Since the beginning of humanity, man has felt alluded to by the dream world. This has led him to want to make sense of everything that happens inside him. That is why we should not feel any shame or shame for trying to discover the meaning of dreams. It is completely normal that during the day you only think about what that dream might mean, especially when this is a frequent dream where you see specific images.

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Dreaming about fish can be a frequent dream experience in your life and so far you haven’t noticed. The time has come to interpret what your mind seeks to reveal to you and to do so you must be aware of your current situation, especially if your dream is a very close experience to the real. This affirms the intention of your subconscious to reveal an important message to you. It is time for you to pay attention to your dreams with fish because it is through them that you will be able to understand clearly all those things that you ignore during the day.

To get into the subject, dreaming about fish is an oneiric experience that is usually interpreted as the advent of a time of calm, freedom and harmony for your life. It can also happen that you get to dream about fishes just when you are in a transition moment. Keep in mind that fishes are changing beings that move from place to place constantly. Every detail of your dream gives a much more precise meaning to interpretation, so you can understand what your subconscious is trying to reveal to you. You may even dream that you are fishing, this only indicates that you are finally achieving the success you desire. In case you dream that you catch and escapes, beware, you could be facing a future failure.

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Dreaming is a completely natural activity in human beings. Therefore, it is very normal that you ask yourself what it means to dream about fishes, especially if those dreams mark you deeply and have a context or elements that you cannot stop thinking about during the day. It is these dream experiences in particular that hide the most messages, as they show you when your life is taking a bad turn or when you are about to achieve good opportunities or those achievements you long for. As simple as it may seem, the interpretation of dreams requires extensive knowledge. However, so much knowledge is useless if you do not take into account other personal aspects, including your state of mind, at what point in your life you are at the moment of the dream and what is the context of this dream.



In order to discover the meaning of dreaming about fishes, you must first understand that fishes are another group of animals that possess strong symbolism in dreams and also in our conscious mind. There are many cultures of the past that gave fishes qualities such as wisdom and knowledge. In certain societies, the fish was considered a sacred animal.

Later, the arrival of Christianity associated fish with faith and the triumph of the divine over evil and sin. This makes it not unusual to see this figure on religious sites, as it is also common to see fish symbols among the belongings of believers, this act has allowed that meaning to remain to this day. Over time, the fishes were recognized as a symbol of adaptation of the fight against the rules, as they have the ability to swim upstream.

Dream of dead fishes

Dreaming of dead fish, floating on the surface of the water, reveals that in your daily life there is an element that may be negatively affecting your consciousness or health.

Dream of big fishes

Dreaming about big fish indicates that in your real life you are surrounded by different circumstances which will lead you to make really important decisions. Likewise, if during sleep you are intimidated by their size, it means that right now you feel inferior to the people around you, as well as family members, friends or coworkers.

Dream of colored fishes

When you dream of goldfish you should know that, in real life, when these animals are very colorful, they indicate that they are poisonous and color is their warning sign. In this way, your subconscious reveals to you that in your life there is a real danger that haunts you.

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Dream of small fishes

Dreaming of small fish, whether you see them or swim between them, means that you are a person who feels superior to the problems or the people around you.

Dream of many fishes

Dreaming about many fish is an Dream experience that shows you that you are a person very close to your community, society, family and even your coworkers.

Dream of fishes out of water

Dreaming of fish out of water is a sign of your subconscious showing that you are lagging behind with your obligations and need to attend to them before this oversight suffocates you.

Dream of living fishes

Dreaming of live fish indicates that just as you can see them swimming in the water with total freedom, so are you experiencing that freedom right now. Now, if you dream of living fish in a lake or pond, feel calm as your plans are walking in complete peace and harmony, as long as the water is not cloudy. In case the fish is in the river, you should know that you will reach a great mental speed that will allow you to finish your work before the deadline.

Dream of fishes in abundance

Dream of abundance fishes is a good omen. You enjoy many successes, both personally and professionally. And if that’s not the case yet, don’t worry, it’s not long before you start enjoying those good times and good luck that will bring a change of direction to your life. However, if during sleep you fail to catch the fish, then it means that, just as you have acquired the goods, you can also lose them. In these cases, the best thing you can do is know how to value everything you’ve acquired and never forget your roots.

Dream of water and fishes

Dreaming of water and fishes, whether they are in a river, lake, sea or stream of water, means that you will soon begin to receive great profits.

Dream of fishing

Dreaming about fishing is the way your subconscious shows you all the energy and economy you possess. In case you can’t catch any fish, then you won’t get the success and recognition you’re looking for, no matter how hard you try. It’s time to change direction.

Dream of fishes in dirty water

Dreaming of a fish in dirty water reveals that at this point in your life you are being an unhappy person. You feel that your life is not clear and that uncertainty keeps getting on your nerves.

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Dream of Goldfish

Dreaming of goldfish is a dream that brings with it a very good omen. In a short time you will begin to receive wealth or you will have a good dose of luck that will bring you prosperity. In addition, goldfish is also synonymous with enlightenment, so dreaming of Goldfish also speaks about the awakening of divine consciousness.

Dream of dead and living fishes

Dreaming of dead and living fishes reveals that you are about to leave things very bright and rich and others that are not so bright. However, these things are an important part of your life. These things you leave will allow you to achieve what you consider best for yourself. You’re probably doing very well, but in case you have to go back, you’ll find that the things you left are no longer alive.

Dream with fishes in a fishbowl

Dreaming of fish in a fish tank foreshadows the arrival of good little moments in your life. However, these will end very quickly. On the other hand, it can also mean that you’re behind the search for your sexuality.

Dream of black fishes

Dreaming of black fish indicates that you will soon have to face various obstacles, but just as the fish can swim upstream, you will be able to overcome these barriers.

Dream of giant fishes

Dreaming about big fish is an oneiric experience that foreshadows the arrival of important changes in your life. The larger the size of the fish, the bigger these changes will be. You should know that this is not a fixed thing, as it is your decisions that will determine what is really going to happen. You are at a time in your life where you can do many things, so it is very important that you keep your focus on your goals.

Dream of fishes in the sea

Dreaming of fishes in the sea is the dream experience that reveals full freedom, high hopes, purity of heart and soul. New moments will come into your life that will give you much peace and quiet. These dreams often show the immensity of the sea which is reflected as the force of the universe which is in your favor. You’re in the perfect moment to appropriate it and use it as your source of life. It’s now or never. You don’t have time to stop thinking about what you do. Make a decision and accept the result.