Many people dream of crabs very often, especially those who daily have some kind of contact with this interesting crustacean. However, if this dream vision has come to you spontaneously, then you should know that this dream is for you the representation of an area of your life, especially as regards love and romanticism, so it opens a compass in your loving happiness.

Likewise, there are many types of dreams where crabs are the main element and each of them reveals a different interpretation. The cause of this is the fact that the context in which crabs unfold modifies the meaning of sleep.

For example, it’s not like you dream of crabs in a fish tank, which is a symbol of inner peace in your relationship; to dream that a crab haunts you and attacks you, which reflects your fear of compromise. Therefore, it is important that you not only read each of the possible scenarios of dreaming of crabs, but also compare these meanings with the details of your dream and your current personal situation.

When this dream suddenly appears in your life, it will surely seem strange to you. It goes around in your head and you keep asking yourself what it means to dream about crabs. Have peace, this dream will reveal to you certain events that are happening or situations that may happen and that you have consciously failed to foresee.

In general, you should know that this is an oneiric experience that is closely associated with your loving relationships. They often reveal that your relationships will be prolonged and strong, despite the different difficulties you face, Love will endure.


dreaming of crabs


There are many dream experiences where you can appreciate the presence of a crab. Therefore, each dream context brings with it its own interpretation which can vary according to the situation you live right now. Although the meanings may vary, in principle the crab is associated with matters of the heart. This crustacean indicates the strength that exists in your sentimental relationship.

On the other hand, this is a dream that also demonstrates your illogical and wrong way of working your affairs. It indicates that you are acting in an inappropriate way, which will soon cause you a lot of pretty strong problems. This is a dream that warns you of possible unpleasant future events unless you change your attitude. It is worth noting that here you will find different interpretations for the different scenarios which will help you find the precise meaning of your dream.

Dream of crabs that sting

Dreaming of crabs that sting is the way your subconscious alerts you to people around you that seem harmless, yet they have the ability to destabilize your emotions. This dream also reveals that you are facing a very strong threat. You may need to step back to avoid making things worse, as you could face very protective people who know how to take care of their own.

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Dream of dead crabs

Dreaming about dead crabs reveals that right now you’re being betrayed by a person you hold high regard for. However, it is important that you take into account the main meaning of this dream, which speaks of finding emotional balance.

Dream of living crabs

Dreaming about live crabs is an oneiric experience that reveals the confidence and security you have in yourself. All your business, family, or love-related decisions are the right ones, or at least they seem to be. You are at a time in your life where you are pleased with what you do and learn from the experience of those around you.

Dream of blue crabs

Dreaming of blue crabs maintains a symbolic interpretation which refers to deception as far as Love is concerned. The color blue symbolizes contrariness, anguish or misfortune. In case you find yourself in a relationship that seems stable, you should know that soon there will be trouble. If this is not your case, you should know that you will have certain difficulties starting over, even if this start is painful.

Dream of small crabs

Dreaming of small crabs indicates that you need or soon you will need to make an important decision that will influence you or everything around you. You must not let yourself be influenced by others and seek to be more objective in this decision-making. Sometimes this kind of Dream represents the arrival of opportunities that you usually don’t know how to take advantage of.

Dream of giant crabs

Dreaming about giant crabs is the way your subconscious reveals that you must reflect on your current personal problems. Likewise, it shows you that it is time to break the shell that covers you and show what you are really made of and what you are capable of doing.

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Dream of red crabs

Dreaming of red crabs indicates that right now you are in the middle of a negative phase. However, you keep thinking it’s the right way. Sometimes you sense that your actions are right without realizing that they are actually affecting you. That’s why your subconscious is on the alert so that you try to organize yourself and stop acting on impulse. It is time for you to start being realistic if you want to achieve the goals set.



  • Dreaming of attacking crabs indicates that right now you feel overwhelmed by that sentimental relationship you’re in. You’re probably the protagonist of a jealous scene. In the same way, it may be a moment lived in the past but that has reappeared and causes you restlessness. It is important that you look for clarity for your mind and thus analyze how convenient that person is.
  • Dreaming of eating crabs symbolizes anxiety in your life. Therefore, this dream tries to show you that great desire to be recognized in all that you do. You just want the people around you to appreciate the effort you make, to congratulate you at every moment for the good work you do. Try to avoid this attitude because you will receive many disappointments, the ideal is to act without expecting to receive something in return.