The human has always sought the way to fly, created the airplanes, the plane and the helicopter. It is still a real emotion to be able to go through the heavens, to go through the clouds and to feel the wind on our face. And even though we don’t have wings, we’ve found other ways to experience that feeling without needing to buy a plane ticket, an example of that is the paraglider. Thousands of people travel to specific places every year so they can jump in and enjoy this experience. It is so special that even marriage requests have been made in the middle of the sky while flying in paragliding.

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Surely if you ask someone what superpower they’d like to have, they’ll answer “fly.» From boys to old people they long to be able to fly without any kind of machine or help. This is why dreaming about flying is a fairly common and pleasant dream that many people have experienced. But in order to interpret the meaning of dreaming about flying you need to be as detailed as possible because this dream comes in different ways; in the dream you can fly or you may be flying in the sea, you can even dream that you fly and fall. Each of these types of Dreams has a different interpretation, so it’s important that you remember every detail.

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In general, dreaming of flying is a sign of good omen. It is one of those dreams that we all hope to have, the Dreamer waking up may experience feelings such as peace, joy and fulfillment. It is a dream that is repeated in many people. Normally dreams of flying are related not only to the need for freedom, but also to the desire to be better and to exceed your own limits. Note that the meaning or interpretation of dreaming about flying adapts or changes according to the stage of your life you are living.



The meaning of dreaming about flying is, as we have already said, highly related to freedom and self-improvement as well as to others. But meanings can vary greatly according to the details of the dream. For example, to dream of flying over a forest means that moments full of peace come. But dreaming of flying over a city means periods of crisis are coming. We can then understand that flying is the dreamy representation of freedom.

Despite this, some onirology experts, including the famous Freud, claim that dreaming of flying is related to liberation in a physical rather than psychological aspect. That is, dreaming of being elevated and in great pleasure makes allegory to the sexual desires that a person may have hidden. In this way we can again note that the meaning of a dream is adapted according to the situation of your life, since if a young child has this dream it is unlikely to be related to sexual desire, and if a young person who aspires to have a better job has dreamed of it means that he wants to overcome himself. Read on to learn about the different meanings of dreaming about flying

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Dream of flying by plane

Dreaming of flying is a dream that is loaded with positive energy. It represents your desire to be free and to know new things, not only does it represent them, but it bodes well for trips that will allow you to get to know yourself better. If in the dream you fly the plane get ready, then you will take control of your life and reach the goals you have set yourself.

Dreaming flying of the sea

Dreaming about flying over the sea means that you are about to start big projects that will keep you away from your friends and family but still they will support you. This project will completely change your life and your perspective on things. It will make you grow up as a person and mature your opinion of certain things. Even if you have to stay away from the beings you love, everything will be for the best.

To dream of being able to fly

To dream of being able to fly means that we long for more freedom. In many cases these dreams are mostly teens who feel overprotected. If this is your case, try talking to your parents about what you’re worried about and how to fix it together.

Dream of flying by helicopter

To dream of flying by helicopter means that very soon you will enter a state of full happiness. You will feel the freedom you long for and that will make you immensely happy, you can be independent and you will feel free to be yourself, so don’t be afraid to get on the helicopter and take charge of your life, remember that the limit is right where you put it.

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Dream of flying high

Dreaming of flying high is premonition of all the achievements that are coming. Flying high is an allegory of self-overcoming, and you’re always going to want to get higher. Enjoy the ride and get as far as you can. But be careful, remember, the higher you’re up, the more it’ll hurt if you fall. Keep your eye on the target and make sure you get there.

Dream of Flying Without Wings

To dream of Flying Without Wings presages that you will change from one state to another better, be understood as allegory; that is to say that the things that you had like your work, your relationships and your economy will become better than they were. If you’ve had this dream, I assure you that your life will improve in many ways.

Dreaming of paragliding

Dreaming of paragliding means that you have reached a point in your life where you have to face your fears. Paragliding is an activity that causes euphoria and diverse emotions, but also a lot of fear. That’s why your brain uses it as a symbol to make you understand that it’s time to face every single thing that scares you so you can move forward in your life.