To dream of getting lost is a real nightmare. When a person gets lost in a forest or an unfamiliar area, the main fears such as dying of hunger or thirst are the first to activate the survival instinct. This is a natural behavior and has allowed man to evolve.

Now, when you dream of getting lost it usually relates to your attempt to return to the ideal path. In contrast, not all dreams of getting lost are negative, as some give real life warnings, which if heeded will help you overcome your personal difficulties. Remember, some forms of getting lost in dreams can betray treacherous friendships and silent dangers.

Usually, the dreamer will wake up distressed, but when he/she realizes that it was only a nightmare, he/she will feel relieved. However, this dream of getting lost should be taken as a sure premonition, so you should pay attention to the details surrounding the dream, as well as the possible people involved in the dream.


The meaning of dreaming of getting lost is totally opposite to being lost, since what you are really looking for is to orient yourself and find the way back to your path of success and constant work. Although feelings of helplessness are frequent during the dream, you should not fixate on the feelings but on the way to find the way out.

However, not all dreams about getting lost are the same. In some cases, you may get lost briefly or have the feeling that you have been lost for several days. In other scenarios, you dream of getting lost in your own city, job or even something as scary as the ocean. To find the true meaning to this dream, we detail the different scenarios manifested by other dreamers.

Dreaming of getting lost in a city

Dreams where you get lost in a city are the most frequent. Although known or unknown, you are in some streets without knowing how to get to or get out of that point. The bigger the city and the more you walk through the streets, the greater the meaning of the dream, since you are trying to orient yourself, but it is being impossible for you and even you do not manage to ask for help to locate yourself.

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This dream of getting lost in a city symbolizes your reality and your problems. You are not finding the solution, every day they grow more and more and it seems that you do not receive help from anyone. However, this dream invites you to take a breath, use your common sense and try to find a real solution to the problems. Asking for help does not make you less of a person, while receiving it makes you brave.

Dreams about getting lost in the street

If you dreamt of being lost in the street, it means that you never find good friends. You consider that the people who are by your side do not represent the positivism that your life needs and on the contrary, their ideas only bog you down on your way to achieve success. This dream is frequent when the dreamer wishes to give up bad habits and includes moving away from certain friendships.

Dreams about getting lost in the street are a way of warning you that your trust may be betrayed by those close to you. But, it is a way of communicating that you are giving trust to the wrong people, while keeping those who do want to help you out of your life. It is time to really rethink who your true friends are and what your family thinks of them.

Dreaming of getting lost in a hospital

If you have dreamed of getting lost in a hospital, it manifests your worries about overcoming a health mishap or not agreeing with your physical condition. Generally it augurs that problems will arrive where you will feel locked up and without the strength to escape. Normally this dream translates the anguish that you live in the present.

If you frequently dream of getting lost in a hospital, it also reflects the fear of dying or that the activities you perform daily pose a risk to your physical and emotional integrity. That is, you wish for a better way to live your routine without the need to risk your life.

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Dreams of getting lost in the subway

Dreams about getting lost in the subway mean missed opportunities. However, this dream warns us that you do not pay the necessary attention to take life opportunities and miss important moments, as well as decisions. There will come a time when you must rethink whether to continue your work or leave everything behind, but it is time to make a radical change.

However, some people relate dreaming lost in the subway with a life of instability, so it is suggested that you take some time for yourself and analyze your work environment. If you are at a stage where you are affected by emotions, it is time to step back a bit and improve your life internally.

Dreaming of getting lost at work

To dream that you get lost at work is not common, but it manifests your desire not to continue working in that place and to look for new job opportunities. You are tired of the routine and you do everything in automatic mode, without reason or finding a special way out. In this dream, you are simply trying to find reasons to move forward, although you prefer to simply turn a blind eye and not concentrate. If your plans included higher salary aspirations, it is time to change jobs.

Dreams of getting lost in a car

Dreams with getting lost in a car mean the failure of your plans for not paying attention during the development of them. You are in a stage of distraction where you do not find the right way to develop your objectives, but you have preferred to move away from them while you are doing other activities. This dream of getting lost in a car warns that you have left an excellent objective to fulfill, because of other distractions and problems.

Dreaming of getting lost in an airport

A dream vision of getting lost in an airport is not always negative. This dream portends that you are about to start a new journey, but you have not yet defined the final destination. That is, you managed to overcome the problems, you no longer seek to be in a phase of anguish and you just want to start again. However, the choice is not easy and requires you to be a prudent person to choose, so having common sense in the following days will be more beneficial than you think.

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Dreams of getting lost in a shopping mall

Dreams where you get lost in a shopping mall are related to your social life. If during the dream you desperately try to look for the exit, it means that you are not comfortable with your current friends or the activities you do with them, so you prefer to move away a little. If during the dream you feel calm, then it suggests that you prefer to spend short periods of time with your friends by reducing the number of activities you do together. If you feel afraid and see your friends during the dream lost in a shopping mall, it means that you feel less valued by them and that you prefer to get away from them a little.

Dreaming of getting lost in a maze

To dream lost in a labyrinth is the way to interpret your anxieties. You are currently living a stage where you are finding ways out and each solution generates a new problem. It seems that you are unable to get out by your own means and you lack help to provide you with the necessary tools to continue on your way. If the labyrinth is surrounded by a forest, it means that you feel really lonely and need the company of another person by your side.

Dreams of being lost at sea

Dreams of being lost at sea are bad omens. There is nothing lonelier than the ocean and it is this place that represents your loneliness and restlessness. There will come times when you will not find company, so your survival instinct to improve your life must be activated with full emergency, so that you find the first solutions. The more agitated the sea is, the greater your problems will be.