To dream of darkness is a vision in the dream world frequent in both children and adults. Generally when having this type of dream the dreamer’s environment is already dark, while the warning information remains engraved in the subconscious. It is essential to analyze the behavioral aspects and the emotional situation.

Dreams with the night may be terrifying or even mysterious. However, it is not entirely negative, as it represents certain uncertainties that one is currently experiencing. To dream of gloom refers to anguish, evil. Since we were children it is what we have feared the most, not being able to see anything causes us panic. Already in the adult state it is understood that it is a simple state of deficit of clarity.

This dream varies according to the interpretation and context that is presented, it can be negative and positive. But before presenting the different variations, you should take into account that if you have dreamed of darkness in the middle of the dream. It warns you that there will be a failure in your work or love life, it is time to take courage to overcome obstacles.

Usually, dreaming of darkness is related to depression that is being experienced at the moment, even associated with the loss of a loved one. That next mourning leads us to the most horrible dark dream where our fears are the main protagonists.



Darkness in dreams is an element that produces discomfort, tension and reflects that in wakefulness you are going through adverse situations. It also manifests itself with existential doubts of the person who dreams. When these types of dreams come suddenly and the dreamer is not prepared, it may be that the time has come to face difficult situations.

The meaning of penumbra speaks of a new beginning in the interpretation of dreams, where it indicates that things are not going well. You may have to go through certain failures. However, you just need to focus on the dream so that better things will come and you will not fall into depression.

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Dreaming of walking in the dark

If you see that during the dream you are walking in the dark, it represents that you are not afraid of anything. You are willing to achieve whatever you set your mind to in life. It is really positive in its totality since there will be harmony in your environment and all your relationships will improve.

To dream that you walk in the twilight is a great dream. But if you have dreamt of a dark street with no direction, it shows you insecurity in every step you try to take.

Dreams with darkness and light

This dream shows you fear in the situation you live in. You have things clear for all kinds of problems, yet you do not take the right action for change. This represents that you do not want to get out of the comfort zone, you do not want to accept the conditions that life puts on you.

Dreaming of running in the dark

To dream that you are running in the dark tells us that you are immersed in despair because you feel that important decisions were not correct. Therefore, you believe that you do not have the life you deserve. This is common in those people who do not take responsibility for temporary failures and blame others for the bad life they have had. It is the typical mistake that these people tend to make. If you have had this dream within the meaning of it tells us that you are in error. Because deep down it is time to accept that it is your fault and not someone else’s. It also represents that you do not know how to make decisions and that you do not know what to do.

It also represents that you do not know how to make decisions and the only thing you do is to look for excuses. Although it is a negative dream, the first thing you should take into account is to stay positive. And know that the subconscious is trying to warn you that something in you must change. It is a form of warning that tells you that you are not achieving anything with your attitude. In the dream world it reflects that people who have this dream do nothing to get out of the suburbs.

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Dreams with darkness on a road

In the interpretation of dreams with darkness on the road indicates failure that is coming due to desperation to achieve what you want. Whether in the work, financial or emotional field. You will have problems by falling into temptations and making wrong decisions. Thus, it alerts us that the road is full of doubts and you are unsure of the decision you made. This type of dream runs when the person has resigned from the job or is uncertain about the near future.

Dreaming of darkness and rain

Dreams with rain at night is a recurring thing that occurs in our life, as it means that the various emotional problems you are facing are great. The analysts of dream interpretation see it as a reminder of conflicts that have no solution. Actually this is a real warning that the subconscious is trying to say that you must overcome problems in order not to have consequences in the future. Many take the dream as a premonition of future setbacks. You are on the edge of the abyss, it is time to seek urgent help.

Dreams with darkness and fire

Fire in the dream reflects rejuvenation, and is interpreted as cleansing of body and spirit. Darkness and fire both try to show us the way when you are in darkness. It is a symbol of strength, masculine power, war, aggressiveness, change, transformation. A clear example is the Phoenix, a bird of fire that is reborn in darkness and death.

Dreaming of darkness and dogs

The dog is man’s best friend and is trained to help humans. In mythology, it reflects to us that it is guided by those souls of the underworld. If you have dreamed of a dog in the dark, it indicates that you are in a dangerous situation but you will get out of it. You will have confidence in yourself to achieve what you want so much. Undoubtedly this dream represents the adjectives of this domestic as intuitive, protective and loyal. Dedicated to the master and caring for those he loves.

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Dreams with darkness and being afraid
According to the dream world and the interpretation of dreams represents the way in which the subconscious reacts to problems where no solution was found. Fear is that inherent emotion of every human being. It arises from threats that put survival at greater risk. It can also be linked to anxiety and lack of stimulus to achieve the goals set.


  • To dream that you are lost in the dark: it means that you are going through a bad time. Changes will come in your life, it is likely that you have depression. It is time for you to move forward to resolve.
  • To dream of feeling safe in darkness: you are approaching developments where you have to keep striving to achieve your goals. The ideal is that you understand what is happening in your life.
  • If you have dreamed that it gets dark during the day: in the meaning of dreams indicates loss of business, finances due to poor management.
  • To dream that you lose a friend in the dark: represents explosions of feelings of rage, anger, frustrations. Do not try to lose control, as you will fail in love and at work.
  • To dream that you are looking for something in the dark: indicates that you do not have enough courage to make the right decision. Study and research the subject to make a good choice.