Since the beginning of time, dreams have been a total mystery to humans. Different cultures have represented them in different ways and, in turn, give meaning to everything that happens in it because it is believed that dreams are a reflection of the subconscious.

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Although you can’t always remember what you dream of, there are dream experiences that can mark you by a particular trait: it may be mysterious, as curious or terrifying, as it can be to dream of cockroaches, an oneiric experience that, despite being very common, tends to create repulsion and terror.

Discovering the meaning of dreaming about cockroaches is a simpler task than you imagine. Today there are many experts on the subject who make available to you the different interpretations of this dream experience. However, it is very important that when you discover what your dream says, compare the meaning with what is happening right now in your real life. Likewise, it is important that you pay attention to the details of what happens in the dream, as these play a fundamental role in the interpretation.

In principle, dreams have basic interpretations that can help you clear all your doubts. However, we want to emphasize what was mentioned in the previous paragraph, as these factors will allow you to find a more precise meaning of your dream and discover what the true message your subconscious seeks to give you.



It is well known that cockroaches are insects for which almost everyone feels repulsion, which is why the interpretation of dreaming of cockroaches has a close relationship with this characteristic. Seeing cockroaches in your dream world tells you that there are different aspects in your life that you don’t like at all and you want to change them.

It may well be your way of expressing, socializing, as you carry your love or family relationship, attitudes, feelings, or some other aspect of your life. In order for you to discover the true meaning of dreaming about cockroaches, it is important that you pay attention in detail to the context of this dream vision. That is why we have prepared for you a series of dream situations where this repulsive insect is the protagonist.

It is important to note that even though dreams tend to hide an important message, they are often formed by past experiences. That’s why, if in the last 48 hours you had a close encounter with cockroaches or you came to see this bug in a TV documentary or in a video on the Internet, it’s normal for you to dream about it later. If so, that dream has no meaning, otherwise I invite you to continue reading and discover what your subconscious wants to tell you.

Dream of big cockroaches

Dreaming about big cockroaches says there are certain aspects of your life that are affecting you greatly. On the other hand, it can also indicate that you tend to see problems where there really aren’t.

On the other hand, there may be a problem in your life that you chose to ignore for fear of having to change your life, which caused the problem to grow and now you will need help to cope with it and overcome it. The meaning of dreaming about large cockroaches is associated with the way you interact with this insect in sleep. In case you just watch it, it’s time for you to reflect on your life and what actually makes you happy. The more cockroaches, the more fear you feel.

In this sense, seeing large cockroaches in your dreams shows your great fear of dealing with your problems and insecurities. Remember, the more cockroaches there are, the more obstacles you’ll have to face to overcome that bad situation. If you are paralyzed during sleep when you see the cockroaches, you should know that you will not be able to solve that problem. On the other hand, if you manage to kill the cockroaches, feel good because it means that you will be able to find the strength to resolve any conflict.

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Dream of living cockroaches

Dreaming of living cockroaches is interpreted as a constant thought in an aspect of your life that you want to change. In the same way, it is probably also a cause of having recently discovered that aspect, that is, it is something that has been affecting you for a long time, but only until recently did you realize that it had a negative influence on you.

On the other hand, experts in onirology indicate that the interpretation of dreaming of living cockroaches is inclined to the fact that you are already ready to face all kinds of problems that occur to you. You will be prepared to solve them and follow your path to the goal without any inconvenience.

Another meaning of dreaming of living cockroaches reveals that you are living a situation of stress, frustration or fatigue right now. You can also dream that you are a lot of cockroaches alive, and that these around you, this is an omen that something bad may be about to happen to you, so it is important that you walk with care and pay attention to every detail.

Dreaming of killing cockroaches

We’ve already mentioned to you that having dreams with cockroaches indicates the presence of aspects that you don’t like. This is why dreaming about killing cockroaches is not only a desire to change, but you also have the tools to achieve it. You just need that dose of willpower to face your fears and overcome them.

It is likely that when you dream of killing cockroaches you find yourself in the middle of a difficult situation and therefore your subconscious uses this resource to warn you of the consequences of your actions or to indicate you without or without you will have victory in that circumstance.

Dream of many cockroaches

The meaning of dreaming of many cockroaches can be divided into two aspects: first, it can be the representation of many aspects of your life that you need to change; second, it can indicate that you are in a time of low self-esteem which leads you to think that many of the things you do are wrong.

Now, if by seeing this large amount of cockroaches in your dreams you feel fear and disgust, then cockroaches are the representation of unpleasant things in your life, which influence you negatively.

Depending on your own circumstances, you’ll find out what cockroaches mean in your dreams. These may be irrational fears that you must identify and overcome. If so, it is likely a very deep fear that terrifies you even to recognize that it exists. Take this dream experience as an opportunity to identify the source of your fear and end it.

Dream of dead cockroaches

One of the many situations you can see in your dreams with cockroaches is seeing them dead. If so, you should know that dreaming of dead cockroaches tells you of a sense of frustration over a failed goal. While dreaming of killing cockroaches indicates that you will fulfill your goals, seeing her already dead reveals that there is something in your life that you want to do but that you have not managed to complete, which frustrates you.

In the same way, dreaming of dead cockroaches may portend that you will soon experience a bad experience. However, it is not related to disease or death, but is more related to your work and a possible betrayal.

It is very likely that in your work someone will envy you and that is why they will seek to harm you. If you have recently had problems with a co-worker and then had this dream vision, you should be careful as your subconscious alerts you to a possible betrayal. Try to talk to that person and resolve the conflict.

If, during sleep, dead cockroaches are face-up, this is a good omen. This dream experience is linked to the fact that you will solve your problems without many complications. It also indicates that you must be careful with your ambitions and dreams for the future.

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Dream of flying cockroaches

Seeing flying cockroaches in dreams may show that you are looking for a solution to your problems, but you don’t get the right answer. Your subconscious shows it to you this way because flying cockroaches are usually the hardest to catch, so you have a hard time solving your problems.

If during your dream you see the cockroach flying to where you are, then this is a harbinger that, no matter where you run away or hide from your problems or a particular situation, sooner or later it will catch up with you and it will be much worse. Try to face it now that you’re on time before it gets worse.

Dream of small cockroaches

Unlike the big curious ones, dreaming of small cockroaches shows that in your life there are little problems that tend to repeat themselves in your routine and you haven’t solved them since you don’t pay enough attention to them. However, they usually accumulate and just as a cockroach plague can be harmful, the cluster of small problems can affect you greatly.

Similarly, having dreams with small cockroaches can indicate that there is a fairly simple problem in your life that you can deal with or solve on your own. You also have the capacity, maturity and willpower to solve it without inconvenience.

Dream of cockroaches in bed

Having dreams about cockroaches will always have a different meaning depending on where you see these disgusting insects. In this way you will be able to know precisely in which area of your life the interpretation is given. In the case of dreaming of cockroaches in bed you should know that right now your relationship as a couple is not going very well. You’ll probably find yourself in trouble with that person you love, but it’s important that you solve it.

On the other hand, this dream vision may also indicate that you need to make certain changes with your partner, probably a move or change an activity together. Dreaming of cockroaches in bed will always have a close relationship with the love plane, although it does not only have a meaning for those who have a partner.

In case you’re single, this dream tells you that you’re worried and you see the need to find someone special to supplement your life. Don’t rush, making a decision without evaluating it first can bring you unpleasant consequences.

Dream of cockroaches in the body

Dreaming of cockroaches in your body is the way your subconscious invites you to change your environment and escape monotony. In case you see curious women coming in and out of your body, you need to know that your subconscious recommends you to exercise because your body needs it.

In case you see cockroaches coming out of your body or that of a relative, you should know that you are in a renovation phase. You are in the midst of a great change that will allow you to improve as a person and leave in the past that which you cling to, but it is not healthy for you.

However, when in the dream cockroaches come out of your partner’s body, there’s probably something good for her that’s not good for you. There’s a chance your partner will need a change and be doing it, so your subconscious shows you the cockroaches coming out of your body.

Be careful because those changes can include you and it’s a sign that your partner will soon leave you because it’s best for her, although you may not see it that way. In case you can’t interpret those signals in your dream world, don’t worry, little by little you’ll see in your dreams what you really need to know.

Dream of cockroaches in food

Dreaming about cockroaches in food is a bad omen on your economy in the coming months, you need to take excessive care of your work and do your best to cope with all the complications that may arise.

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On the other hand, having dreams about cockroaches in food is the method used by your subconscious to tell you that you are eating unhealthy foods. Analyze the way you carry your food and try to make the necessary changes to start a healthy lifestyle.

Dream of cockroaches in the head

Having dreams with cockroaches in your head reveals that you’ve put aside the little worries and not only that, you’ve allowed them to stay there. You haven’t tried to solve them or clarify them so they become more important and dangerous to you. This is why your subconscious, through this dream experience, invites you to move away from all these problems so that you can clear your mind and renew your energies.

Stay away from everything that brings your daily worries back to you. Try to focus your mind from another perspective, so you can relax your mind and start thinking more clearly and find real solutions.

Dream of cockroaches and ants

Seeing ants and cockroaches in Dreams is an oneiric experience of good omens. Specifically, you will soon see how in your work area you will achieve some goal you have set yourself or even take success in your hands.

However, you must be very patient because to achieve success you will first have to face many obstacles and difficulties, which you will have to face calmly and with great determination. However, if your dream is colored and you see that both insects are red the dream has a different meaning, someone at your job will seek to betray you or you will probably run into a big obstacle in your career.

On the other hand, if you dream of killing cockroaches and ants, then you must know that you will succeed, but you will do it by betraying your companions and people close to you, so be careful. On a personal level, cockroaches and ants within an oneiric vision talk about the arrival of health difficulties, especially if during sleep you see both creatures walking through your body.

Now, if you’re just eating cockroaches and ants, you need to analyze your actions as they can lead to losing one or more friendships.

Dreaming of white cockroaches

It is well known that the white color in the dream world is a symbol of love, purity and inner peace for your life. However, when you dream of white cockroaches, this is probably not an all positive omen or as good as you expect it to be. Remember, cockroaches in dreams talk about changes you need to make in your life.

The meaning of dreaming about white cockroaches or albinas indicates that there is a change in your life that you must face, but it is costing you more than you imagine. Likewise, you may be going through a stage of much stress because of a change that you cannot prevent and this has come to affect your spirit as those around you.

Dream of cockroaches and spiders

By itself, spiders in dreams indicate that you are very close to making important decisions for your life and, although many believe that this is a bad omen, it is often a sign of good fruits, intelligence and success in your life. Now, the interpretation of dreaming about cockroaches and spiders tells you that soon you will have in your life that peace you long for after being subjected to a lot of pressure.

Dream of cockroaches in the mouth

Of all the roach dreams, this is one of the most disgusting and chilling contexts you can experience. You’ll probably get up right away and brush because you’ll feel the bad taste in your mouth.

Now, the meaning of dreaming about cockroaches in your mouth tells you that there is a person or group of people who are offended because of a comment you made about a specific situation. Probably not only what you said but the way in which what is said. Your words had a great negative impact on that person and even if time has passed, resentment is still present so it’s good that you apologize.