Everyone who always tries to maintain good physical shape, proper nutrition, and stable health knows how important it is to eat fruits. However, such eagerness can lead you to dream of fruits, where you look as a child in that big tree in the yard of your home picking up your favorite fruit.

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However, the reason for dreaming about fruits is usually not this, as it is an oneiric experience that has appeared spontaneously, which makes you wonder what the meaning of this dream is. You must understand that this is a message that your subconscious seeks to deliver to you, but it is you who must discover its interpretation.

Among the meanings of dreaming about fruits you can find your vitality, a sensual love, as well as the prosperity of the spiritual and the material. Your dream can have a positive or negative meaning depending on how it develops. When you dream of fruits, your sense of humor and the ability to face different events with a good face is revealed. Fruits are almost always a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

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Likewise, they are also seen as the result of fertility. They are a way of expressing children, they are Joy. For others, fruits are used as seductive tools. In dreaming of fruits, passion and desire become a law because they elevate the senses.



Almost always, experts in onirology and psychoanalysis indicate that the meaning of dreaming of fruits is linked to a feeling of well-being, of comfort with Mother Nature. You feel the need to taste the good things of life and immerse yourself in the natural to enjoy good health. You probably made the decision to start a new diet to get rid of those extra kilos, to start a much healthier lifestyle thanks to increased daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.

However, dreams are often subjective and, depending on your personal situation, as well as the circumstances your subconscious develops when sleeping, the meaning of dreaming about fruits changes. For example, it is not the same to dream of green or ripe fruits, such as rotten fruits or worms, or many fresh and delicious fruits. In addition to this, the way you unfold within the dream will give a much more precise meaning to your dream.

Dreaming of ripe fruits

If in your dream experience you find a ripe fruit you should be attentive because you are right in your greatest period of fertility. I mean, you and your partner are very close to having a baby, so you can fulfill the dream if you’ve wanted it for a long time. If in dreaming of ripe fruit you see that you also taste it, then you will have uncertain fortune and pleasure. If during sleep you see mature fruits in the middle of the foliage, this indicates that you will have a very prosperous future.

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Dream of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are closely related to good health and ideal lifestyle. However, dreaming of fruits and vegetables is a clear sign that you are unconsciously attached to the desire for a good figure and need to take care of your body. Turn your food around.

Dream of fruit in the tree

Dreaming of fruits in the tree keeps certain meanings similar to other dreams. First of all, it is a sign of abundance and good fortune. In addition, if the fruits are ripe, then it means they are a fertile couple. But if during sleep you see that you cut the fruits of the tree, it is a sign of your subconscious to rethink various aspects of your life, specifically in the emotional area.

Dreaming of rotten fruits

It is well known that tasting fruits that have already passed their maturity stage, becoming completely rotten can be catastrophic for Health, producing stomach upset and more. Just as it happens in dreams, when dreaming of rotten or poisoned fruits you must know that changes are coming that will cause concern. Moments of personal trouble and distress are approaching.

Dream of many fruits

In the dream world, dreaming of fruits is synonymous with abundance and prosperity. That is why dreaming of many fruits is a very good sign for your future. While seeing a fruit during sleep is a sign of abundance, many fruits point to greater provision. Pay attention to the numbers so you can measure how long this bonanza will last in your life.

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Dream of fresh fruit

Dreaming of fresh fruits is very delicious, you will surely wake up hungry after seeing those tempting and charming fruits. This is a good sign, you will enjoy good health and fortune, plus you will have a lot of strength to cope with and overcome future problems. You just have to always keep a positive mind.

Dream of fresh green

Dreaming of green fruits or fruits that are not yet ready to be consumed is a sign that you are fulfilling a goal ahead of time. This is not the best time to start that project you planned. However, dreaming of an immature fruit in the tree is a sign of a prosperous future.