To dream of corn has had an important meaning since the first beginnings of mankind. Corn is part of the history of mankind and indigenous cultures. It was the grain par excellence in America and exotic in Europe. Corn meant prosperity and today it is considered one of the most important grains in the world.

This thought about corn evolved with man, therefore, it is considered that dreams with corn attract abundance and stability. In the past, those who planted corn would not suffer from hunger and ensured flour for their families and grain for their animals. However, they also suffered from plagues and droughts.

This is important to keep in mind, because if you dream of corn you should remember the state it was in, since the meaning of the dream will depend on this aspect. However, most of the time it will be positive, especially if you are a lover of this grain.



Times of prosperity are coming, but you must be prepared to face it. When you dream of corn, besides meaning prosperity, it indicates a challenge that is coming. Opportunities will come, but it will not be an easy road. This stage will demand that the dreamer assumes responsibilities and takes an excellent attitude.

Nevertheless, dreams with corn demand strengths. Growing this grain is not easy, it requires preparation and a constant fight against pests. This requires the dreamer to make a little more effort and gain economic stability, sentimental and good health, from a job well done.

Dreaming of yellow corn

If you dreamed of yellow corn you are preparing for two important events. In the first case, you reach a pleasant economic and emotional stability for you, but in the second case, you choose the wrong path and end up making mistakes that generate stress and disappointment.

The dream vision of yellow corn warns you that you are one step away from taking two paths, each one comes with a different event and it is likely that both will arrive at a given time. You must have common sense, stay away from easy roads, since they will end up causing you greater harm.

You must choose the right path to follow. To dream of seeing yellow corn augurs success, but it is also too close to a mistake to be a failure.

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Dreaming of shelled corn

A dream vision with shelled corn or missing kernels is bad luck. It portends economic problems, especially for the poor management of your money and the lack of good decisions in investments.

If you are not going through a bad period and you dreamt of shelled corn, you are in time to take precautionary measures and avoid losing your money.

Dreaming of white corn

If you dream of white corn you will attract the economy and new partners, but the road to success will have problems and will not be easy. However, this does not mean that you will go through a bad period or bad luck, on the contrary, you have everything in favor to make your plans a reality.

Seeing white corn in your dreams indicates that you are looking for new options for your life, especially in the economic aspect, so you must choose properly in order not to make mistakes that you will regret in the future.

Dreaming of corn cobs

To dream of corn cobs portends fertility. If you are looking for a child is the time to try, since you consider yourself in sexual plenitude and your virility is at good levels. In addition, your partner is willing to accept a child.

However, dreaming of corn cobs indicates strengths, therefore, if you do not manage to have children, do not despair, seek medical help and prepare for future treatments.

To dream of popcorn

To dream of popcorn represents the complicated situations you have had recently. However, it indicates that you were mature enough to face the challenges and are ready to overcome the past.

If you dreamt of popcorn it means strength, so any kind of problem will be overcome quickly. However, do not become a distrustful person, as there are some who firmly believe in you.

Dreaming of corn kernels

To dream of corn kernels portends prosperity in the family. All the people who are around you and who you feel fond of them will be in a period of tranquility and well-being, thanks to the fact that you provide the guarantee that this will be so.

If you are going through a difficult time and you dream of corn kernels, it means a positive change, therefore, you just have to be patient and wait for the help that is already on its way.

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Dreaming of cooked corn

If you dreamed of cooked corn, it foretells stages of thought. Important decisions are approaching that should not be taken lightly. You must take the necessary time to know all the advantages and disadvantages of your choice, reminding you that any path you take will have its consequences soon.

The dream of cooked corn indicates caution, suggesting that you know the risks you are currently taking and are prepared to face up to the challenge.

Dreaming of corn plants

To dream of corn plants portends prosperity, especially if you observe crops or full fields of corn. If the corn is small, it means that success is forming and you need to be patient to receive the results.

If you dreamed of large, green corn plants, it just takes a little extra work to reap the fruits of your efforts, so be prepared for future interviews and promotion talks.

Dreaming of Dried Corn

Dreams of dried corn have several meanings. If you observe peeled cobs it indicates that a new member is coming into your family. If you observe dry and unpulled ears of corn, it means that several offers are proposed to you, but you should only choose the one that makes you happy and not thinking about economic gains.

If you dream of dry corn on the ground, you will have bad luck as long as it is watered. If it is on the ground, but accumulated, it means that your work will be stable for a season and in the end you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Dreaming of planting corn

To dream of planting corn means the effort you put into your life. This stage for you is productive, but it requires a little more positive energy to make it happen. Don’t get discouraged in stressful situations, remember that success comes with hard work.

To dream of corn dough

To dream of corn dough indicates the ideal time to make friends. Take advantage of your free time to meet new friends or strengthen the feelings you have with your friends. You are in a stage where you receive and give confidence, just try not to go to extremes and create false expectations.

Dreaming of roasted corn

If you dream of roasted corn, it means that you are transforming your life. You discovered negative aspects of yourself and you are convinced to change your way of being. From now on, only good times will come to your life, as well as good luck in business. However, during the dream with roasted corn it should be in good condition, because if it was burned or in a bad aspect, it indicates that the transformation you are making is changing your life in a negative way.

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To dream of purple corn

To dream of purple corn is an omen of indecision. You want to seek harmony and tranquility in your life, but you are undecided about the paths to take. These decisions may involve anything from changing cities to looking for a new partner. However, this is the time to have common sense and think with your head and not with your emotions.

Dreaming of shelling corn

To dream of shelling corn indicates illusions. You are very close to achieving something important in your life, but you think it may all be a lie. This dream indicates the illusions you should have and the space your mind needs to better analyze the situation and find the right path to finish the projects.

To dream of corn tortillas

To dream of corn tortillas foretells economic worries, but you will find the way out and you will be given enough support so that you do not end up bankrupt. It is time to trust others again, especially those who seek to do business with you.

Dreaming of planting corn

To dream of planting corn indicates job success. Your superiors or clients appreciate what you have to offer. They recognize the work you are doing and will soon reward you for that work. Success is not long in coming, but it needs a little extra hard work.

To dream of eating corn

To dream of eating corn portends spiritual growth. You move away from the material and begin to value good feelings and your spiritual life. You are constantly studying to become a better person and eliminate everything stress related from your life.

Dreaming of baby corn

If you dreamed of baby corn, positive changes related to love are coming. If you are single, you will soon find a person to share your emotions with. If you are engaged, it indicates an evolution in the relationship and full confidence.