Catastrophes, a dangerous situation, threats to your life, persecution by wild animals or terrible creatures. All this causes great concern among dreamers when dreaming of danger. However, this event in a dream is not always transferred to real life. Often, such dreams have exactly the opposite meaning.

Danger in a dream is most often interpreted as a favorable sign. For example, seeing yourself as a participant in dangerous events means an opportunity to gain deserved fame, respect and honor. It is a dream archetype of inverted values, which must be interpreted according to the different elements present.

In general, if you dreamt of danger it is advisable to relax and learn to control stress. Fate is on your side so do not worry about anything. However, in the interpretation of such dreams, there is one very big thing you should c

onsider. You will certainly be lucky, but only if you can avoid danger in the dream.


If you have dreamed of danger, it is because you must change an aspect of your own personality that is being manipulated or influenced to lead you to failure in your life. There is more to know and more to learn about this situation, relationship or problem. For, this dream represents an internal battle between your own ideals, values and those of others.

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The dream about danger sometimes denotes the need for a vacation. You are looking for some privacy and relaxation as you feel overwhelmed due to your routine. Also, this dream is a sign of holding on to memories, specifically childhood memories. However, we can add more details to this interpretation if we analyze other elements below.

Dreaming of danger of death

If you have dreamed of danger of death, it is a sign that you are afraid to confront your own feelings. This vision has the meaning of a decision you must make in your life, and in order to achieve this you must stop meddling in other people’s personal lives. Learn to concentrate on your own problems.

Dreams with danger of explosion

Having dreams about a danger of explosion means the power of love and your ability to connect with anyone. You are getting carried away by emotions, and you need to think with a cool head about a situation that makes you happy. But you must never forget to be aware of reality and not stray from the north.

Dreaming of danger and fear

If you have had a dream related to danger and fear, this is a message that you will experience internal disagreements or inner conflicts. You need to find a middle ground. You have changed your mind about some decision, and this is causing problems in your social circle and mental stability. Pause, breathe and move on.

Dreams of Danger of Assault

Unfortunately, dreaming of danger of assault is a warning of your anxiety and fear of failure. You feel inadequate and insecure, and you are trying to suppress your anger, but it is too much to keep trapped. Your dream about assault hints at feelings of frustration and lack of control when making decisions.

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Dreaming of danger of falling

When you dream of danger of falling it is important that you take into account not to prejudge a situation or person based on the superficial. This dream manifestation denotes a separation that can generate a social problem. However, you will have to get involved so that it can be resolved.

Dreams with danger at sea

To dream of danger at sea indicates that you must protect yourself from emotional turmoil. For this, you must think rationally and methodically. The dream expresses your power to adopt a different perspective and a new understanding of a problem. This new approach will also give you the tools to move forward.

Dreaming of fire danger

To dream of fire danger is about arrogance. You are literally moving in circles, and going nowhere because you are a prideful person. You need to start being aware of these shortcomings, and be a more open-minded person in order to move forward in your goals.

Dreams about danger of miscarriage

Having dreams about danger of miscarriage indicates that you will soon be promoted at work. By having a higher status and more power, you will be able to reach a goal that you saw as unattainable. You want to be someone important and you are fighting hard to achieve it. This dream is also an omen of the strong mutual commitment you and your partner share.

Dreaming of danger of drowning

If you have ever dreamed of the danger of drowning, this is a symbol of a lack of balance in some relationship in your life. Generally, this relationship has to do with your partner not being able to express yourself effectively. Because of this, the plans you have together are slowly falling apart.

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Dreams about danger in water

When you have dreams about danger in water, it symbolizes a flaw in your personality that is leading you down the wrong path. Your current lifestyle is hurting you. The dream indicates that you should be more loving to those you love and care about so that you don’t lose them.

Dreaming of danger from family members

To dream of danger from family members means that you are tired of pursuing someone else’s dreams instead of your own. You have given so much for others, but others seem to have no regard for you. This dream invites you to have your own voice and look out for your own interests.

Dreams with danger inside the house

The interpretation of dreams with danger inside the house is a sign of your happiness at having successfully completed your transformation as a person. In addition, this dream suggests a creative and knowledgeable mind. Imagination is one of your best abilities, take advantage of it!

Dreaming of danger at work

If you have ever dreamed of danger at work, this refers to a sign of desperation and a cry for help from your subconscious. You feel restricted or confined in a current relationship, and you don’t know how to get out of it without hurting those involved. The best advice is to take courage and speak up, before it is too late.