The dream manifestations are sometimes a reflection of the activities we perform daily. Eating, taking a shower, going to work, among others, are the most common ones. Another one of them is to dream of driving, a vision that relates a means of transportation with our capacity to direct us in life. This dream denotes great autonomy in the dreamer’s personality.

Who has dreamed of driving any type of vehicle, feels that they are the master of their own destiny. They are independent and mature people, focused on their goals and with great ability to solve problems. Proactive and intelligent, dreamers who drive anything are worthy of respect and recognition.

Driving any type of means of travel represents the control we have over our decisions. Also, it is associated with the direction we are going to give to a specific situation we are going through. It is to chart a concrete course towards the life we want. However, it also depends on the speed of the vehicle and the road it travels.


To dream of driving means that you are worried about the possible outcomes of an activity or situation you are experiencing that is of great importance to you. You may have invested a lot of time or other resources to make this happen, but some recent events may have caused you these feelings of uneasiness and anxiety.

The interpretation of dreams with driving is often associated with our journeys through life. In this case, your path and existence are probably filled with events that are moving very fast. In this case, you are likely to wonder about whether they are beneficial or detrimental to you. However, there are high chances that things will work out in your favor most of the time, if not all.

Dreaming of driving a car

Driving a car in our dreams is undoubtedly our motivation to go forward in life. The way we drive the vehicle is associated with our way of being or personality. It is something like living life our way, regardless of what people will say or the opinion of people in general.

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This dream vision should also be interpreted when there are passengers in the dream, and even the presence of a co-driver as a companion. Likewise, the car can symbolize the image of your physical body. For this reason, you should analyze and be attentive to its condition: was it clean and well cared for? Or on the contrary, was it dirty and in bad condition?

A car is the one that allows us to go from one place to another, just as in our dreams of driving a car is the way we go through life. Therefore, the type of vehicle and how it looks says everything about the state of your body. Driving in real life, or in dreams, is moving somewhere. Ask yourself, where do I really want to go, and am I on the right path to reach my goals?

Dreams of driving a car

If there is one thing we must make clear, it is that dreams are 100% personal visions and each one has elements that make it different from another. However, we can associate some general archetypes to their meaning. For example, dreaming of driving a car reflects a failed attempt to use an opportunity.

Perhaps you might have recently tried to succeed in something important for some material gain, but failed to do so. You could then be adopting unusual behavior, or treating others in a way that is uncharacteristic of you since this happened. This is why the dream vision of dreams about driving is associated with the deviant path you have.

When someone dreams of driving but someone else does it, it highlights your desire to simply give up control and allow things to happen as they will. This is a repressed desire because you tend to be the one in control. And just this once, you are letting someone else intervene in your life and your personal decisions. You may feel boredom or fear.

Dreaming of riding a motorcycle

If you have dreamed of riding a motorcycle, your subconscious is probably revealing to you your gullible and sometimes innocent nature. You tend to allow others to control you and order you around, especially your parents. Although their wisdom and experience carry significant weight in certain situations, you may trust them too much to the point that they seem to be running your life for you.

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In other contexts, dreams with motorcycles are associated with people going through life too fast. Forgetting important details, hearing but not listening, living without any sense or direction. Motorcycles are means of transportation that can go faster because they are lighter and less large. Likewise, it is our way of thinking to make decisions.

Those who have had a dream with motorcycles have a rebellious, adventurous personality and are sometimes bad tempered. They tend to be irresponsible, do not take life seriously and do not let themselves be affected by worries. For that reason, they see themselves driving a vehicle whose characteristics are associated with their personality.

Dreams about riding a bicycle

Generally, if you have dreamed of riding a bicycle, it is because you are evaluating your current life situation. If the bicycle was broken or old, or perhaps new, it will be the interpretation of your physical state of health. The dream manifestations of riding a bicycle also denote balance. They can represent the way we are combining every aspect of daily life.

To dream of riding a bicycle with someone else could mean that the person you are in love with is not the right one. This person might not believe in spiritual goodness, is petty and simple-minded to the point of being self-centered and with little room for personal growth and improvement.

To dream of driving a truck

If you dreamed of driving a truck it means that you are about to go through a series of problems or issues that might need to be solved by many people and that would be distressing for you. You are definitely going to need the help of some people to overcome your problems. Trucks are large vehicles, so that is the size of your difficulties.

Likewise, if you are driving at high speed in your dream of driving a truck, it could mean your extraordinary ability to overcome problems and face difficulties. You are creative and come up with non-traditional methods or unconventional approaches. Methods and approaches that are uniquely yours and have not been copied from others.

Dreams of driving someone else’s car

Just as driving is associated with life control and the car with our physical body, dreaming of driving someone else’s car is related to making decisions for others. Generally, these dreamers are very impulsive, intense people, and they constantly have opinions about the lives of others. They want everyone to do their will, thinking that they are the only ones who are right.

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It is important to note that in dreams where we drive someone else’s car our power grows. We feel that we are important, because we are taken into account to solve problems. This has a negative connotation, since it derives from a problem of self-esteem. That is, we want to control the lives of others in order to feel useful.

To dream of driving a truck

The interpretation of dreaming of driving a pickup truck symbolizes that you will face many problems that could cause havoc and chaos in your life. It also symbolizes the unfair treatment you may receive because of the behavior of your superiors or your boss. These people could try to humiliate you or simply lose their faith and trust in you.

Dreams of driving a bus

If you have dreamed of driving a bus it indicates that you are carrying more responsibility than you can handle. Remember that buses can pick up a large number of passengers, and so do you go through life. Taking care of other people’s problems, and leaving aside your own destiny to solve other people’s problems.

Dreaming of driving a fast car

Dreams where you see yourself driving a fast car denote that you would like to break free from social norms and have some space. It also shows your desire to move above the pressure of society, of what is right and what is wrong. This also suggests that you would like to make your point of view known to just about everyone, so that they respect you for who you really are.

Dreams about driving an airplane

If you have dreamed that you drive an airplane, it means that you are assertive and have a great ability to take control of any kind of situation. It also means that you must take responsibility for carrying out an important project, or that you will take the reins in communicating with others.