Although dreaming of dwarves is rare, it is one of the most curious dreams that anyone can have. The meaning of dreams with dwarfs is as varied as the times we have read stories where they are present. Most people remember Snow White, so they think of the names of each dwarf in the story.

However, if you dream of dwarves you are describing yourself, even if the dream scenario varies, it will always be about you. It is a dream that suggests different things, from a terrible fear to considering yourself as an intelligent and hard-working person. Believe it or not, there are thousands of people who are afraid of dwarves and it is known as lollypopguildophobia.

Now, to interpret a dream with dwarfs it is necessary to detail the moment in which it happens and the relationship that our imagination has in this dream. Sometimes, the dreamer will include dwarves in his dream visions as a sign of hardworking people and the lack of someone to accompany him/her in his/her hardest ways.


In the past, dreams with dwarves were interpreted as a lack of intelligence and spirit of the dreamer, a way of warning you that you were moving away from the path of wisdom and closer to ignorance and little common sense. With the passing of time, the concept has been transformed into a series of behaviors that each person can have. It is a way of describing your present.

An example of the above is when you dream that you are a dwarf, where it can mean that you pay very little attention to what you do and that you will end up making many mistakes or paying the consequences of your behavior. However, each dwarfism dream is different from each other, therefore, we will interpret the most common dream visions.

Dreaming of bad dwarfs

If you dreamed of bad dwarfs it means the arrival of enemies where they want to make you make mistakes and gain your trust only to betray you. This dream warns of the arrival of people with bad intentions, especially when you start to succeed in your business. Some will not tolerate seeing you succeed and you must protect yourself from these bad intentions. To dream of a bad dwarf also foretells that envy is your main enemy and that many people have it against you.

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Dreams with dancing dwarfs

To dream of dancing dwarfs means that good news will come from work, but you must be ready to take on new responsibilities. In some cases, when the dreamer has achieved a promotion or a new job, it means that you will find opportunities where there were problems before, which will make you more efficient.

Dreaming of killer dwarves

Did you dream of killer dwarves? This dream warns of threats in your work, especially as a result of betrayals. Someone is not tolerating your successes, so they will want to start creating obstacles for you. Beware of unexpected help or people who ask more questions than usual.

Dreams of dwarves chasing me

Have you dreamed of dwarves chasing you? You probably feel like less of a person than others and this is starting to affect your self-esteem. It is a dream that describes your negative behavior towards some events in your life. It is a way of warning you that you are not being kind to your life and creating your own barriers.

Dreaming of dwarves or goblins

If you dreamed of dwarves or goblins it means that you have problems to solve and cycles to close. These cycles are constantly haunting you and generate an emotional imbalance in your life. Subsequently, you start blaming others for your misfortunes and end up being someone unhappy in your life.

Dreams with running dwarfs

When you dream of dwarves running, consider resting in your life, since this dream foretells that you are filling yourself with conflicting situations, trying to achieve success in your life. It is a way of warning you that from the eagerness only tiredness will remain and that you should rethink your work strategy.

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Dreaming of sick dwarfs

If you dream of sick dwarfs, it means that you are ignorant of important matters. At this moment in your life something really important is happening, but because of problems, situations or pending conversations, you are completely ignoring the moment. In other words, you want everything to flow, without measuring the consequences that this may have.

Dreams with dwarves playing

Have you dreamed of dwarves playing? Then you are approaching a time of happiness and harmony, as long as your life has clear rules and goals. It is a way to signal your positive emotions in front of a particular event, but if you let it flow incorrectly it will end in conflicting situations.

To dream of dwarves fighting

When you dream of dwarves fighting it means that a friend will need your help and will come to you to desperately ask for your support. It is a time to show your friendship, although this dream suggests that you should not get involved in situations where you will get hurt. If you dreamed of dwarves fighting you recognize the problems that others have, but you also consider that not everyone deserves your help.

Dreams with good dwarves

If you dreamed of good dwarves you must be good to other people, as your behavior may morally affect people who care about you. This is a common dream when you are a boss or leader of a team of people, who always expect your best behavior to feel motivated. The need to seek protection among your friends is a survival instinct, so give support to those who ask for it.

Dreaming of ugly dwarves

If you dream of ugly dwarfs, it portends a threat where any mistake you make will end very badly in your life. It is the opportunity to control your emotions, not to be carried away by impulses and improve your communication with other people. If you dreamed of ugly dwarfs you will soon have a confrontation with someone and this discussion will result in an enemy, unless you try to clarify the situation that afflicts you both.

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Dreams with working dwarves

Having a dream with dwarves working is most common, as it represents the dedication and teamwork that a person should have. It is a sign that your life will go in a better way if you strive to improve the conditions in which you find yourself. In other words, it is not a time to rest, since this dream suggests a lot of dedication and clear objectives in the dreamer.


  • To dream that you see yourself as a dwarf means that you are moving away from your goals believing that you are not capable of achieving them.
  • To dream of a dwarf next to you means that some people you consider important to you, believe themselves to be less than you. That is, they observe your achievements and believe that they do not deserve your friendship.
  • To dream that your friends become dwarfs means good luck in business and activities that you do in the following days.
  • To dream of a dwarf boyfriend means that your successes are coming, but you will arouse the envy of other people and especially of those you have by your side.
  • To dream of a dwarf woman means that other people trust you and you must learn to trust them in order to improve your environment.
  • To dream of having sex with a dwarf means that you are not tolerating your partner and that you resent your actions, so you will need to urgently establish a dialogue with your partner.