To dream of cleaning has a very positive meaning for your life, both physically and mentally. This allows you to observe that changes are coming in your life, whether in your work, family, sentimental or personal environment.

In many cases, it could also be interpreted as meaning that your life is becoming very monotonous and you need to change it.

Therefore, you must identify what the dream is telling you and what is the cause of this. Since it can be for positive changes or negative changes, you should identify these aspects and reflect on what it wants to tell you.


The meaning of dreaming of cleaning is the work or effort to replace many important aspects that are part of your environment, removing all the negative that you may be presenting. These dreams can be predisposed of an attitude to how you see life, as we already know these dreams are presented as you are disposing of it if you feel proud of you, with satisfaction or if you go through times that you must change.

Not all dreams of cleaning have the same meaning, as it is different if you clean your house to clean your car or washing the floors each of them want to tell you something different. In this article we are going to explain the meaning of each one and you will be able to see all the interpretations of dreaming about cleaning.

Dreaming of cleaning the house

If you dreamed that you were cleaning the house, it means that you are trying to improve a family environment, whether there is a conflict, a fight or an argument between your family members and you want to have a better environment with all beings.

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In many other occasions it also occurs that you dream that you clean only a specific part of the house, for example, if you clean your bedroom this means that you need to see yourself and improve your personal aspects in order to improve more as a person.

In other cases it usually means that you also have something kept some news or secret and you are trying to reveal, in these cases it is recommended that the person analyze what may be distressing him/her.

Dreams with cleaning baby excrement

A dream with cleaning baby excrement gives as meaning a contamination in your environment. You may be going through a difficult path presenting difficulties with something or someone.

Your social relationships may be changing in a negative way. Your friends will no longer see you in the same way and will begin to see your bad deeds and not your good deeds. In short, you will begin to see people drifting away from your life, but it doesn’t mean that this is bad, it can also open the door to new friendships and a new environment.

Dreaming of cleaning someone else’s house

If you have dreamed of cleaning someone else’s house be careful because it is warning you that you should improve a little more your aspects by keeping secrets which you should not be doing. This means that it is time to reveal and tell them, this will allow you to be more at ease with yourself.

In other cases, you have bad relationships or habits with people which you should improve and be more attentive to your actions. It will allow you to improve yourself as long as you follow your dream properly.

Dreams with cleaning dog excrement

If in some of your dreams you see that you clean dog excrement, it is usually because you are going through a difficult situation in your work or economic problems.

It usually happens that you have some doubt in some project or goal you want to achieve, some love relationship or family problems.

Dreaming of cleaning up poop

If at some point you dream of cleaning up poop, you are probably making a very important decision for your life and you know that you will have to go through a very difficult path where nothing will be easy. You will face difficulties, but you will understand that you can reach the goal you want to achieve with a lot of sacrifice.

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I invite you to reflect on this dream because it is the opportunity to take the risk to achieve everything you want to achieve.

Dreams about cleaning shoes

Getting up from your bed and seeing that you dreamt of cleaning shoes is something very good because it brings you good news. This implies that you are going to start on a path of some project, objective or goal that you want to achieve and indicates that you should start.

It also suggests that you should take care of your behavior and actions, and if at some point you want to change something of all this, you are open to do so, but you must be careful to preserve your essence.

Dreaming of cleaning a dirty house

If you dream of cleaning a dirty house, it means that something disturbs you and you are going through a time where you do not keep that physical and emotional tranquility.

You should also look at your environment and see how you are if you are in a clean place or if you live in dirt and disorder, as this occurs when around you only predominates exclusively disorder.

Dreams with cleaning the bathroom

To dream of cleaning the bathroom can be interpreted as something that does not work in you and you would like to change this can be physical or mental. But it does not mean that it is negative or positive, in this case you yourself must interpret this and give your point of view if this change is for it or not. It is also often the case that you find yourself in a circle where everything is the same for you and you cannot get out of it.

Dreaming of cleaning the kitchen

If in several cases you are dreaming of cleaning the kitchen is because in your life you are a person who loves to help others and you are willing to want to do it, usually you like to be prepared at the time of doing it. They tend to be very prophetic these dreams, but they tend to always make positive than negative.

Dreams about cleaning fish

Did you dream about cleaning a fish? This manifests that you should see your surroundings from another point of view, and thus, change your life. You will have a good life path where everything will go it.

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Dreaming of cleaning blood

In many cases if you dream of cleaning blood, you may think that it could be something bad, but on the contrary, it could be a very positive thing, because if you are going through some difficulty in your life, it will soon be solved and everything will be it. You just have to remember to keep fighting and not give up at any time everything will change.

Dreams with cleaning up vomit

To dream of cleaning up vomit wants to express that you feel bad or you are not going through the best moment speaks a lot about how you currently feel either in all your relationships or events. However, you should expel from your life everything bad that surrounds you, always keeping the things that are important to you and become a very conservative person.

Dreaming of cleaning garbage

You are dreaming of cleaning garbage does not mean that it is something bad, but neither something good, in this case what you are trying to do is to remove from your life everything that disturbs you either habits or actions. Just try to see it is what you like the least about you and change it by personal decision and not by others.

Dreams about cleaning teeth

If you dream of cleaning your teeth this is something positive because you are on a path where you want to find your happiness. You should always realize that this means that you are going to eliminate things in your environment and life to achieve the happiness you want.

Dreaming of cleaning glass

To dream of cleaning glass depends a lot on how you dreamed it, in a certain case if the glass was dirty this means that you are trying to lead a life on a good path but something is preventing you and you are trying to improve that aspect of your life. On the other hand, if the glass is clean what it means is that you are leading your life in the best possible way, in this case you have a very positive attitude towards everything.