The coyote is the most cunning and tricky animal, along with the fox, in the animal kingdom and often symbolizes the deceptive side of our character. While known for being aggressive, this species is a fierce protector of its family. Therefore, dreaming of coyotes symbolizes a new birth and regeneration. Something very good and that will bring blessings to your life is coming.

When the coyote visits your dreams, it may mean that when one path closes, another is open. You may need to use cunning and intelligence to adapt to the changes around you. Therefore, it is a dual vision. Who do you think is trying to deceive you? Perhaps it is you who is deceiving others in order to achieve success?

This dream serves as a reminder of the balance of nature in your calling. You are smart enough to know when to adapt to situations. You have everything you need to succeed in what you want to accomplish. Life’s difficulties are simply challenges that teach lessons for moving forward in life. If you don’t learn the lesson, you will repeat the situation until you do.



Coyote dreams allude to your wisdom. You must follow your intuition to maintain balance in your life. Your unconventional outlook and, at times, your ways of doing things, make you very rebellious. But at the same time, you are fiercely protective of your loved ones.

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These animals remind us to keep a sense of humor in spite of adversity, instead of falling down and appearing pitiful. For that reason, a dream vision with a coyote is a symbol of strength. However, to have a better interpretation it is necessary to take into account how the coyotes behaved, their size and color.

Dreaming of coyotes attacking you

If you have dreamed of coyotes attacking you, it is a sign that you are surrounded by false friends who do not want you to move forward and succeed in life. You are headed in the wrong direction. This dream is a harbinger of your fears of poverty or financial loss, although you can grow and evolve if you never forget where you came from.

The coyote attack dream represents your subconscious desires to get back together with your ex. Someone who is important to you is not showing enough compassion or other emotions, and this overwhelms you. This dream denotes someone in your life who has some qualities that you like. You feel that you have no control over your actions or that you do not take responsibility for them.

Dreaming of coyotes and wolves

To dream of coyotes and wolves denotes wealth and prosperity. You need to expand your relationships and create a collaborative network. Take a break and allow your mind and body to rest and heal. Your dream points to an explosion of creative energy and possibilities coming your way. It is important to pay attention to minor details and not overlook certain things.

Dreaming of coyotes howling

The meaning of dreams with coyotes howling symbolizes that you will hear good news from a person in your family who has a health problem or any kind of difficulty in their life. Also, this vision is a reflection of your kind, sympathetic and generous personality.

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Dreaming of white coyotes

The interpretation of dreams with white coyotes predicts an important situation that will burden you for a while. You are afraid that others will notice your imperfections. There is a situation you must face. Your dream speaks to your desire to make a difference in your community or society. You value feelings more than the luxuries of life.

Dreaming of small coyotes

If you dreamed of small coyotes it refers to your need to be rescued. You don’t like to deviate from your plans, even if they seem impossible. You have been blocking a problem in your subconscious, but it can no longer be ignored. Unfortunately, it is a warning, as you have feelings of being attacked by routine or being overwhelmed.

Dreaming of pet coyotes

If you have dreamed of having pet coyotes it indicates a situation that has been stagnant for a long time. You feel that someone else is not trying as hard as you are and you need to support them. This dream represents a situation that you really don’t want to get involved in, but you feel pressure to prove your worth.

Dreaming of baby coyotes

When we dream of baby coyotes it is because we will soon hear good news. Usually this good news is related to someone close to you and you will share it with your family. This news has been anticipated for a long time and will bring happiness and honor to your relatives for a very long time.

Dreaming of many coyotes

Those who dream of many coyotes have abilities of intelligence, cunning, deception and intuition. Also, they are people who are very family oriented. This dream is a metaphor for the things they reveal and the aspects of themselves that they keep to themselves. It is necessary for these dreamers to erase those old experiences and make way for new ones.

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To dream of two coyotes

To dream of two coyotes is an omen of death, the underworld and the subconscious. The lifestyle you lead or momentous decisions may jeopardize your well-being. You are far beyond your abilities with respect to some project you are setting in motion.

Dreaming of several coyotes

If you see several coyotes in dreams it refers to your physical condition and status in life. You can handle any type of situation under pressure. You like to keep things moving, you are energetic. This dream sometimes indicates your own vitality that has been renewed. You have wisdom and devotion to your work.

To dream of seeing coyotes

Dreams where we see coyotes denote the love we feel for a loved one. Some powerful people are trying to weaken you and your abilities. You feel low on energy for that reason. However, this is an opportunity to reveal your independent spirit. You are worried about your future.

Dreaming of three coyotes

Having a dream vision with three coyotes is a message from your subconscious to notice an unrecognized side of yourself. You need to get to the bottom of some issue. But to do so, you must keep your mouth shut. This dream points to a volatile situation or relationship. You refuse to acknowledge some negative parts of yourself.

To dream of looking for coyotes

To dream of looking for coyotes symbolizes that you want to put your money-related dreams into action. You need to feel special. A person has an important influence on the direction in which you direct your life. This dream speaks to you to connect with your spirituality and the divine. Since you have successfully recognized certain emotions and characteristics of yourself, it is time to put them at the service of others.