This is one of the most common dreams that exist and daily many people rise up with the same question, which we will answer briefly. Cats are represented in dreams in different ways according to context, where we can find meanings linked to luck, money and even love. To achieve the correct meaning of a cat dream, great attention must be paid to the different existing variables. For example, their color or size. Furthermore, it is also essential to know what happens to the animal, that is, if we are seeing it, it has a different interpretation than if we are running away from it.

Mention should be made of previous comments regarding living with a cat or having had experiences with a cat recently.Since this can affect our dreams and not in all cases it would achieve a specific meaning. However, it is preferable to read the interpretations to get out of doubt. Only there’s a chance this might not be right for your situation. In the world of dreams it does not always allude to reality, but depends on the world of the one who is dreaming it. So cats symbolize negative things according to who dreams. Those animals are seen as ominous beings, especially if they scratch or attack you. However, this is the mythological part, as it can be associated with one’s own beliefs, desires, ideas. That remain latent in our being that have not materialized. Or, on the contrary, fears and phobias, even if it is something fictitious.

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Dreaming of baby cats

Seeing a dream of happy baby cats represents good luck and success in life, both in personal relationships and work. If you notice cats around you and start playing with you, it’s a good sign of prosperity. Wealth is on its way, you’ll soon be out of many debts.

In the dream world, these represent abundance. There are two possible scenarios, the first is that you are going through a complicated stage of your life and you will soon have a positive turn; the second is that you are already beginning to notice the changes in your daily life due to a good decision you have made.

Dream of dead cats

In addition, it may represent that you are unbalanced, and it is difficult for you to make firm decisions to achieve goals. This is because you’re going through situations that you’re not sure require your attention.

It also means that your current situation could be described as ‘stagnation’. You probably don’t know what to do with your life, but relax, it’ll be a momentary thing. Many times it is related to something negative, surely you find yourself in a state of exhaustion. Or the Dream tries to warn you about a robbery or scam that’s on its way.

Dream of many cats

In this case, the interpretation of Dreams is characterized by moments of joy and joy that marked new stages in her life, such as being a mother. If a man has dreamed of small cats, it means that you want to make fantasies of a woman. On the other hand, it can represent as the desire for connection with female personality.

On the contrary, if many cats find themselves frightened and confused, it symbolizes that you need a plan to achieve success. You lack a specific direction where you can find your own course. In addition, they show us that there are ideas in the head that cannot be concretized. Other interpretations say that you are a creative person, if you have it in mind you can make it happen. Try to get started and you’ll see you’ll be a capable person.

Dream of small cats

In the meaning of dreaming about small cats tells us that you have an undertaking or project in mind. If you set your mind to it, you can be so successful. If it’s an adult cat, but small in size, it reflects that you’re insecure in some way in your life. It’s time to overcome fears. On the other hand it is a reflection of your maternal instinct, let’s say that this feline symbolizes that your child or little brother requires your care. To understand what your dream tells you, you need to feel it while dreaming. Small cats are associated with youth, so you can interpret it as the need to care for your body and feed.

Small cats also have two meanings. If you are a young cat, it is represented as a small project that may lead you to success in different areas.

Dream of dogs and cats

They represent uncomfortable situations and negative sensations. If in the dream the cat eats the mouse they indicate that those bad vibes will leave your life. On the other hand, it is interpreted as your insecurities when it comes to relating, which may be affecting you. Also, if a woman dreams of small cats and puppies they indicate that she can be influenced by someone to appropriate things that do not belong to her. Especially if the woman is pregnant.

Dream of newborn cats

You dream of a newborn cat, it means that in your subconscious you are forming a stronger sentimental relationship with a person; perhaps you have not noticed or are simply ignoring the feeling for fear of not being reciprocated. This is more common than you think, try not to hide your feelings. Also, baby cats refer to the sensitive part, which warns us to take care of our internality and accept ourselves more as people. If you’ve had a dream carrying a baby cat, it may be confusing because you understand that a person is trying to manipulate you. Thus, we talk of a person out of your life, you will return to help you.

Dream of kittens

In the dream world it can symbolize that you are in a vulnerable situation where you require help. You may not feel listened to because you’re having communication problems with people. Although this image of newborn cats is tender, it depends on emotions and circumstances. You can interpret it as a fear of losing your children and therefore you want to protect them. Other meanings are that you will be included in legal problems and a relationship that you appreciate so much will be at risk. It’s time to set limits.

Dream of white cats

These white cat dreams mean your innocence can hurt you. Try not to trust everyone you know, as well as avoid commenting on your accomplishments. He refers to the difficult times to come. Stay calm. It is also associated with fanciful desires, hopes or illusions with little reality.  However, if you wake up feeling uncomfortable dreaming of white cats, it is interpreted as concerns that upset you, which you are giving it a lot of importance. In Anglo-Saxon culture, it symbolizes spirituality and reunions with your relatives who have passed away.

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Dream of colored cats

If cats are dirty or coloured, they tell us that you may be the victim of certain indiscretions in life, whether professional or personal. On the other hand, it represents in the interpretation of dreams that you are a radical person and analyzes the decisions that are presented in your life. However, it brings with it insecurities to risk making a decision.

Dream of mice and cats

It’s one of the most complex dreams, so you should look at the people around you as they can have a double face. You must go with the truth without being betrayed or deceived.

Dream of cats that attack you

To dream that the cat is aggressive indicates fear. There are still problems that you haven’t solved and therefore there are insecurities. Express frustration as things don’t go as planned. When cats attack you in a dream, it’s not the best sign you can get. In this case, the interpretation refers to future problems, but does not refer to a specific area. You could have complications in a work project, end a love affair, or even get sick. After dreaming about it, it is advisable to start analyzing very well every decision you are going to make. Also, you need to analyze the people around you to really know them. Don’t get carried away by appearances. My best advice is to start valuing people without criticizing others.

It’s time for you to work with tolerance and be more understanding. If during sleep it is you who attacks the cat, indicate that you will receive help and you will save a major problem. If cats attack the times, it shows in the meaning of dreams that there is a great injustice that doesn’t allow you to be calm. For their part if they attack the dogs and it’s impulse telling you to rebel and face the problems and injustices that are causing you harm.

Dream  of aggressive cats

In dreams they refer to fears of distrust of yourself or the people around you. You may be right in some cases, but in others you may be wrong. It can also be a great warning of an event that will occur or suffer from an evil. It is one of the sensations that is not pleasant, it can represent your concerns in real life and your own fears. Symbolizes the fears and the real enemies. With someone who’s not in a good relationship who can betray you or play you a bad game. If in your dream the cat attacks you by confronting it means different prejudices with the person around you.

Dream of cats fighting

It can represent irrational fear, which is not based on what can harm you. It’s a fear that usually freezes you, something like Phobia. Also the dark image suggests that you are out of a reality and that you want to self-deceive yourself about matters you try to ignore. You may not have to rely on inner abilities and trust your intuition.

Dream of killing cats

Dreaming that you kill a cat may seem cruel, but if you have dreamed that you have attacked a cat, causing despair, it symbolizes victory over the problems that worried you so much. In the dream world it reflects that you will be the victim of serious problems.

Dream of rats and cats

A sign of bad omen or negative de facto warning that it is approaching. Difficulties in initiating projects and losing money. It also indicates family unpleasantness that will soon be resolved easily.

Dream of two cats

This dream represents in the interpretation of dreams as suspicion and stealth. They’re sneaky and elegant, if you’ve dreamed that a cat you don’t know walks into your house without permission means they envy you. He’s moving all his bad energies to take it from you once and for all.

Dream of big cats

If you’ve dreamed of big cats, they show us success because of the great effort you make to achieve your goals. Also, reveal that you’re doing an excellent job and making money. On the other hand, it indicates that you have doubts about the tumbo you want to take. It is time to set priorities and make the right decisions.

Dream of baby cats

It is often the representation of a fragile child or person you wish to protect. If you want to decipher this dream, you need to think about how you felt about cat pups. They also mean that all projects and obstacles will overcome it without problems. It’ll pay off whatever you least think.

Dream of cats playing

It is the symbol of happiness, it refers to the family environment because of your special and loving character. It’s related to protection, so having these kind of dreams may find you worried about some member of your family. They also indicate fortune, prosperity, abundance as long as they are affectionate during sleep.

Dream of cats in the water

In the meaning of dreams it reveals to us that you are a person capable of getting yourself set up. Soon you will get that project in mind that you long for.

Dream of cats in bed

It indicates that they are about to embark on new projects with great enthusiasm. You feel ready to achieve goals and be successful.

Dream of three cats

It means confusion, imbalance, hesitation in making important decisions. You need balance in your life, take into account the opinion of your loved ones who love you so much.

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Dream of wild cats

This dream is not so frequent, but you need to pay attention to what your subconscious warns you. You may feel overwhelmed by the daily routine, so you need to take advantage of what your dream tells you to spread energy from these wild pets and fill yourself with more strength.

Dream of cats hunting mice

This kind of Dream tells us that you are recovering something you have lost in your life. Maybe an emotional situation. Trouble may also come, the enemy took advantage of your vulnerability to mock you.

Dreaming of bad cats

Bad Cats have always been associated with a bad omen. It is represented as a loss of Finance. It indicates an omen of a disease or there will be bad news that will affect you.  Each culture gives it the meaning of Dreams With Bad Cats, for example, in China represents good luck. While in other countries they indicate creativity, independent spirit, female sexuality.

Dream of dirty cats

It’s associated with bad luck, and it can affect in different ways. So be careful what you do.

Dream of cats in the House

It is represented by good fortune and good omen. If you have had this special dream filled with joy you are about to go through good times where everything will be happiness.

Dream of cats biting me

This is a dream similar to the dreams of cats that attack you. It tells us that there are problems that cause you concern. It’s a clear warning to be careful with the people around you. You’re being attacked, even without knowing who’s up to it. So it is the clear warning that a relative will be going through a deadly disease. Be careful.

Dream of cats and snakes

In the interpretation of dreams with cats and snakes it will depend on the tastes and how you felt in the dream. In the dream world, it means you’re afraid and you don’t want to admit it. This image is interpreted as wanting to hide something from yourself that caused you terror and you do not want to face. Sometimes they tell us something evil in the meaning of dreams.  An enemy will try to trick you into telling him a secret, even if you refuse you will tell him everything and your private life will be exposed.

Dream of 7 cats

We have bad news if you’ve had this dream, since it tells us about loneliness even though you’ve dreamed of 7 cats. It usually reflects that you feel lonely and seek support, you must work on your self-esteem and personal development to make you feel better about yourself.


  • Dreaming of injured cats: it means that you will soon have the chance to overcome your fears. Don’t waste it, it could be a fundamental step in your growth.
  • Dreaming about cats that come back to life: it means you have a chance to make up for some mistake you’ve made in the past. You’ll have to put your fear aside and try.
  • Dreaming of two identical cats: it tells us that you need to find a balance in your life so that you feel good about yourself.
  • To dream that you save the life of a cat: if in the dream you save this little cat represents power and independent life, you will get everything you propose.
  • If you dream that a cat enters your home without permission, it reveals that you want what you have. Is doing everything possible to see you suffer. As the cat represents love and sensuality it translates as symbolizing adventure and infidelity. If in the dream you are feeding the cat that does not live in your house, you represent that you feed a love of others.
  • To dream that you caress a cat: it is related to sensuality and love. The pleasant feeling refers to love, passion and strong attraction. It often symbolizes sexual fantasies you wish to fulfill.
  • Dreaming of cat tracks: means that the person who hurts you is very close to you. It’s time to find out.
  • To dream that a cat touches you: it tells us that it is focused on the work, so you will achieve everything you set out to achieve success.
  • Dreaming of cats is tail: if in your dream you dream of cats that have no tail, it tells us that you have lost your harmony, it also reflects the lack of independence.
  • To dream that cats attack a dog: in the meaning of Dreams tells us that you will lose good friendships. Even your partner for wanting to do everything your way.
  • Dreaming of cats that eat rats is a dream of bad omen. Rats mean corruption, disloyalty, disease, problems, and unpleasant situations.
  • Dream that you don’t find the cat: it reveals that you are limiting yourself to doing the things you want.
  • Dreaming of angry cats: this dream represents danger and threats.
  • Dream of sleeping cats: denoted serenity and tranquility in your life.
  • Dreaming about talking cats: it reflects different internal conflicts, especially it tells us about the emotional side. It’s time to meditate.
  • Dreaming of cats fighting: indicates conflicts with women.
  • Dreaming of cats with fleas: this dream tells us negative reflections, worries and problems that disturb life.
  • Dream that you save cats: if you dream that you rescue a cat, it reflects your desire for independence and autonomy.