Dreaming of feathers

There are many analysts who indicate that feathers in our dream represent the way we see life from different points of view. As well as the skills we may have to stand out from others. All this also depends on the context of dreaming with feathers. A dream vision that is not very common, but when it occurs it can be very interesting.

This type of dream is related to the freedom we feel to do things. It symbolizes our points of view before different situations. Personality goes hand in hand with the fears we may feel in our subconscious. However, this vision with feathers is very favorable. For if you are willing to take on big challenges, it is the time to set in motion what you want to do.

Those who dream with feathers are usually very vulnerable people at certain times, which means that they can enter a depressive stage. Family is their most important point of support. Especially when they feel they are going through difficult times and do not find the way to cope.

What does it mean to dream of feathers?

Feathers signify delicacy and lightness. Those who dream of them, are usually very meticulous in their work, always looking for their tasks to go in the best way. However, many times they get carried away by emotions and fall into certain situations that are not favorable at all. Therefore, they should always try to find solutions to things in a peaceful way.

One of the aspects to take into account when feathers appear in our dreams, has to do with the color and brightness that these represent, that depends on its meaning. Generally, this type of dream suggests that there are important changes to be made in our lives. As well as many details that we sometimes overlook and that we will know below.

Dreaming of white feathers

Even if the feathers are light, if you have dreamed of white feathers this denotes that you are a very strong person. Even, all your surroundings feel very protected by you. You feel a great security at the moment of doing things, because we know that everything will go as you had planned.


Likewise, white feathers in our dream mean peace. Therefore, for these dreamers it is very important to be away from problems. A family trip is coming and it makes things flow in a positive way. Do not get carried away by comments made by people outside your environment. Because you are a hard worker there is envy around you, but that is something you should play down.

To this type of surreal vision, we can give different interpretations as long as we have very clear why it has been presented to us. The day to day can influence a lot, and that is why our subconscious is manifested with dreams with feathers. However, this manifestation speaks of the need to undertake new projects and set clear objectives.

Dreams with black feathers

If you have dreamed of black feathers, it means that the time has come to take very seriously certain aspects of your life. In business, you will notice unfavorable changes. You should be very careful with regard to unnecessary expenses, as your finances could be greatly affected. On the work front, certain problems in which you were immersed due to misunderstandings will be solved.

The black feathers for many are a bad omen, but it is not always so because great changes are coming at a personal level. Try to always see the positive side of things, and you will see how all doors begin to open. A friend needs your help to move forward in a difficult situation related to a family member, your help will be very useful and thanks to this you will be able to solve everything.

Generally speaking, dreams with feathers in dark shades refer to everyday life and problems. Sometimes we are often presented with adversities in the day to day, let things flow as time goes by and do not despair, because something good is coming.

Dreaming of peacock feathers

In this type of dream many aspects of your personality are reflected. Sometimes you feel very lonely, and it is because you do not accept help from others even when you know you need it. Do not give so much importance to money, remember that it is not everything in life. There are more important things to take into account such as family. That glow that was seen in the peacock feathers, indicates that you have all the success assured.

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For that reason, peacock feathers represent the arrival of great moments in your life. If you want things to remain rosy, don’t get so attached to the material and try to look for the spiritual. For this reason, it is very important to see how this dream vision is presented, and the shades of the colors that the feathers had at that moment.

Dreams with colorful feathers

If you dreamed of colorful feathers it means success and prosperity in life. Remember that warm colors mean joy. However, you should put in order many things at home because it may be time to make reforms. On the economic level, an investment you were thinking of making related to construction materializes in good terms.

Dreaming of blue feathers

Memories of the past come to you, when this type of dream vision presents itself. Many experts explain that the color blue is related to purity, but despite this there is something that you feel is causing you a lot of discomfort. Analyze a little, and you will realize that you will be able to channel the different messages that this dream brings to you.

Dreams of feathers coming out of your body

If you have dreamed that you have feathers coming out of your body, you should be very prepared because it denotes that big changes are coming. You are looking to free yourself from memories of the past that only cause you much sadness. New love affairs cause you to become involved in serious problems with a person in your close social environment. However, you feel that there is something missing inside you and that lately you have forgotten your loved ones.

Dreaming of chicken feathers

This dream where you see hen feathers reflected, means unpleasantness. Soon you will be involved in a very confusing situation, due to bad comments that have been made about you. It also predicts that a very close person is going through a strong health problem due to an illness. You feel a little sad and overwhelmed by not being able to do anything, since that person is far away.

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Dreams with red feathers

When we are presented with red feathers in the dream, we should be very careful. Someone is doing everything possible to make you look bad in front of your boss at work. In love, things are going very well and you feel very happy. The red passion of the feathers symbolizes that you have finally found the great love of your life.

To dream of feathers in your mouth

You have a hard time communicating what you feel and that is why you dreamt of feathers in your mouth. In another context, it is associated with a meeting with your friends from school, it will make you have a very fun time, and it was quite needed because lately you have been very stressed by your responsibilities.

Dreams with golden feathers

For those who dream of golden feathers, it is very important to first analyze the context in which it occurs. If the feathers fall from the sky, it means abundance and wealth, you make great investments that generate a lot of income and your finances are very favored. If someone gives them to you as a gift, it is necessary to take some time to reflect on your work and professional life.

To dream of Angel feathers

Angel feathers in our dreams predict that we have a light spirit, so this vision is related to the spiritual part. We are living a time of great tranquility and peace, in business everything is flowing in a positive way. This dream also portends that finally all the problems we are going through come to an end. Our fears and insecurities are in the past.

Dreams with writing pen

Very good news is coming for these dreamers. So if you dreamed of writing pen, you will be confident enough to face others. Although it may seem that we are doing something wrong, we must pay close attention, as our interests can be greatly affected.

To dream of eagle feathers

The eagle, is one of the most astute birds with the best vision in the world. Therefore, if you dreamed of its feathers it denotes that you have an «eagle eye» for business. You are very aware of what you really want in life. A sixth sense makes you aware of new tasks that will be assigned to you, and you anticipate this in order to show that you are prepared for it.