Dreaming of demons has always generated terror in people, some even think that someone wants to harm them, but in reality, dreaming of these terrifying creatures is a representation of their personality. It is really terrible to dream of demons, just thinking about it I would not even want to close my eyes.

The dream vision with demons will never be pleasant, in fact, they are considered the worst nightmares that someone can have. Usually when people dream of demons they have no control of their body, the sensation is very similar when they are victims of sleep paralysis. The dreamer wakes up in a cold sweat, and with a feeling of anguish that makes it difficult to continue sleeping.

Many people affirm that, during dreams with demons, it is impossible for them to move, they feel the need to shout for help but their efforts are useless and they only have to wait for the demon to react.



If you dream of these creatures think very well about your behavior, maybe there is something you should and need to change. Dreams with beings such as Beelzebub, Satan or whatever you prefer to call it, can also arise when you are a victim of a bad experience, whether family, work or love.

These dreams can mean a bad omen, maybe you are not doing something right, that investment will not give good results, expect the best of something and only receive bad news, in short, all these bad experiences are translated into dreams that only make you feel uncomfortable.

The dream vision with demons can vary, whether the person has dreams where they appear at home, in a church, dreaming of being chased by them. Whatever the situation, they all have a meaning.

Dreaming of demons attacking you

When in the dream you are attacked by demons it is important to analyze your way of being. Usually we tend to drown in a glass of water when the problem is much smaller than we think, but by giving them so much relevance, the mind plays against us showing us vulnerable to certain situations.

Being attacked by demons is one of the worst feelings. If you have dreamed of demons attacking you, the ideal is to pay close attention to the dream, these are usually the most revealing.

From another point of view, maybe you are not really being attacked by a demon. The demon is created by the dark force inside you, the one that does not let you sleep peacefully, which means that you are fighting against yourself.

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Dreaming of demons and possessions

The dream vision with creatures and possessions can only indicate danger, you should study your situation and change what is necessary, your integrity could be affected. Dreams with demons and possessions are actually very peculiar.

When you are possessed by a demon during sleep, it can also mean conflict or inequality with yourself. But in reality not everything is so bad, these dreams indicate that there is something negative inside you and that you must put an end to it.

This may be caused by hatred and envy, and the only thing you will achieve will be to hurt yourself. If these dreams are very recurrent and you feel that your efforts are no longer enough, it is recommended that you consult with a specialist. Dreams are always a window to the future and these strange dream experiences are no exception.

Dreaming of witchcraft and demons

These dreams separately fulfill different roles but may have some similarities. On the one hand, to dream of witchcraft can mean both good and bad things. This dream may refer to an act of evil involving women, and when in the dream, in addition to witchcraft includes demons, the meaning may even cause some terror.

To dream of witchcraft and demons indicates the beginning of an overwhelming stage in the sentimental sphere or perhaps, it is not something so intimate, it is just a new girl who is approaching your social circle.

Even so, you should be careful with this person, their intentions may not be the best and your demons will show it to you. Be attentive to the dreams you have after meeting new friends.

Dreaming of demons chasing you

The presence of demons in a dream are created by a person’s bad attitude. If during the dream you are chased by such creatures, this will show the great remorse you feel because of something that happened or will soon happen, whose results were not or will not be the best because of your attitude.

The sense of guilt is something that does not let you sleep, this is when the subconscious takes control of everything and emits the feeling of discomfort through these terrifying creatures.

No matter how hard you try you will not be able to run away from them, the demons live inside you and will always come out when they have the opportunity, they will try to get your attention repeatedly.

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Dreaming of angels and demons

This type of dream shows the inconformity and indecision that the dreamer feels. Perhaps his way of seeing life is not the most correct, he is trying to improve but does not know what to do or which path to follow.

These are the living example of good and evil. The angels represent the good deeds while the demons represent the wrong path. This dream will repeat itself over and over again until you make the right decision.

Dreaming of demons and ghosts

In general, dreams with ghosts, whether they are with a loved one or not, as long as they are dressed in white will mean happiness and protection. However, if in your dreams not only ghosts appear but also demons, this will indicate that you should be very attentive to your surroundings. The presence of both entities could mean the loss of a very close person, or, knowing the medical situation of someone, you are afraid of losing him or her.

Similarly, if in the dream, the ghost tries to talk to you, allow it, these serve as intermediaries between the two worlds, and perhaps a family member or friend wants to tell you something important, however, your fear will be reflected in the demon and it will do everything possible to not allow the connection.

Dreaming of killing demons

As the presence of these creatures is a vivid mirror of our personality. To dream of killing demons shows that we are able to control our darker side, to close the chapter in which our bad actions were present and in case of hurting someone during that time, to obtain their forgiveness.

Dreaming of demons in my house

To dream of demons inside the home can mean two things, the first is the attitude of the family members. Sometimes when there are many discussions at home, the atmosphere becomes tense, becoming a magnet for this type of dream, and on the other hand, it can mean the arrival of friends in the house, people who may not have good intentions and you have not realized that.

Dreaming of red demons

This type of dream experience demonstrates the terror you feel about getting sick. You consider yourself a weak person and you feel that catching a virus or being the victim of an accident could ruin your life completely. It never hurts to have a medical check-up, but if you feel that it only disturbs you, the best thing to do is to relax. We know that the issue of health is very important, but there is a limit to everything.

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Dreams with small demons

The dream vision with demons will always mean your low self-esteem or the guilt inside you for having made a mistake. The size of the demon will depend on how bad you feel. If you dream of small demons it will mean that your actions have not yet become major and that you are in time to repair the damage you have done.

Dreaming of demons in a church

These dreams mean repentance. To dream of a church, as long as it is in good condition, will demonstrate the dreamer’s beliefs, and his idea of making things right. However, when the dream is interrupted by the presence of demons, the dreamer will have to fight against his evil thoughts to achieve the good deeds he has proposed. It is a very difficult dispute, these dreams show how strong a person’s good or bad thoughts are.

Dreaming of good demons

Something you must be clear is that demons will never play the role of a good being, do not be fooled, the presence of a good demon only means mockery. This dream shows that you are a vulnerable, weak and manipulable person and your evil self is taking over that. You will be one more victim, you will fall into a hole from which you will have a hard time getting out. Although deep down the demon shows you that he wants to help you, the ideal will be to ignore him and do everything possible to wake up.


  • The dream vision with demons reflects the negative lifestyle that a person is leading, which at the same time is a prisoner of conscience charges that do not allow him to be calm.
  • If the demons show a great fortune in their hands, it means that a terrible situation of poverty is coming.
  • Dreams with demons who are in the company of musicians, this will only mean wear and tear and suffering.
  • If the demons are observed happy in the dream this will imply that you are committing dishonest dealings.