Being in another country may be a great adventure for many of us because we like to travel. However, for others it can cause panic and fear. Not only because we do not know the culture, but also because even another language can be a barrier. Perhaps then, dreaming about foreigners has to do with worries and the anticipation of danger.

This dream may also be symbolizing something that you unconsciously do not want to do or be a part of. Having a dream vision with a foreign person or persons reveals that you are overly gullible and tend to trust people right away. The advice is to be careful, because you may end up getting hurt emotionally.

If the circumstance surrounding your dream of foreigners was negative, it could mean that you will receive unpleasant news. Soon there could be arguments, conflicts and misunderstandings between you and someone close to you. Even, this person could soon try to betray or deceive you, showing his or her true intentions.



This vision can be interpreted in several ways depending on what your role in the dream is. If you see foreigners, it speaks of a possible dismissal or job loss because there will be a difficult situation in the company. Also, it may mean that you are about to receive opportunities in your career that you never thought you could achieve.

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On the other hand, if you are part of a community of foreigners, you will fulfill your assigned duties and all your promises. However, this vision can be interpreted differently if other associated elements are analyzed. For example, the place where the foreigners were, if they were tourists on vacation, etc.

Dreaming of foreign banknotes

To have a dream vision with foreign banknotes represents happy occasions and encounters. Thus, receiving them from someone during the course of a dream usually predicts that you will be invited to a party or that an event will be held in your honor. However, losing the bills could suggest that there will be some impediment to resolving a situation.

Likewise, seeing bills from another country points to possible negative impacts on your business or career due to dishonest associates. In another context, this vision could also mean that in your romantic or intimate life you may begin to experience situations of joy and sadness. It is time to evaluate if you are really with the right person.

Dreaming of foreigners in my house

If you have dreamed of foreigners in your home it is a good sign. You will receive positive news about a distant relative, there will be a birth in your family or a relative affected by an illness or with health problems will recover. However, in general terms it predicts that joy and happiness will come into your life.

The interpretation of dreaming of strangers coming to your house is also associated with the need to prepare for some complications that require a responsible approach. Also, it can mean a possible illness related to an ailment that you have been feeling for some time.

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Dreaming of foreign tourists

If you dreamt of foreign tourists, it is because rumors, deceptions and scandals are about to occur. These gossips and lies will be caused by others around you. However, such an event will greatly and negatively affect your daily life. You should be attentive to those who claim to be your friends, for there is someone who is not to be trusted.

To dream of foreign tourists is a symbol of other people’s kindness and generosity. Also, it could mean an increase in your financial capital and a life of peace and prosperity. If you meet them on the street by accident, it indicates the possibility of getting involved in a verbal conflict or disagreement with people close to you, such as members of your family and circle of friends, or people you deal with on a daily basis, such as your co-workers.