These beautiful birds have always been considered inside dreams as very negative animals. So, usually dreaming of crows shows a great negative burden, which is neither liked nor liked by people who dream of them.

Bad news from this dream is often associated with problems of accident, betrayal, health, or deception. Although they are usually poorly associated with negativity because of their bad reputation.

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Dreams with Crows within the meaning of dreams are interpreted as a very positive and innocent message, taking into account the mood you had while dreaming about them.

It is very important that you check what it reveals, without getting carried away by what these intimidating birds can pretend.  When you dream of animals you need to know how to decipher the actions and contexts that were carried out inside the dream.

If you’ve been watching crows lately, you’ve had some contact with them, even thinking about them, don’t worry. Sleep may simply be a reflection of the elements that are in your environment and surround you, without having a meaning with double intent in your subconscious.



Dreaming of crows is related to death. So these birds can be interpreted as messengers that appear in our dreams letting us know about death or that you have just suffered the death of a loved and appreciated one for you.

However, the raven in the dream does not symbolize that you die, but rather that it will affect the death of a highly prized person.

The process of accepting the death of a person we care about is very hard. The raven in the dream will most likely be a clear warning or vision of what will happen and will not take you by surprise when a person close to you falls.

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Other meanings of dreaming of crows are plagues. This is an interpretation given in few cases.  So, if you work with animals, or agriculture, warning that in your animals or plants they may suffer massive diseases, due to the attack of insects or viruses harmful to their health.Dream of crows in my house

It is not very pleasant to dream of crows inside our house, as their meaning can be very uncomfortable to interpret. If we dream that a raven is inside our house, no matter where this visit is, it means fights, serious conflicts, which turn to the family environment. So you must deduce well the situations in your home in order to be able to face it with intelligence. You must act quickly to prevent a problem from occurring in which many may end up enmity.

According to the interpretation of dreams, dreaming of crows in the house in the window warns of an emotional blockage. You need to vent, trust, and open up to a person. You will have to heal the wounds that hurt your life that occurred in the past.

Dream of dead crows

Don’t be scared, as bad as it seems to dream of crows has a positive message, its purpose is to reveal to you that all your bad luck is over and all your conflicts will be solved. So, if you’ve been working to solve all the bad situations that have come to you, be sure that all your problems will be solved, and for more satisfaction by yourself.

This kind of dream is a clear sign that the people who have betrayed us in life are going to get what they deserve.

Dream of a flock of crows

This dream is very revealing, so you have to watch out for what happens. When you see a herd of crows, it means that many people around you are false and are stalking you for envy, and constantly desire you evil.

You must not let yourself be carried away by appearances, so you must be attentive because many people who show you confidence will be the ones who will betray you. So stay alert to the people in your innermost circle of friends because one of them can betray you.

Dream of black crows

Black crows represent within the meanings of dreams approaching conflicts that will bring much anguish, concern for your life.

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Dream about crows attacking you

According to dream analysts, this dream doesn’t give you good omen. That you are attacked by crows is a meaning that you will have economic losses, or that even in your investments you will have losses or you will simply invest in wrong offers.

In the same way this dream can warn you that in your field of work. Some partner is attacking you behind your back to make you fall and lose financially. If in the dream one of the crows tries to peck at you, it symbolizes that you live a moment of anguish in your life and that this is causing you a lot of depression.

If you dream that another person is attacked by the crows. It means that a person very dear and close to you will go through complications in his life. This person will require you to provide support and help him to overcome them.

Dream of crows in a tree

If you look at a crow in a tree during a dream, the meaning of this is that a very dear member of your family will suffer great misfortune.

Dream of crows flying

It is necessary that in order to know the meaning of dreams you know in which direction the raven flies. If the raven flies on you, it’s because he’s warning you that diseases will come or the death of someone close to you. If the raven flies quite a distance from where you are, it means that the difficulties you face will be solved, just as it could mean that you have not been able to analyze your life lately to take it easy.

If in your dreams, the crow flies up, it’s a good message. he’s warning you’re going to be able to solve a problem you’ve been dealing for a long time. On the contrary, if in the dream the raven flies down, it is a bad message, it is warning you that your life is approaching a misfortune.

Dream of friendly crows

These kind of dreams with crows may happen, that a raven is kind to you, but in its true meaning warns you. You mustn’t trust those around you. Maybe a person close to you is giving you bad advice or being hypocritical to you. Be careful you have a fake person around you, who is jealous and envious.

Dream of white crows

According to the interpretation of dreams said by analysts that in their natural color these birds are black. But, what happens if in your dreams they appear white? quiet this dream is very positive, because it symbolizes safety and security. This dream means that everything you plan to undertake will be achieved and that all the walks you take will lead you to good results.

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  • To dream that you kill one of these birds: it means within the interpretation of dreams that the money you have obtained is illicit, and will result in not having peace in your conscience. When you dream that there are many crows in your house, but they behave peacefully, they tell you that you will have good business and that it will improve your economic income in your house, including good happiness and health.
  • Dreaming listening to the raven make noise or sing: this dream promises that you will soon have a loss in the workplace or that you will lose a very close person due to travel, fight or death.
  • To dream that a crow flies over your home: this may indicate that one of your family members living with you will be involved in serious problems which will make you need the help of all the people around you to get out of them.
  • To dream that you become a raven: your subconscious is warning you, that you must be more intelligent and instinctive, you must not trust anyone who wants to advise you, rather you must act wisely investigating and letting yourself be guided by your own judgment.
  • If in the dream you have a caged Raven: it means that you are a very emotional and unreasonable person, so you must be letting yourself be dominated by some of your emotions, such as jealousy, anger, grief, or victimhood.
  • If in the dream the caged raven dies: it means that you are not a person who uses his intelligence enough to have good results for your life and that the consequences of that will be that you will have many problems in your life.
  • If the raven in your dreams stares at you: this symbolizes bad fortune and is warning you to go through a period in your endless life in which you will face many problems, in different areas such as economic, family, loving, which will be very difficult to solve.