The world of dreams certainly according to Freud’s psychology, reflects our subconscious. That is to say, everything that we have in our mind but that for some reason we try to hide or avoid. Sometimes, this defense mechanism takes other forms and messages come to us that are more of a premonitory type. And thanks to a good interpretation, we can know what destiny has in store for us in certain areas of our life. In the particular case of dreaming of deer, there are many options that are revealed and we explain them below.

Dreams with deer usually occur in natural environments, because it is a non-domestic animal. It is uncommon for us to dream of them inside an enclosed space such as our home, for example. Rather, it is possible to encounter them in a forest, lonely path or road, and even in the back of a house. In this way, the context and environment also acquire a complementary meaning to the main symbol.

For many cultures, deer are sacred symbols and are also considered mystical and spiritual animals. Weak in appearance but warrior at heart, dreams with deer encourage us to stand up in spite of difficulties. Resilience is the word that best describes them. For that reason, it invites us through the subconscious to adapt to different circumstances and take advantage of the situation we are going through, be it good or bad.


According to Celtic mythology, if you have dreamed of deer, it means that you will soon receive good news. Scottish culture associated them with messengers in the 18th century. These sweet little animals were attributed with the ability to decipher the divine or celestial language to transmit it to men. The nature of the news you will receive will be for your personal growth. If you are going through a bad period, it will be a kind of message to soothe your soul.

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Deer move in a very graceful way through the woods. So regardless of whether they are grazing or running away, they literally move like the air. For that reason, having a dream vision with deer reminds us that it is better to try to overcome problems with peace in our hearts, rather than being dejected by adversity. That is to say, nothing that happens in the environment should affect us so much that we should not fight to solve it.

Dreaming of dead deer

If you dreamt of dead deer, you should know that it is one of the best dream signs. To see them die or find them already dead, is associated with the end of a painful or problematic situation. This dream promises excellent economic prosperity and good fortune in business in the future. Generally speaking, you will do very well in life, especially in finances.

Likewise, to dream of deer dying is a sign of economic success at a certain time of the year. Remember that their antlers grow little by little, and at certain times this growth accelerates. Therefore, pay attention if winter, spring, summer or autumn is approaching, and get that business or venture you have been planning underway.

When dreaming of dead deer, we should also pay attention to their color. Although they all move between earth tones, some are lighter and some are darker. For example, deep brown deer may symbolize some sort of unexpected exponential growth. Light brown deer invite us to a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical review.

Dreams of deer with antlers

To determine the meaning of dreaming of deer, we must carefully study the characteristics of the animal. According to the Kabbalah, the deer is a symbol of resurrection and this is due to its antlers. Just like cows, elk, goats, sheep and the like, deer develop their horns from the time they are young until adulthood. It is an intrinsic part of them and they never fall off because they are made of bone. However, you may be wondering, what does all that have to do with deer dreams? The answer is simple.

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That birth, growth and detachment (on the day of their death) of the horns in deer, makes them an archetype associated with resurrection. For that reason, the interpretation of dreams with deer with antlers has to do with the closing of cycles in life. Surely we have been going through a bad time, and it is time to be reborn to recover the lost balance. When we overcome a test, we feel victorious and open ourselves to new opportunities to receive something better.

Dreaming of white deer

When dreaming of a white deer, we are having a direct contact with these esoteric messengers. The message of dreams with white deer has to do with leaving aside the earthly world and cultivating a humanitarian cause. Let us remember that the color white is light and is recognized in the world as a universal symbol of purity.

Also, the meaning of dreaming of white deer has to do with our capacity for sacrifice and detachment. The deer in ancient times by providing food through its meat, was considered an animal of noble soul. And because of its extreme sacrifice and unconditional love, it was revered as a Christian figure for many years.

Dreams with baby deer

When interpreting a dream in which baby deer appear, we must first study what it means to return to that stage of life. We must then ask ourselves these questions:

  • Have you been putting off something you have wanted to do for a long time?
  • Do you recognize that you have a talent and you don’t know why you don’t exploit it?
  • Are you afraid to take a risk because it has dire consequences?

Having a dream with baby deer can be a message related to getting out of our comfort zone. You must leave your doubts behind and take on that dream you’ve always had. Sometimes we forget what really matters, and dreams with baby deer remind us of who we really are.

Dreaming of deer attacking

When we dream that we are being attacked by deer or that they attack each other, it means that we are going through a bad time with a partner. The fight between animals or against humans is a symbol of bad relationships. You may have to face your fear of talking about a problem that affects both of you. Or simply, you feel that a breakup would be the best thing but you feel insecure.

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The main idea in dreams with deer attacking is that sometimes we give up individual space for love. But the truth, is that we step over ourselves and forget who we are. Therefore, fighting deer invite us to rebuild the relationship of self-esteem necessary for the soul.

Dreams with running deer

If you dreamed of deer running, you must first remember whether they were running alone or you were also running with them. Running in the dream sense, means escaping from something that bothers or intimidates us. Running deer indicate that we will receive very good news in matters of health, money and love. If you go running with them, it means that you will be the bearer of this news and you will make other people immensely happy.

Dreaming of large deer

Deer are said to symbolize spiritual desires, and dreaming of large deer heralds that we should leave shyness behind and open our hearts. Being associated with good luck and unexpected news, deer in large size are interpreted as big positive changes. However, luck has two sides and can sometimes be misleading because it can take a sudden turn. So, attention to the details of the context of the dream in general is required.

Dreams with fighting deer

Dreams with deer fighting predict an internal struggle in the one seeking the interpretation. Being symbols of feelings, deer fighting reflect mixed emotions and indecision. We have then an inner dilemma, regarding what we feel towards a special person. Freud thought that deer were a representation of the superego. For that reason, seeing them fighting in dreams can also symbolize feeling trapped in any adversity in life.