To dream of dancing is perhaps not something very common, but if you have dreams and in them you are dancing you have nothing to worry about as long as the environment in which the dream develops is one full of joy.

People dance to feel liberated, to lighten burdens, to eliminate pressure, and the same happens with dreams. However, the interpretation of the dream may vary depending on the mood of the person.

You must be very attentive to the signals emitted by your body, when you dream of dancing, you can interpret it as the happiness of feeling free and able to do everything you propose or to get out of the confinement in which you find yourself. If the environment in which you dance is not pleasant, your body is crying out for freedom.



To dream of dancing means freedom, happiness, balance and power. Dreaming is something magical and even more so when the experience is one of total pleasure. Perhaps dreaming of dancing may seem a little crazy, but in truth this type of dream can be one of the most rewarding.

The dream vision with dances can mean good or bad news depending on the context, and the same can be on the door or coming soon. There are many types of dreams with dances, whether you are asked to dance, dance at a wedding, dance with a man, even dreams where you see someone dancing have very important meanings.

Dreaming of dancing with a man

If you dream that you dance with a man, it means that even though you are happy you need that male figure in your life. This dream can also show you how smart you are Yes, maybe there is no consistency in this, but dreams are like that! Women are the most likely to have this kind of dreams.

If you dance with a man and he is your partner, it is a good omen, you both feel happy together, and all the plans you have in mind will come true. This type of dream has even more relevance if your partner has it too.

On the other hand, if you dream that you dance with a man and he is not your partner, this could mean that it is time to make certain changes in your life, and don’t worry about the results! They will bring you the happiness you need.

Dreaming of watching dancing

The meaning of this type of dream can vary. If you see yourself dancing, it means that good things are coming to your life, you must be attentive! The universe will play in your favor. Now, if in your dreams you see young people dancing, these can be interpreted as: «good luck for your plans» as long as you stay focused and balanced. Do not give up until you achieve your goal, this dream will help you to say goodbye to problems.

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If on the other hand, you have dreams where you see adults dancing, it means that your business will close very well, they will not stop knocking on your door. Luck will be on your side, and you will be able to enjoy a peaceful and happy old age.

Dreaming of dancing with a partner

The dream vision of dancing as a couple shows how well you get along. The situation could not be going better, this type of dream is made by the subconscious to show you how happy you feel with that person.

If you pay due attention to it, during the dream you can notice what makes you most happy to be with her, and the things that are on the side you can choose to improve them. This type of dream should not worry you at all, in fact, quite the contrary, enjoy it!

Dreaming about dancing with a woman

This dream has an opposite interpretation to the dream vision of dancing with a man. Dancing dreams can help you discover many things, and particularly dreaming that you dance with a woman is a warning sign. It can mean that you are about to commit wrong acts that will mark you for life or, that close to you are people with very bad intentions and only want to hurt you, you should be aware that they may be closer than you imagine.

Dreaming of singing and dancing
Dreams with dancing and singing show how happy you are to be free and independent, and if in the dream in addition to dancing, you sing, the meaning of the dream is even better. To dream of singing and dancing means harmony, whether you have a partner or not, you have performed well, and the people around you are very happy.

Dreaming that you are asked to dance

This dream can only mean that, it’s your time to shine, and you have to act now. To do so, you cannot wait for others to do things for you. The decision will be yours alone. The obstacles you will have to face will be great, yes! But you will know how to overcome them all.

Dreaming of dancing ballet

The dream vision of dreaming about dancing ballet only shows how unhappy you are. You have worked very hard to get ahead, but you have not enjoyed your achievements. This type of dream is the living mirror of your sad and exhausted spirit. The idea of wanting everything to go right, and be done as you say it will, may be affecting you emotionally, because even if it does happen, you will not feel happy. If this is your case, get away from the routine, and enjoy the company of the people who are by your side.

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Dreaming of dancing at a wedding

It means peace and happiness. Peace for the things you have and for being with the right people, and happiness for all that your loved ones have achieved. If in the dream, besides dancing, the one who gets married is you and you are single, get ready! New things will come into your life, the best things you could have imagined! On the other hand, if you have a partner, the dream is trying to tell you that changes are coming, and possibly the arrival of someone else in your life, that will make you change completely.

Dreaming of dancing with a stranger

Regardless of the sex of the person you dance with, in the dream your subconscious is trying to tell you that it is time for a change. You are a person who has given everything to emerge, but you need a companion with whom to enjoy your achievements. Although you feel good or give the impression of feeling good, you know that deep down you are a little lonely. This type of dream is very common in single people, but if you have a partner and you dream that you dance with a stranger, keep an eye on your relationship, maybe something is not right.


  • If you dream that you dance with someone from your past, including your ex-partner, it means that you have already managed to turn that page that did not let you move forward, plus someone new will come into your life, and will make you very happy.
  • The dream vision with children dancing, means good fortune, and if you have children, they will enjoy excellent health.
  • To dream that you dance on a stage, you should be attentive because you could have some problems at work, and it is very likely that the cause of these is one of your closest colleagues.
  • If in your dreams you see ritual dances, maybe what you need to know is a little further, it is very likely that a person who is no longer in this world is trying to tell you something. If you pay due attention to it, you will be able to find out many things that happen around you.
  • The dream in which you go to a ball, only shows how happy you are. You should refuse all kinds of sadness, and see life in a different color.
  • If you dream that you dance with a deceased person, do not be afraid, the dream will only help you to remember how good you felt with her.
  • If you dream that you dance in a place where the volume of the music is very loud, so loud that it bothers you, you should be attentive, because this dream can mean two things, first, problems are coming, and second, you have a very hectic pace of life, you are demanding a lot and you need to relax a little.
  • Dreams where you find yourself dancing on a stage and you are also alone, are very good luck, as these are synonymous with success, especially in the workplace. You will be able to shine on your own.
  • If you dream that you are dancing at a party, good things will come into your life. You have done the right thing, and now it is time to enjoy the results.
  • In dreams where you dance alone and you are in an unpleasant place, your subconscious is trying to tell you that it is time to stop suffering, you must move forward to be happy.
  • People who have a partner may have dreams where they waltz, and although these for them do not make any sense, these types of dreams actually mean that they have a good life as a couple, and that they are ready to take «the big step».
  • If in the dream you dance with someone you like, get excited! You will finally be able to tell that person everything you feel and he or she will reciprocate.
  • If you dream that you are not only dancing but also in a group where everyone wears a mask, you should know a little more about the people in your social circle, maybe some of them do not have good intentions, and in case you have a partner, it is very likely that there are deceptions.
  • The dreams where you dance and suffer a fall, try to tell you that you should change your way of being, you have become proud and not very humble and this will only bring you problems, and with them, your loved ones will move away from you. You should think twice before acting, as your actions could have consequences for others.
  • If you dream that you are dancing with many people, good times are coming in the work environment, and you will be able to train as a professional.
  • Dreams where you see others dancing ballet, are a sign of bad luck, failures are approaching not only in the workplace but also in the sentimental, and as for the latter it is very likely that there will be infidelity.
  • Dreams where you see people dancing and drinking alcohol, mean that the person you trust so much is about to betray you.
  • If you have dreams where there are animals dancing, news is coming that will leave you very surprised, that which you thought impossible may now become a reality.
  • If in your dreams you see a professional dancing, you can not close yourself to the problems, and even if you do not want to, you will have to ask for help to get out of them.
  • The dream vision where you dance but at the same time you feel immobile, indicates that you should get away from everything and everyone that causes you stress.
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