We have to make it clear that usually dreams related to desert originate in adult people or in old age, they may have the tendency to see negative dreams so the meaning leads to a kind of depression problems.

However, depending on the context it may have some positive meanings. Where recently we might have read some topics about deserts or we have seen some movie about deserts with great oasis maybe we have dreams about deserts.

Now dreaming alone in a desert, and worse if the environment is between dark or cloudy, gives us the representation in meaning of losses and bad experiences related to business, as well as lack of presence of friends.

In general terms, dreaming of deserts can be represented with everything related to loneliness and usually, when we dream of deserts it is necessary to evaluate the feelings that are generated in the course of the dream, so we can get a better interpretation of it.


Regarding this, several interpreters agree in considering that dreaming of the desert symbolizes fear, affliction and melancholy, people who are prone to suffer from depression have more tendency to dream of deserts than those who are not depressive.

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To dream of a desert refers in dreams that the dreamer is living a time of feeling of exclusion, loneliness in itself, thus becoming antisocial people.

Dreaming of water and desert

When at the time of dreaming we find a desert and additionally with a lot of rain, this means that the period of depression and anguish may come to occur due to the many problems we have had, now we have to know that in those dreams that unfold with rain there is always a way out and a ray of sunshine additionally, if in the dream we find wet sand, it means that the dreamer lacks balance in his life.

Dreams with white desert

When we talk about dreaming of a white desert, it can symbolize that we should be as transparent as possible with those around us because if we let negative feelings remain, we are prone to feel lonely or in other cases feel a high level of depression.

Dreaming of a flowery desert

Flowery deserts in dreams bring us positive messages, it may mean that the dreamer may go through difficult times, but this type of experience implies certain positive aspects that we must learn to observe, analyze and take advantage of in our favor. This tends to allow us to get out of bad times quickly, we must not lose hope to move forward.

Dreams with sea and desert

As we are focusing on dreams and many people have the knowledge of the meaning of dreaming about the sea, but when in the dream the sea and the desert are combined, it is a warning that we must learn to live with different moments and situations, the decrease of resistance to change is a characteristic of resilient people, that is why we must put it into practice for ourselves.

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Dreaming of rocky deserts

In these cases and on the subject, the mental image we have by the media is of deserts full of dunes, although the truth is that most deserts are full of rocks, when we have a dream with desert rocks this indicates to us that things can get difficult, but that we must keep in mind that we can use everything at our disposal to improve our chances.

Dreams with deserts at night

In dark conditions such as the desert at night means that the dreamer is groping in life, the night conveys a sense of emotional insecurity, which is related to the despair caused by being alone in an unknown place.

Dreaming of deserts and snakes

Now if we are entrepreneurs and we have the experience in the dream of seeing the snake in the desert in your dream, this means that we should not have confidence with employees, as they can hurt us either personally or professionally.

Dreams with deserts and oasis

When we dream we are in the presence of seeing an oasis in a desert, it is symbolism of good news, it means that information will arrive that will allow us to rest a little of all the stress that we may have accumulated, also another common interpretation of dreams with oasis is that we can rely on others or on something that allows us to have a rest from important things.

Dreaming of desert and river

This can come to mean then that we should not panic, as we will get good proposals and many gains in the short term, so we must have patience that soon will come.

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Dreams with desert and crystalline water

This means that we are aware of our strengths and weaknesses, in addition to this will present opportunities where they will be applied obtaining favorable results.

Dreaming of crossing the desert

For many people, deserts are considered beautiful places but dangerous if you do not go with caution, dreaming of crossing a desert is a meaning of care with the things we are doing or decisions we are making, there are many possibilities of being trapped in difficult situations and lose the direction in which we focus to move forward, it is essential to seek help from someone who knows or has experience, it is a very good idea.

Dreams with desert sand

When we dream with sand of a desert gives us the meaning that can present us with a perspective of change of important attitude in your life especially positive, suddenly it can make us understand that perhaps you are wasting time on things, that do not deserve much attention that in reality is being given and instead, things that are actually more important are overlooked.