Crying is one of the most natural sentimental expressions. We cried for sadness, anger, bitterness, joy or happiness. We can express positive and negative emotions through tears. However, not all of us are makes it easy to show that sensitive side as it is taken as an act of weakness. It is for this reason that to dream of crying can be an oneiric experience something disturbing.

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On several occasions, when in your dreams you see any kind of crying, you tend to take it as a nightmare. While dream of misfortune or bad news is not an oneiric experience that is pleasant for no one, these can be useful to understand certain situations around you.

It is not necessary that you’re in the middle of a stage depressive or sad to get to dreaming with tears. Almost always those who tend to suppress their feelings to live in this oneiric experience as a way to externalize those feelings that are hidden in its interior. A situation point where you can submit this dream is in new parents that have the baby in a crib inside your bedroom. If the baby begins to cry, this external element may be introduced in the dream of the parents and without any reason you get to dream of crying. If so, there is nothing to interpret. Otherwise, if there was an external element, and in addition the dream has become repetitive, then pay attention to the details to discover its exact meaning.



To understand the meaning of dreaming with tears, you must analyze what is the reason for the crying during the dream. What happened in the dream that made you cry? Maybe you received a piece of news good or bad, or you saw something that made you cry of joy or of grief. To find the precise meaning of your dream, you have to remember even the smallest detail of your experience dream to be able to adapt the interpretation to your current situation. Remember that each person is a world and dreams are very personal experiences, so to find the real meaning of your dream you have to take into account both the details of your dream as your current living situation. If you really want to know the meaning of to dream of crying is essential that you analyze with precision the cause that leads you to an oneiric experience where tears are the protagonists. Meets well all the details of not only your dream but what has been happening in your life in these days well then, I will present different interpretations of dreaming of crying.

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To dream of crying a lot

To dream of crying a lot is the way in which your subconscious tells you that you’ve been getting a lot of hits at once and you need to let go of all that pain. It is time to look for someone close and trusted to speak on that which you are hurting. If you have experienced a difficult time in previous days and you have not transferred all that feeling, your subconscious is showing you that you have to do to be able to continue. Good things await you, but you need to leave behind such pain.

To dream that someone dies and cry a lot

To dream that someone dies and cry a lot is bad experience that can be somewhat disturbing. No one wants any of your loved ones die. Don’t worry, this is a dream of good omen which tells you that you have reached your goal in life and you must feel satisfied by it.

Dreaming of seeing that you cry someone

To dream of seeing you cry someone is closely related to the feelings towards someone else. If you are one of those people in real life cry very little, want to say that dreams are the valve where you release all the feelings towards that other person. You must discover what you felt while pathways to cry to the other person. If I cried of sadness, there is probably a situation that needs to be fixed.

Dream to see cry a woman

Dream to see cry to a woman is an omen not very good. Soon commit an injustice with someone who will appreciate you a lot. In that case, the woman you see crying is you, means that commonly don’t weep and in this moment you need to do it, but there is something that prevents you from doing so. Let flow your feelings and free yourself of any pressure. Don’t let it get the best of you.

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Dream to see cry a man

Dream to see cry to a man saves a certain similarity with the oneiric experience before. Are you a person that in real life a few times crying, but right now you need to do it. This makes you see a man cry in your dreams, that man is you, but with a different personality. Only this way you end relaxing. To stop having this kind of dream is it correct that you seek to converse with a person of trust who let it flow that makes you cry while you sleep.

Dreaming of tears of sorrow

Dreaming with tears of sorrow indicates that the things in your real life are not going as they should. You probably received bad news or you’re going through a season of low morale. The cry of grief is one of the cries were more painful and suffocating. It may seem strange, but it is healthy to go through these moments, you will soon you will get well and you’ll have a lot more strength and courage to achieve what you want.

Dreaming of crying for love

To dream of crying for love is an oneiric experience quite frequent in those who have suffered from some bad love. Abound in people who have recently ended a loving relationship. The relationship was a total failure, or maybe when you declare your good feelings to that person only sees you as someone who can only offer a friendship. Don’t worry, talk with someone you trust, and let go of that bad love.


  • Dream with a cry of rage indicates that you have not achieved that proposed goal. It can be a personal goal, academic or professional. You should not take this situation with so much eagerness. Takes a breath and release your stress. Share with your loved ones will help you not only to overcome this failure, but also to achieve something better.
  • To dream of crying because of impotence can be very distressing. Not having the ability to control a situation can be very frustrating. Not finding a job, not be able to solve a situation easily, do not get fall in love with this ideal person and more. If in your dreams you cry of impotence is because you need to do it in real life to get free of that weight.
  • To dream of crying for a cheating or infidelity can be very painful. However, this dream is highly associated with bad company. There is a very close person to you that is going to cause you great harm if you don’t react in time and take over the reins of the situation.
  • Dreaming with tears of joy is a dream of good omen. You are about to start a season full of peace of mind for you and yours. In addition, you will receive a large amount of good news, either a family reconciliation or loving. You will return borrowed money or property that you thought you lost.
  • To dream of crying, and anyone listening to it can make you despair completely. This oneiric experience indicates that you feel frustration caused by communication problems with your current environment. You think that nobody pays attention to you and therefore think you’re alone.
  • Dream mother crying might scare you a little, but you should not worry about This dream reveals that you will achieve the success in your next projects. In case your mother is crying out of sorrow in the dream, it means that something you are concerned about greatly and therefore feels a lot of sadness. This signal can also be that in the near future will suffer a disease. Take care, pay a lot of attention and show her your love.
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Our recommendation to you is that, before you get carried away by your own understanding, seek the meaning in our dictionary. You’ll be able to understand each meaning of dreaming of tears and you will know the exact interpretation of your oneiric experience. Keep in mind that these are broad interpretations, and it is you who must adapt them to the current situation that you live in. Remember that these are messages from your subconscious to observe your environment and apply certain necessary changes.