Crocodiles can be one of the animals we can dream of. They can also be responsible at times for becoming one of our nightmares at night. Dreaming of crocodiles creates a feeling of uneasiness and discomfort, but these dreams with animals can have several interpretations. It must be borne in mind that not every dream has the same meaning and must not always be negative. Since we are all different and can come to have the same dreams with different interpretations, given the message our mind wants to send.

It is not the same to dream of crocodiles or to see a baby alligator as a big, alive or dead alligator, also if we escape from it or if we face them each of these acts and encounters in our dreams has relevance to the interpretation of our dream. The intensity of sleep also counts, so we know how strong the message our subconscious is trying to send. So we should keep in mind every detail for the interpretation of dreams, it is very important to know what happened at every moment and what actions we take in the dream.

Each of these dreams tells a different story and have relevance in our lives. Dreams are a way of communicating with ourselves and interpreting the hidden language that lies in the subconscious. He’ll be sending us warning signs and we should be in charge of interpreting them, so we know what he wants to communicate to us.

This may be giving us signs of an eventuality, a labor or financial achievement, it may also be a sign of deception, trap or inconvenience. We should not just wake up and pass up the unimportant dream, it is meaning to say something and we should pay a little more attention to the dreams we have and not let go of the opportunity to decipher its meaning and detect any eventuality in our life.



When we dream of crocodiles these generates a constant restlessness and makes it very difficult for us to find sleep peacefully, because finding crocodiles in our dreams is a trigger of fear and fear for the violence associated with crocodiles and the threat that it means to meet them, the feeling that we can be attacked when we are vulnerable. that’s why we often wake up nervous and sweat. Dreaming of crocodiles is a sign of discomfort or fear, something is distressing us and causing these kinds of dreams.

So it means that when we dream of crocodiles there is some restlessness that we are noticing that something makes us feel vulnerable and restless. Dreaming of crocodiles is a sign of betrayal. Someone is lurking, waiting for the moment to attack us. The crocodile represents a dangerous, aggressive, threatening and treacherous animal, hence the interpretation of its meaning in dreams.

These also have other interpretations varying in the details of the dream not all interpretations are so inclined to bad news. Paying attention to the details we managed to find the meaning of what we had dreamed of the night before.  To find the correct interpretation we have to take into account the details.

Dream of crocodiles in the water

One of these dreams is when there are crocodiles on the water, these dreams in particular are easy to identify their meaning, since dreaming of crocodiles in the water, the water, is who gives us the warning signs, depending on the color of the water, if it is quiet or cloudy. If the water is clear and calm we should not worry, this is a sign that we feel protected by our loved ones. If the water is cloudy and dark it means that we are threatened and we have not overcome some fears.

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Dream of small crocodiles

Dreams with small crocodiles can be interpreted as small problems many times mean that we are paying a lot of attention in the wrong places. Dreaming of small crocodiles is a way for our brain to indicate that we are taking small problems seriously which we should set aside without taking much importance in these.


  • If we dream we fight the crocodile. it means trust, strength in the face of problems. If we fight and if we defeat the crocodile means that we are able to overcome and emerge victorious from that problem, we do not bend easily and face the situation.
  • Not always dreaming of crocodiles is a sign of omen or problem as we can see there can also be good news depending on the dream we have had that night. If the crocodile is meek and we feel in complete tranquility or confidence, it means that when we find ourselves in a delicate situation or problem we will not be in danger.
  • Dreaming of a pet crocodile is one of the many dreams we can get as well as other dreams with crocodiles this also has a different meaning. These dreams often indicate a lack or lack of protection. we can dream of red-eyed crocodiles, this is linked to betrayal or we are feeling rejection from someone close to us. These feelings of rejection or betrayal may be the cause of this dream as well as they may be giving signs before such an eventuality happens.
  • It can also occur that we dream that a crocodile bites us. When a crocodile bites us, it’s a sign of envy and gossip behind our backs. To dream that a crocodile bites us means that we know or suspect who the betrayal comes from. If we wake up before he bites us, it means we know how to defend ourselves, but if we don’t, it means we didn’t know what was going to happen. In these dreams we can get to feel the crocodile bite as we may be doing some kind of damage to wake up. The subconscious is trying to wake us up.
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