The earth or the soil within your dreams symbolizes the foundation of your beliefs.

Depending on the type of earth visualized, the personification of changes that are taking place within you varies. For example, it can mean that you are presenting an inconsistency in your ideas, that you will undergo a change of perspective or even the incorporation of new feelings into your life.

The earth represents an integral part of the life of each of us. That’s why we’ve decided to explain the meaning of dreaming about earth. Although it is usually taken for granted that it is always there under our feet, giving it more importance and value when it comes to crops and possessions, within an oneiric plane it acquires an enlightened meaning of turmoil within us.

Seeing the earth in dreams can have many different meanings, depending on its circumstances and the condition in which the Earth is seen. In general, the earth represents power, authority, love, care, fertility, happiness and wealth. Just study the details of the dream to know exactly what your subconscious is trying to manifest.

If you have visualized in your dream stage any kind of land, it can mean that despite the obstacles that arise in your path, you will be able to get away with it. But, just as they are synonymous with wealth, they can also mean future problems in your life, so it is necessary to consider even the slightest aspect of sleep.


dreaming of earth


The earth, within an astral plane, represents in allegorical form the human body. It is the image of all things of nature that we normally take for granted, but they are those that allow us to exist.

In the same way in which the physical earth is composed of past events, in which the trees and the leaves, the plants and creatures that have lived have crumbled, becoming dust to feed the earth; likewise to the earth that appears in your dreams represents the past about the that has carved out your present, and your future will be built.

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Therefore, by delving into the dream, you will be able to discover things from your past that you have deliberately buried there, as well as deep feelings that you have hidden beneath that earth.

Dream of black earth

The black earth within dreams can give a confusing message. On the one hand, it is the best land to grow, as it is rich in nutrients. But the color black esoterically speaking, foreshadows problems and difficulties. Therefore, if you dream of black earth, it means that a series of changes will come into your life that will generate many inconveniences.

These changes are mainly linked to your economic side, which, contrary to what you may think, is a premonition of economic abundance, but if you do not manage to maintain a balance, they will bring with them problems that will disturb your soul.

Dream of brown earth

Brown earth is very common in dreams. You dream of brown soil when you know difficulties come that will change your outlook, but this does not mean they will make you better or worse. It will all depend on the attitude you take when facing these challenges.

Dream of fertile earth

The main characteristic of fertile soil is that it has the quality of generating life through it. All that is born of the earth is the fruit of the direct spiritual divinity that we have with our earthly plane, so, if you dream of fertile land, it means that you will have fruits in your life as a result of the development given from the possibilities that have been presented to you, and mainly of who you really are.

From the point of view of dreams, everything you believe in externalizes through your creative side, making you grow in the process. In short, the fertile land of your dream is an allegory of a new ability that you are trying to develop taking into account your limitations and attributes.

Dream of dry earth

Dry or dry earth in dreams is synonymous with blockages, worries, shortages, inability to move on, and mainly means that you feel trapped or trapped by some problems in your life. It is very likely that negative emotions are invading you and preventing you from dealing with the situations you are experiencing.

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As long as you are more focused or focused on the gravity of your dilemmas, you will not be able to give all of yourself to solve them, so you must calm down and think properly so as not to make any mistakes.

Dream of earth and water

As indicated above, the earth represents our connection with nature; while water is a symbol of life and energy. Within dreams the earth and water on the same plane become a reflection that it is time to leave behind the banal importance we attach to material things, so that we can come into direct contact with our soul and ally it with our surroundings, connecting our roots and our origin, with the world in which we inhabit. We have to understand that our concerns are petty, so we have to take our lives slowly.

Dream of wet land

One of the fragrances that make us feel the most attuned to nature is that of the wet earth. Despite the fact that it is a little difficult to walk through the damp earth, if you dreamed of the wet earth, means that you are already in a position to face any challenge you’ll get, since that your goal is to achieve your goals.

Congratulations, you have reached a degree of maturity that very few people manage to achieve, so you can succeed in everything you set out to do.

Dream of potted earth

The potted earth is the one that gives life to the plants of our home, so it is strongly associated with the family. This garden land within dreams means that there will soon be abundance and prosperity for you and your family; although you must be very aware of the expense: do not spend hand in hand, because otherwise difficulties will arise in the future, in which you could be financially squeezed.

Dream of cemetery earth

It is normal to associate cemetery earth with death, but this does not mean that the dream in which cemetery earth appears is a premonition.

In reality, it is more inclined to the link between your earthly life and your spiritual plane, in which curiosity about what is intangible and dogmatic makes you slightly doubt your beliefs.

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You must not let that existentialist doubt about what is after this life disturb your spirit, as many people who engage in this subject cannot fully enjoy their life.

Dream of red earth

Within the esoteric symbolism of color, red represents serenity and balance, as well as passionate strength and action. For this reason, the red earth In dreams is an allegorical representation that at this time your life is a little rampant, so you must seek a harmony between your duties and your pleasure.

Remember that not everything in this life is work, you have to learn to enjoy the little details of life, and that even though it is important to follow our goals, we must not leave aside the people around us who are there to support us at all times.


  • If in your dreams you are covered with dirt, it means you have a deep fear of falling into poverty. It is very difficult to associate a person who is not fully groomed with wealth, so, if in your dreams you find yourself covered with earth, it represents the concern you feel for the well-being of you and yours.
  • There is nothing to worry about, this dream is only a symbol of your nobility and inner humility, it does not mean that you are giving too much importance to money, but rather that for you it is only a means to meet your basic needs.
  • If you dream that you slept on earth, it means that in your waking life you are giving more relevance than you should to insignificant problems. Being in touch with the ground directly is a sign from your subconscious that you need to take things slow, as stress does not bring you any benefit. Remember all the time that we are a reflection of what we think and the vibes we transmit.
  • If within your dreams you unearthed an object, it is a sign that in your waking life you managed to make peace with feelings sheltered within you. Normally, when we are experiencing situations of great stress that generate negative sensations, the brain seeks to bury all those bad feelings in order to eliminate any threat. But in doing so, instead of purging those bad vibes, the feeling lies there unconscious.