Does it seem strange to dream of a centipede? Centipedes are those creatures that cause repulsion just by seeing them. Centipedes in dreams possess some characteristics that are very relevant to their interpretation. One of the most outstanding elements in the centipede is its length and viscous body.

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They are twisted and can enter and exit dark areas without being noticed at all, despite their robust size. In addition, unlike cockroaches, centipedes are usually silent and can move without being heard for a long time. But, without a doubt, what differentiates the centipede most from the other bugs, are its hundreds of legs. Depending on their size and type, these creatures can possess even thousands of legs, so it is normal to know them as millipedes.

It is a curious way in which our subconscious expresses and translates the dreams of the feelings and desires that we keep repressed within us, by representing it by means of that in the physical world that causes us discomfort and repulsion, because dreams do not give us specific messages, but we have to decipher with the help of experts in the topic, which is what they really mean items featured in our stage of dream.

If you recently had some kind of contact with a centipede, it’s normal for you to dream about them. But if this is not the case, centipedes dreams can generate a lot of disgust, given the unusual appearance of these sluggish creatures, so they are usually associated with feelings sheltered about annoying situations that are so repulsive and frightening that you do everything you can to avoid them.

As uncomfortable as the feeling of having to relive sleep in a conscious state is, you can get valuable information about yourself by just studying the dreams in which centipedes appear.

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Now, you may be wondering: why do I dream of Centipede if it is not a common insect day by day? As mentioned above, thanks to the rejection it generates, centipede is a good example to demonstrate what we really Harbor in the subconscious, because what is indirectly bothering us in our day-to-day is now tormenting us in our dreams. It is very important to figure out what this curious bug wants to transmit through our dreams, so that it does not become a recurring dream, in which we wake up with a very unpleasant feeling.

Depending on the context of the dream, as well as the color of the chienpiés in the dream, you will be able to know its true meaning and you will realize that dreaming of that unusual insect has not been bad after all, as the message it brings with it is important for your evolution in life.

Dream of centipedes and kill them

It’s very disgusting and scary to kill an insect, don’t you think? If in your dreams you killed a centipede, it is a clear sign that you are enabled or able to solve the problems that arise in life, making them your advantages. If it is a few centipedes, it means that you will have great economic rewards, once you manage to solve your problems. If someone is currently trying to attack or belittle you, it means that you are ready or ready to face that person, giving you respect and preventing other people from trying to do the same.

Dream of a big centipede

Big centipedes in dreams indicate that you’re about to face a problem that goes beyond your power, so you won’t be able to do anything to keep it from becoming complicated. The more giant the centipede of your dream, the greater the difficulty of the situation you will be forced or forced to go through. Coping with that altercation will be inevitable, so it is advised that you maintain your composure at all times and do not let yourself be influenced by the feelings of frustration that involve being involved in a strong situation.

Dream of many centipedes

If you dream of many centipedes, it means that you are currently going through a difficult time in your life. You may not have made the right decisions lately, which has led to complications in your personal and work life. When this kind of things happen, it is normal to feel that you’re not in the capacity of being able to control things and events in the way that you are supposed to, which results in a loop of problems and obstacles in the way.

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Do not let these kinds of situations absorb you, it is only a moment that will end at some point, so you must do everything possible to do things properly by keeping positive thoughts at all times. You mustn’t let pessimism get any better than you.

Dream of centipedes and scorpions

The most common sites in which the centipedes are displayed are rock places; and they are usually accompanied by other insects, mainly the scorpions. For this reason, it is common for you to dream of Centipede and scorpions, and it is not exactly a good dream. Scorpions, in nature, are feared by the poison of their sting. Centipedes and scorpions in the same dream, means that there are people plotting against you, so you will live a betrayal by someone you least expected. This dream is a warning, so don’t let that situation absorb you or depress you.

Dreaming of red centipedes

The symbolism of color acquires a particularly important meaning when it makes an act of presence in the study of onirology, so dreaming of centipede of red color acquires a much more emphatic nuance. Red tights in dreams convey passion and anger, so be very careful: if you’re in a relationship, your partner is likely to be weighing the idea of cheating on you.Otherwise, one of the people that you estimate are about to commit an action that will ruin their relationship forever.

Dreaming of black centipedes

As experts on the subject well claim, Black color is related to negative energies, so dreaming of black centipede is no exception. If in your dreams you saw a black centipede, you need to be very cautious when you meet someone new in the future. That person is likely to come to you with ulterior motives, taking advantage of any moment to humiliate and dismiss you. You must not let their behavior affect you, it simply removes the toxic people from your life, and remember that everything bad we do in life comes back.

Dreaming of white centipedes

Unlike Black centipede, dreaming of white centipede transmits a very positive signal, as the color symbology shows. As this is totally unusual in real life, if you have seen a white tienpiés in your dreams it means that there are better moments coming, in which you will shine with the help of your best gifts, obtaining great benefits and prestige thanks to those skills you have developed with so much mime.

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Dream of centipedes in the body

It is one of those dreams that make us wake up startled, due to the repulsion that must generate to feel thousands of legs walking upon us. If you dream of centipede on your body, it means that there are people near you who are looking for a way to harm you. You need to analyze what behavior on your part has upset these people, and find a way to stay away from them.

If you are patient, that conflict that has arisen between you will cease, although you must prepare yourself if for some reason you have to confront them. If in your dreams you managed to get those milpees off your back, it means you’ll be able to solve that situation sooner than later.

Dream of a centipede sting

As rare as it may seem, many people dream that centipedes sting you. This kind of dream can give you two meanings: if in the dream the centipede bites only you, it means that you will have a long and healthy life. But, if someone else in the dream was getting stung by the millipede or centipede, it means that someone in your family needs your help. That person may not come to you directly, so you will need to pay attention to each of your family members and determine who needs your assistance and support.


  • If in your dreams the centipede moves slowly, the dreamy centipede represents you in real life. You may have taken on a responsibility that goes beyond your capacity, so you can’t keep everything in order.
  • If you dreamed of a dead centipede, it’s a sign that you’re an introverted person. It’s possible that lately you’ve taken people away from you because you’re afraid of being betrayed. If you stay on the defensive all the time, you will not be able to maintain a full life; seek to integrate with people without so much pessimism, that from bad experiences you also learn.