Almost all people tend to fear death, a fear that is often reflected in the dream world through nightmares. Whether we dream of our own death, that of a relative, our partner or someone close to us. This makes it almost impossible to put aside the feeling of anguish created by this loss, even though it was only a dream.

Are you worried about what it means to dream of the dead? Regardless of the uneasiness of dreaming of dead people, beyond what may seem, this kind of dream is not a premonition, much less a warning of misfortune. In short, the meaning of dreaming about death is an inner change.

During the course of our life it is common for us to dream of a lot of things presented in different situations, some of these dreams are often recurring and, strangely enough, dreaming of dead can become a repetitive dream.

While these dreams can become confusing and think they are nightmares, dreaming of the dead is something that happens frequently to those who are more sensitive or lack low self-esteem. However, dreams with the dead can also be recurring for those of us who have recently suffered the loss of a loved one.

Similarly, dreaming of the dead is quite common for those of us who are going through a rather complex emotional situation and are in the middle of a bad time in our lives. Living that sense of anguish and horror as we get out of sleep is usually common for those of us who have suffered the loss of someone we love.

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Dreaming of the dead may seem to have an atrocious meaning, but it is not always so, but on many occasions dreams have a positive interpretation, representing the end of one stage and the beginning of another.



Before continuing, it is necessary to bear in mind that death is the opposite of life. However, throughout the history of mankind there are many people who, guided by any religion or belief have ceased to appreciate death as the end of all things, instead, see it as an evolution towards the spiritual life which is positive and can only occur after death. However, in dreaming of the dead, it is normal for us to be distressed because the first thought in our mind is that the person in our dream is about to die.

For a better interpretation of these nightmares, it is necessary to observe the emotional environment. If there is a strong sense of reality coming out of the dream, you have probably felt someone else’s death. This usually happens to sensitive people. When this kind of dream becomes recurrent then it becomes a symptom of a disorder that experts recommend paying attention to.

On the other hand, dreaming of the dead helps older people to be prepared to receive their death. However, when sleep does not instill fear or turmoil, it is indicative of a release from current concerns, indicating the opposite of death. We’re talking about a healing or a coming rebirth.

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Dream of dead relatives

It’s very common to dream of dead relatives. This means that there is a fear of losing them or their way of coping with death. This kind of dream tends to serve as a warning of a possible future death, so it reflects a last chance to return to a good relationship with them and express to them all that at some point was meant to be said but that we prefer to remain silent.

It also represents a last chance to say goodbye to them. Another meaning of dreaming about dead relatives reveals the realization of a quite significant change in our life. The father and son relationship has reached a new level.

Dream of unknown dead

Although this kind of dream is strange, dreaming of unknown dead means that we are not taking the right course in our life and what is worse, we are walking around surrounded by false people who are influencing us with negative energies. Another meaning of dreaming of unknown deaths is that in the near future there will be economic losses at home.

Dream of many dead

If dreaming of a dead person can be a nightmare, dreaming of many dead is much more creepy. When this kind of dream comes along, it’s time to not trust anyone around us. Dreaming of many dead is a clear revelation that there is a negative environment that will not leave us any benefit. It is best to identify the environment that is being negative and move away from it as soon as possible.

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Dreaming of the living dead

When a living dead person appears in the dream, it becomes clear that he is unable to express himself. There is a sense of disconnection that prevents efficient communication with other people. On the other hand, it is also indicative of a relapse into old habits and ways of acting.

Dreaming of the living dead is also an indication that we miss that person in our life, although it may also indicate that it is necessary to adjust some sentimental details to that person. On the other hand, dreaming of living dead can be a sign that a time of lean cows is approaching. There are likely to be serious money problems and need.


  • Dreaming of the dead in bed is without a doubt one of the death-related dreams that most concern us. When you dream of being asleep in a bed, this reveals peace and relaxation. However, when a dead man appears lying next to us, this means that a person has immersed himself in our life without our consent and is exceeding our limits. A clear example is a new partner at work or our partner’s new friendship.
  • To dream that death absorbs our breath is a clear indication that someone is seeking to feed on our life energy. Another meaning is that someone seeks to praise us with a generous gift which will not be convenient at all.