Dreaming of cooking is pleasant, enjoyable and tasteful. When you enter the kitchen you will prepare something sacred to you, which is food. However, in today’s age people forget the importance of food and how sacred it is on a spiritual level to make something that will truly nourish your body and change your day.

Of course, dreaming about cooking involves an infinite number of scenarios and will depend on the product you were cooking, who you were cooking for and even the feelings you had at the time of making the preparation. It is important to be aware of these details, as they are the key to a correct interpretation of the dream.

However, there are dreams with cooking that are more frequent than others. These are products such as rice, chicken, fish, etc. If you like what you cook, the dream will be positive, if you do not like what you cook, it does not mean that the dream is negative, but the results will come a little slower than you expected.


Dreaming about cooking is related to the reality of our emotions and thoughts. It is a reflection of what you are currently doing and how it is being interpreted by others. However, dreaming about cooking also relates to the dreamer’s current state of health and concerns about a medical appointment or outcome.

If you dreamed of cooking you should remember the dish you were preparing at the time, because the description of the dream will depend on this detail. Therefore, below is a list of dreams with cooking and the interpretation of their meaning.

Dreaming of cooking chicken

Dreaming of cooking chicken augurs good times, but you must prepare yourself to take on new challenges. In the future, a moment of decision will come that requires your maximum willpower for the outcome to be positive. Dreaming of cooking chicken is close to receiving news that will brighten your day, as well as job opportunities, but you should reflect on assuming responsibilities.

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Dreaming of cooking chicken becomes negative when you are afraid of change and prefer to turn away from challenges, then, it will be a prediction of weakness and a noticeable unwillingness to make important changes in life. However, it warns you beforehand that the decision to be made must be clear and to your liking.

Dreaming of cooking rice

Rice always grows and in the East it is considered good luck. Dreaming of cooking rice prepares you for happiness, to receive good news and a worthy abundance corresponding to your work. In addition, the preparation of this dish is considered a positive omen for couples seeking to have a child.

If you dreamed cooking rice moments of success will come, but you must prepare the way and not wait for things to happen by luck, but by decision and clear objective. However, if you dreaming that your rice is burned predicts that on your way you will get obstacles, but your intention will always be positive.

Dreaming of watching cooking

Dreaming of watching cooking has two meanings. In the first one, dreaming of watching someone you like cooking, this predicts that you are protected by your family and friends, that your sentimental relationships are on the right track and that you enjoy a peace of mind in recent days that has motivated you to invest more in yourself, in your business and sharing with your family.

If you dream of watching someone you don’t like cooking, it foretells that you are envious of other people’s successes and you would like to achieve them, but you don’t know the right way to do it. In this case, do not limit yourself to your present and look for a way to start improving your life. Dreaming of seeing cooking is positive, but it will depend on your feelings and talents to achieve it.

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Dreams of cooking meat

Dreaming of cooking meat represents your emotional state. If when you cook the meat the result is an excellent dish, you will be enjoying unexpected rewards, but they are the product of your work. Now, if you dream of cooking meat and nobody likes it, it means that you feel unappreciated by the people around you and that you consider that you deserve to have a little more than what you currently have. However, if the opposite happens, it announces good times in family. Dreams about cooking meat are associated with the material and the appreciation you have for the things you own and the desire to obtain new goods.

Dreaming of cooking fish

Dreaming of cooking fish represents the spiritual state and the emotions that the dreamer feels in front of the intangible. Thus, if you dreamed of cooking fish, you were ready to share an excellent dish and attract abundance.

Fish is considered religiously as a symbol of abundance and prosperity, but also to believe that there is always room for sharing. If you dreaming cooking fish and you are religious, days of emotions and spiritual enrichment are coming in your life, either through good advice or a religious meeting.

Also, dreaming of cooking fish and considering it nutritious, means that you are concerned about your health and will seek to improve your physical and emotional conditions.

Dreams about cooking potatoes

Dreaming of cooking potatoes is negative, but reversible. It foretells the arrival of adverse economic situations that will force you to spend less money to be able to support yourself in the following days. In addition, dreaming of cooking potatoes shows that you are not at ease in your job and that you feel undervalued for the results you deliver. In general, you believe that you deserve a salary increase and better things, but they were denied by other people who do not value you for what you are. Now, if you dreaming cooking potatoes in a modern place and with all the tools, it means that the above is about to change, but that you must be patient.

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Dreams about cooking eggs

Dreaming of cooking eggs is the best sign for something new, it predicts that a stage of new ideas for life is coming, but taking advantage of new things requires responsibilities. It is also common dreaming of beating eggs, which suggests that the ideas you took in the past, will begin to bear their first fruits. However, the smell of eggs must be pleasant, otherwise, it means that the dreamer is making bad decisions and the results will be losses for your economy.

Dreaming of cooking depends on emotions, if during the dream everything was pleasant you will receive excellent emotional and economic news, therefore, be alert to what surrounds you and receive the right signals to act.