Compared to the embarrassment it represented not so long ago, divorce is nowadays commonplace. The number of divorced couples compared to those who are still married is almost equal and the number of divorces continues to increase. For that reason, dreaming of divorce is associated with the fear of commitment. This fear, although sometimes unconscious, manifests itself in our dreams on a recurring basis.

Dreams about divorce are not very common. These dreams are usually present in people who have previously divorced or are thinking of divorcing their partner. These dreams can have different meanings, usually depending on the dreamer’s personal attitude and associations regarding divorce. When interpreting such dreams, it is also important to take into account the fact whether you are divorced or whether your parents are divorced.

People who were never married also dream of divorce. These dream manifestations often reveal your subconscious fear of marriage and commitment. They may also reveal your fears that your future marriage will end in divorce. People who got divorced and dream of divorce are probably still going through the healing process after such an upsetting event and changes in their lives. If you had this dream, you should ask yourself why your subconscious remembered this event.


Divorce in a dream, means the appearance of reason to accuse yourself of an act worthy of punishment in real life. According to other interpretations, the dream of divorce predicts significant changes in the lives of people who appear in the dream signing the divorce.

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To dream of divorce can also be interpreted by the appearance of doubts about the loyalty of your second partner, a hidden insult or dissatisfaction with him or her. Sometimes, dreams about divorce reveal anger and resentment towards your spouse. You may have an inner feeling that your marriage will not last long, even though it may not have much reason to do so.

Dreaming of someone else’s divorce

When someone dreams of divorce from another person it means that in real life you will have a great opportunity, to appreciate the merits of your partner. If you have dreamed of other people’s divorce, this dream has something to do with your own relationship or marriage. This dream is a warning for you to think about whether there are any problems in your relationship or marriage and try to solve them.

Other interpretations indicate that you may have hurt your partner recently, but you may not realize that. You may be feeling guilty about something you have done and now is the time to fix things before the situation escalates.

Dreams that I’m getting divorced

If you are a married woman and you have dreamed that you divorce your husband it foretells a change in your relationship with your loved one. Perhaps you should take steps to revitalize and renew feelings, create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house. For a man, the end of a relationship with his wife through divorce symbolizes the subconscious rejection of the spouse’s actions.

To dream that you are asked for a divorce

If you have dreamed that you are asked for a divorce it represents the separation from old habits and beliefs that have been part of your life for a long time. Perhaps a project is coming to an end or you have a new worldview. This dream may represent a part of yourself that you can no longer trust, such as a craving for food or a cigarette when you get angry. Are you feeling insecure right now? Are you afraid that the person you love will leave you alone? Is there something in your relationship that needs urgent attention?

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Dreams that I divorce my husband

For a woman to dream that she divorces her husband or her future husband, it is a warning about the infidelity of your beloved. And also, that the wedding is in danger, as a result of which, the dreamer will remain alone for a long time. In short, it is a dream of total alertness in the love relationship.

Dreaming of divorce of parents

Dreams with divorce of parents symbolize the emergence of small discord between parents and children. This eternal confrontation between generations will allow households to better understand each other and get closer. However, this dream vision has a positive side. And it is that, it predicts that soon will come a joyful event and will help to realize the long-term planned ideas.

Dreams with divorce of friends

If you dreamed of divorce of friends, it indicates the emergence of disagreements between the dreamer and these people. To see friends getting divorced in the dream is your subconscious reminding you not to try to meddle in other people’s personal affairs. Perhaps this dream may indicate that you sense a change of action in your friends and care deeply about them.

To dream of divorce or separation

Having a dream of divorce or separation may mean that your relationship is different from other people’s relationships. Don’t judge yourself by the appearance of others. This may remind you that you need to recognize and honor each other’s differences. Perhaps there is anxiety around change in your life. Are there conflicts and dramas that constantly infect your life? Do you find it difficult to deal with change? Keep in mind that you have a choice to make change work for you or eliminate it.

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Dreams of divorce without being married

For single women who have dreams of divorce without being married, it could indicate having problems in interactions with others. This could occur at the work level because of a disagreement or non-understanding with certain co-workers. For single men, a dream of divorce could indicate experiencing some emotional difficulties.

Dreaming of divorce of brother

Having a dream vision with sibling divorce is a reminder that you need to rethink your priorities. Especially in family life. Consider devoting more time to be with your family. Remember to be on your family’s side no matter what, at the end of the day they are the ones who will support you unconditionally.

Dreams with divorce of relatives

To dream of divorce of relatives indicates that your family will soon enter a period of conflict and strife. You are aware of fights over money and property. In some interpretations, divorce of relatives is identified with the emotional state of the dreamer and his reaction to the current family environment. Perhaps you do not see any other way out of this unpleasant situation.

To dream of divorce and blood

This dream of divorce and blood reflects some aspect of yourself or area of your life, which is losing energy or vitality. Whether it is emotional pain, discomfort or situations caused by excessive impulses or behavior. It is a vision that tells you that there is something toxic in your life that needs to be removed so that it does not continue to affect you.

Dreams about someone’s divorce

If you dreamed about someone’s divorce it could be a reflection of the real situation the people you see in the dream are going through, in case you know them. If you don’t know who the people in your dream are, it could indicate the need to prioritize their goals. Regardless of the people, whether they are known or not, it symbolizes breakups.