To dream of cousins refers to family, but involves another series of situations where some encounters may come about. Cousins are the first people with whom you make a family connection, as they will generally be your age and willing to share time by your side.

These feelings of happiness address a number of situation that may arise during the dream with cousins. However, there may be situations where the encounter is negative for you, so it is important to analyze the context in which the dream takes place.

Finally, the relationship you have with this person is important to find the dream meaning with cousins, since it is not the same to dream of those with whom you have a conflicting relationship or who are even accompanied by their parents, who will be your uncles.


The meaning of dreams with cousins relates to family, encounters charged with emotions and feelings for other people. Despite the fact that you dream of a relative such as cousins, the meeting may not be with this person, perhaps it may come into your life someone like a good friend or a friend from the past.

To understand the above, we have divided a series of dreams with cousins most common, to try to give you an accurate meaning. However, remember that if during the day you talked a lot with a cousin or asked about a relative, it is likely that you dream about this person and the dream meaning when dreaming about your cousin will lose a little accuracy, since it is a provoked dream.

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Dreaming of uncles and cousins

To dream of uncles and cousins is related to the family environment. If during the dream they were calm, it means that an important date is approaching to share in family and relive old times. If, on the other hand, they were uneasy, it means that moments of arguments may come, especially for a property or inheritance.

If you dreamed of uncles and cousins talking to you or being in a celebratory atmosphere, it means that new members of your family are approaching or that family problems have come to an end. However, it is a good time to make a call to a loved one and inquire about his or her state of health.

Dreams with first cousins

If you dream of first cousins, it is a good omen. New situations will come into your life where you can express yourself in the best way and improve your work or family environment. It is a pleasant time to be with your family, but especially to share your free time, strengthening friendships and reducing stress levels in your life.

If you dream of marrying first cousins, it means that you are afraid of not being able to explain yourself properly or that others may misinterpret your words. In this case it is advisable to remain calm, explain your comments as many times as necessary and apologize if necessary.

Dreaming about my cousins

In addition to what we have mentioned above, dreaming of my cousins signifies the need for family love. It is likely that you have been months without returning home or sharing with your family, especially your parents. This dream warns you that you should pay more attention and time to family values, moving away from getting only the material.

If you dreamt of sick cousins, it means that negative news will arrive or even the announcement that someone is very sick. Generally, this news will be related to your family, so be ready to face it.

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Dreams with distant cousins

If you dream of distant cousins that you do not love very much, it means that you are tempted to look again for a person with whom you had an argument. Probably, you have analyzed the situation and you consider that it is a misunderstanding and that things should have been in a different way. Therefore, you wish to seek dialogue with that person again.

When you dream of distant cousins that you love very much, it means that positive news will come into your life. But especially, this news will positively affect your family, as they will be the biggest beneficiaries of this situation.

Dreaming of dead cousins

If you dream of a dead cousin who is alive, it means that you feel fear or concern for the life of a person who is important to you. On the other hand, if the dream with dead cousins you see someone who is dead, it means that you have family problems that you have not solved and that day by day only get bigger, so it is important to try to seek dialogue in this situation.

Dreams with cousins and nephews

To dream of nephews and cousins means family tranquility. You are in a stage of excellent family relationship and love with your siblings. It is a good time to explain to your children about the importance of family. In case you do not have children, you may be having thoughts about having a child soon.

Dreaming of my husband’s cousins

There are several interpretations for dream visions of my husband’s cousins. Generally, it is associated with feeling accepted by your husband’s family. But, when it is a sexual desire for his cousin or envy, it means that you do not feel comfortable with what you have, preferring the life of others. The best advice in these cases is to perform a self-analysis and properly assess your current situation, but especially, talk it over with your husband.

Dreams about cousins you haven’t seen in a long time

Have you dreamed of cousins you haven’t seen in a while? You simply miss this person or a friendship that is not very present in your life. If during this dream vision you dream falling in love with your cousin, it means that despite the distance and not seeing him or her for a while, when you have your relative by your side, you will simply enjoy his or her company as if you see each other all the time.

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Dreaming of angry cousins

If you dream of angry cousins, unlucky stages are approaching. Apparently you are going through a stage of argument and you do not understand properly with your environment. In these weeks, become a prudent person and speak properly when you have to give some kind of explanation. Remember that keeping calm and a proper dialogue can get you out of any problem.

Dreams with drunken cousins

If you dream of drunken cousins you attract bad luck. The successes that come will be transient and may even cause more problems than gains. If you are about to have a family reunion, try not to be too enthusiastic and keep it realistic. In this way, you will not create false expectations.

Dreaming of cousins and friends

Dreams with cousins and friends mean social prosperity. That is, you will be at a stage where your personality will stand out from those of other people and this will help you to improve your social status. Perhaps it will present advantages such as a new job, a better salary or better comforts in your life.

Dreams with cousins dancing

If you dreamed of cousins dancing you are approaching emotional stability. Your actions are in accordance with your desires, you are able to accept what surrounds you and receive emotional affection without thinking that they do it out of pity or seeking only pleasure. Your balance can be used to your advantage at work, in your obligations or whatever you need. To dream of cousins dancing attracts happiness, encouragement and good luck to your life.