In many aspects dreams can help us to clarify ideas and to identify the origin of each one of our doubts, now it the specific case of dreaming with fog in many levels of how the dream unfolds speaks to us of indecision, and also of changes and the fulfillment of many desires.

What we do have to think about is that dreaming about fog is one of the most common themes that most people dream about when they sleep, although it seems to be the opposite. To have the knowledge of the exact meaning is fundamental to be able to know what our subconscious wants to say.

In rational knowledge The fog or mist is the symbol of that which is undefined or full of doubt, of the imprecise and the fantastic. According to the mythology of many peoples, fog is the main tool of destiny. Everything comes out of it and it concentrates on materializing. Now giving it a symbolic meaning, it is very common to see varied interpretations of the fog in ancient Japanese paintings.


It is very clear that fog is a meteorological element that can provoke different sensations, whether people are asleep or awake, depending on whether they like it or what they have previously experienced.

In addition, dreams are very influenced by the normality with which this phenomenon appears in the daily life of the dreamer, since this means that it is not the same for those who live it and who experience it daily, than for those who have only seen it in movies.

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Dreaming of white fog

In these cases when we dream if the fog comes out of the ground and then rises into the sky, it means that possibly we will soon find ourselves in a disease, but this disease will be eliminated in a very quick and easy way. Now if we see someone you know wrapped in the fog, it symbolizes that we will have a conflict with that person in the near future.

Dreams with thick fog

If we talk about density, at the moment of dreaming that we are walking through thick fog, it symbolizes that we may have a lot of problems and very serious difficulties to solve them. But, if at the moment of dreaming we are coming out of a dense fog it means that there will be a difficult or at least annoying situation, but that in the end it will turn out to be productive.

To dream of black fog

If the dreamer experiences the experience of dreaming with black or dark fog, it foretells us that trouble is coming soon. At the moment of dreaming we observe black fog being of a concrete form, it is a warning that someone is coming to cause us some kind of damage.

Dreams with red fog

The fact of dreaming with a fog with a special color such as red color, gives us the representation that it can also be a representation of the desire of not wanting to be seen by others, to hide our actions and feelings as well as to perform illegal actions.

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To dream of fog in the house

If when dreaming we witness the fog over our homes, it tells us about conflicts and discussions in the family ambit, making us understand what we have to focus on to improve the efficiency of communication that we can have with those who are part of our family environment.

Dreams with fog and water

When we are in a special type of environment, specifically in a marine environment and we are surrounded by fog and sea, this type of dream informs us that we are not comfortable with our current relationship. It is very likely that we are living a period of emotional separation.

To dream of fog on the road

In the world of dreams if we find ourselves with a road landscape shrouded in fog, it is symbolization of situations in which we will have to think about making radical decisions that without fail will bring inevitable consequences, therefore it is essential to be prudent, and with that avoid getting carried away by impulses.

Dreams with foggy lake

When we talk about environments, when we dream that we see ourselves in the middle of a lake and there is fog, not knowing where to swim, it symbolizes that, finally, we have to make a decision that we have long played down, and this is the moment we have to decide.


  • To dream that we come out of the fog: This is a very detailed aspect where it explains a positive factor, if we dream that we are going through and come out of the fog, or if it rises around us, it corresponds to a sign that all our conflicts, obstacles and difficulties are coming to an end.
  • If you have dreamed of smog: These dreams reveal that the dreamer has highly negative feelings in what influences personal life, including the loss of loved ones, causing emotional discomfort, to the point of being able to lead to an unwanted illness.
  • To dream of toxic fog surrounding our houses: There is a specific case if when dreaming we find ourselves with toxic fog in our house, it presages that we are in the obligation to clean our thoughts, to give way to the entrance of feelings of heart inspired in nobility, reaching in this way an optimal level of a good spirituality in us.
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