The most striking natural element is fire. We are able to stay for many hours in front of the fire as if it were an illusionist hypnotizing us. Since it was discovered, the human being has taken it as a symbol of protection from the cold and the dark.

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Taking this element to an esoteric level, we can discover the solution to the different doubts we have and dispel our fears. It gives us light and heat when we feel that we are “off” and do not “see” the right way to react to a given circumstance. However, it is impossible not to feel overwhelmed after dreaming of fire.

Dreaming of fire is not limited to one interpretation, there are many meanings that can be found when dreaming of fire, everything depends on the context of the dream. However, this element is a symbol of strong feelings: anger, desire, destruction, may even be the indicator that something is about to end or something new is about to come. It’s hardly ever a bad thing.

Almost always, the meaning of dreaming of fire is purification, an opportunity to renew things, to cast away all that does not serve and that negatively influences our life to give way to a new life full of success and total satisfaction. Almost everything you see when dreaming of fire reveals highly positive events.

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Dreaming of fire is a sign of the presence of love, passion, family, money, business and success. If we dream of fire burning the house, there is nothing to worry about, this is a symbol of a happy, quiet and, above all, loving family life.

Following this same line, if you dream that your business is burning, then it means that you will be very successful at the job level. In this life, however, not all dreams with fire augur well. For example, when you dream of fire or burning, although in many cases it has a positive meaning, you may also have a not-so-good interpretation.



Dreams always leave us with many worries, especially when dreaming of fire. One of the main meanings of dreaming about fire indicates that we will have the energy required to deal with situations that arise in our life.

However, fire is a purifying element, so just as it takes away the cold in winter, it can also burn us. That is why it is necessary to know what it means to dream of fire. In most cases, dreaming of fire is a good omen, it all depends on what the dream was like.

For those who dream, dreaming of fire augurs well, as long as the dream is not burning. The meanings of dreaming of fire are: desire, destruction, enlightenment, transformation, travel, fury and change.

Whenever in our dreams the fire appears, it is because something already worn and old is about to end to give way to something new and better in your life. When the dream is with fire and there are no burns, everything goes well as this indicates success in life. However, if in the dream there are burns, it is a warning about possible failures and problems.

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Dream of fire and water

When you dream of fire, it often happens that we are fighting fire with water or other means. This is a sign that it will be necessary to go through a series of hard work, intense worries and various frustrations in order to achieve the desired success. If this is your dream, watch your surroundings and watch for changes to avoid failure.

Dream of fire and smoke

Sometimes the fire of sleep is accompanied by smoke. This indicates that there is something growing in the subconscious and there is an increase in wisdom. Another meaning of dreaming about fire and smoke is that there is something in our environment that is needing attention, because it is getting out of control. Dreaming of fire and smoke can also be represented as a phallic symbol and can be linked to sexuality.


  • Dreaming of fire may indicate that something old is about to come to an end and it will be time to enjoy something new. Opinions and thoughts are close to reaching a new evolution.
  • If in the dream the fire is controlled, this is a sign of self-motivation and the existence of an inner transformation.
  • When dreaming of fire, you feel like burning, then our character is getting out of control, as it may also be that a problem is consuming us from within.
  • In case it’s a dream with fire burning the house, there’s no need to be scared, this is a sign that we will have obedient children and the sentimental relationship will be charged with passion.
  • When you dream that the company will burn, then there will be good luck in business and the company will produce many profits.
  • If instead of the company burning, it dreams that fire destroys the business, there is nothing to worry about as soon there will be a stroke of luck that will drive the business, allowing it to expand, take it to another level and make very good profits.
  • Dreaming of a new fire reveals that soon there will come a special fate and many good surprises. It may also be a sign of an unexpected visit from a good friend.
  • If it is a dream with uncontrolled fire, we must pay close attention because we are running out of energy and enough strength to continue to face the problems.
  • If we dream of a glowing fire on the horizon, we must be careful because we will receive a lot of spiritual strength to move forward.
  • If we dream that we light a fire, whether it be a fire, a fire or a kitchen, then it is a sign that we are full of energy and inner strength, and all our projects will be solved with great success and good profit.
  • If you dream of a fire that razes houses or forests, and it is also difficult to control, you have to be careful because it is a sign that many inconveniences will soon appear difficult to solve.
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