During our adulthood we often remember with nostalgia and melancholy childhood moments. Sometimes we come to want to return in time as we need to relive those sweet and special moments of the past. We even came to think about wanting to take the attitudes of childhood, no matter that we are already adults. This can lead to regular dreams of children. All of this has a relationship, even if it seems hard to believe. Dreaming about children is nothing bad, however, depending on the context, we can have different interpretations.

In most cases, the symbolism of the children has a close relation with the innocence or the feeling of happiness. Sometimes children also represent love, as well as other kinds of positive feelings.

Although almost always dreaming about children has a positive connotation, this is not applicable for all dreams because, depending on the context, the meaning of dreaming about children can be completely different. For example: that the child is alone during the dream; is dirty or clean; is blond or Brown, smiles full of happiness or has an angry and displeased face or is dead or Alive, are totally different situations that retain their own meaning, so that each dream has a completely different interpretation.

In short, we already know that dreams with children are associated with innocence and happiness, but by taking them to an oneiric psychoanalysis, it will be responsible for giving the correct interpretation to the different meanings of dreams with children. Some of these meanings may reveal fatigue or stress, along with the need to take an endless rest.



In principle, the meaning of dreaming about children is attached to the purity of the soul, innocence and constant smile. Something easy to understand since children live in an almost permanent state of happiness that infects anyone who comes close to them.

When analyzed from the point of view of dream reveals that the dream of children is indicative of an increase of stress in our daily routine, so that our subconscious turns on an alert to take a break, leading to situations with more calm, as children do, who take advantage of every moment to make it unique. And certainly, dream interpretation experts do not fail in their predictions because, if we look at it, children live without worrying about the way adults do it. She likes to do her activities and share with her friends, rarely feel sorry for what they do and are happy with a toy.

Likewise, there is the possibility that we dream of our childhood self. Through our veins he ends up going through the nostalgia of that boy we were at the age of five, wanting to return to this tender and trouble-free stage. It is a simple memory with which the subconscious makes us see that we are in the moment of our life to pursue our dreams and enjoy them as when we were little. This is just a general interpretation of what it means to dream about children. If we want to know in greater depth what it means to dream with children, it is necessary to consider a series of details that usually appear in the dream, meditate about the situation we are in and everything we have visualized during the dream. That is how we will achieve a correct interpretation.

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Dreaming of little children

Dreaming about young children can be understood as the beginning of a new time full of changes for your life, depending on how young children are, a better interpretation can be achieved. But regardless of the details, all the meanings of this dream are positive. It may also indicate that it is time to mature and take the path of family independence in order to achieve success.

Dream of dead children

This dream is very likely to give us some fear, but you should know that the meaning of dreaming about dead children varies according to the type of death: accident, malnutrition, among others. Generally speaking, this indicates that our project is hanging by a thread because of third parties or because of an unjustifiable error on the part of our partner. It can also mean that our protective personality is making us live a bad time and it becomes necessary for us to protect our children at every moment.

Dreaming of children playing

There is nothing wrong with dreaming about children playing, especially because children are happy while playing, so this kind of Dream symbolizes happiness. If a child laughs and has fun, then he’s a happy child. This indicates that we are comfortable with our work, our sentimental relationship and our family. It is time to enjoy the moment as we are in a very sweet stage of our life. Dreaming of children playing is the best indication that we are living a great moment of happiness.

Dream of many children

Dreaming of many children around us is a sign of many good things. One of them is that we may be close to receiving pleasant news about the economic or emotional environment. Dreaming of many children who are studying is indicative of good news regarding our working environment. This is a clear message that denotes the arrival of a possible promotion or a well-deserved salary increase, so that we can have a better life full of greater tranquility and prosperity.

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Dream of unknown children

When we have a dream about unknown children, this is a sign that we are hiding a very important part of our personality, preventing us from showing ourselves as we are. Dreaming unknown children can also be interpreted indirectly as a lesson from our subconscious for us to take into account and apply to our life.

Dream of newborn children

A newborn baby is a vulnerable being that must be protected from many things, so dreaming of newborns indicates that we are vulnerable and that they see us as weak people. We feel without shelter and discovered in front of people, feeling afraid that others will realize how we are.