A vision of this type may show that your sexual desires for someone have not been recognized. From another point of view, to dream of ejaculation is often a symbol of a new growth, It indicates to you that a happy period is going to enter your life through your work or some activity you do as a hobby.

An ejaculation in your dream, means that you will successfully complete a job you are involved in. But if you dream of being the one who has the ejaculation, then this does not mean anything specifically. Just that you have strong sexual desires for someone at the moment.

If a woman dreams that she sees a man having an ejaculation, this predicts that in the near future she will experience incredible moments in her intimate relationship. If a man dreams that he had an ejaculation with his partner, in the near future everything will go very well for him. On the condition, that you will have full confidence in yourself and your partner.



Dreams with ejaculation have the meaning of not being able to find a partner capable of satisfying you sexually and emotionally. However, you feel it is okay with the fact that the people you have sex with come to your bed, but not to your heart.

Semen in a dream vision often represents feelings of lingering failure, unfulfilled promises or disappointments that to this day continue to trouble your life. In addition, this dream represents an aspect of your personality that got you into trouble and other people have humiliated you because of it. However, below we will analyze other elements that can modify this interpretation.

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Dreaming that you ejaculate too much

If you have ever dreamed of ejaculating too much this represents your need for release. You can no longer hold back, either emotionally or sexually. In another context, this dream signifies a loss of control and power, this can happen within your work space or within your family.

Another interpretation that is often given to this vision, represents the need to indulge the sexual desires you have for a person. Also, it is associated with the fact that you cannot reach orgasm with your partner or sexual partner. This dream may represent feelings of impotence or frustration, due to this difficulty.

Dreaming of premature ejaculation

If you dreamed of premature ejaculation this indicates a buildup of tension that may be released inappropriately and unexpected moments. This is a reminder to deal with problems as they arise, rather than repressing them. You should talk about your emotions rather than hide them.

Dreaming of female ejaculation

The act of female ejaculation in dreams can mean giving up old fears and doubts about your sexual decisions and prowess. The instinctive attitude towards sex is often evident in dreams through the act of sex. And female ejaculation in a vision may be a reminder of some negative feelings concerning your sexual activities.

Dreaming of male ejaculation

To dream of male ejaculation promises good luck and success in business. If you are thinking of starting a new business this is your chance. If you have doubted whether it is a good idea or not to start a business, this dream is the push you needed to make a decision.

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Dreaming of seeing an ejaculation

Having a dream vision of seeing an ejaculation is indicative of the need for release and the satisfaction of sexual needs. This dream is very common in most adolescents, as some of them may go on to experience what are called «wet» dreams. This usually occurs before the young person has reached full development with the changes occurring in their body.