You may find it hard to believe it, but dreaming about getting married is more frequent than you can imagine. This dream experience is more common in women as for them the union that establishes marriage has a much deeper meaning. What is certain is that, like any other dream you may have, to dream that you marry may have different interpretations.

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In order to speak about the interpretation of dreams it is necessary to use as a reference a man who in the early 20th century developed a study called “interpretation of dreams”. According to Sigmund Freud, dreams are the reflection of our unconscious desires, which on a conscious level we cannot verbalize or express out of fear, ethics or shame.

The reason it happens is because we prefer to avoid suffering and get pleasure. That is why dreams are unique, because they belong to your self, this is the set of experiences, emotions and thoughts of each individual. This makes understanding the meaning of dreams depend heavily on one’s own interpretation. While there are guides and studies that help achieve this interpretation, only you have the power to correctly understand the message your subconscious sends through dreams.

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To dream that you marry may have different edges or interpretations which are given according to the details lived in the dream. Almost always dreaming that you’re getting married is a harbinger of some disaster, death or misfortune, but psychologists think differently. For dream experts, dreaming about getting married is a sign of inner anxiety about what the future holds. You feel the future challenge you or terrify you.

In this case, dreaming that you are getting married is an oneiric experience that reveals the beginning of a completely different stage in your life where it will highlight personal bliss and joy. This satisfaction will be the reward for achieving your goals, especially those you have longed for and dedicated much effort to.

Dreaming of getting married?


To dream that you are getting married, whether you are getting married or not, is closely related to the advent of unexpected events or news that will turn your routine upside down. Likewise, it is possible to give other meanings to this dream experience, depending on how the dream develops.

For example, if in the dream you get married or if in the dream you get married, in your real life you are also planning a bridal link. On the other hand, if you dream that you see the wedding, even if you have already married or attended a marriage of a third person, the meanings are completely different, but always attached to desires.

Although for many people to dream that you are getting married is a bad omen, a sign that a negative event is coming, you should know that dreaming that you are getting married is one of the dream experiences with the most extensive interpretations you can deduce.

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The meaning of your dream will vary depending on what you feel during the dream experience, how the boyfriend or girlfriend is, the colors that stand out during the dream, among others. These details will define the new changes in your future.

Dream of marrying your ex

This dream can upset you a little, since your ex is a person from the past with whom you have broken all relationship, making it impossible for a possible wedding union. However, dreaming that you marry your ex does not have any literal meaning, it is a sign that you have learned your lesson from that relationship and accepted the breakup. It’s also a sign that you recognize the similar characteristics between your ex and the person in your current relationship.

Dream that you marry your boyfriend

According to the details of the dream experience, dreaming that you marry your boyfriend may indicate that you need to review and question the current state of your relationship. Pay attention to your feelings during sleep. Are you happy or not to see you marry your boyfriend? It may indicate that you will renew your commitment, as well as remind yourself of the love you share with your boyfriend.

Dream that you’re getting married in white

This is a very pleasant dream experience, especially because for women it is a topic that cannot be missed at the wedding. If you dream that you marry dressed in white, it’s good luck, you will soon receive an offer for a new job and you will have the joy of meeting new friends. Another meaning of dreaming about getting married in white is that you find yourself reflecting on your current relationship.

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Dream that you’re getting married but you don’t marry

You may dream that you’re getting married, but you don’t marry, it’s a little unsettling. Seeing that in the dream you’re about to get married but that for some reason this nuptial bond doesn’t take place is a clear sign that you still feel love for one of your previous partners. You have to evaluate your feelings well, especially if you’re planning on getting married.

Dream that you marry someone unknown

This dream can be a little unsettling, whether you’re enjoying your bachelorhood or already in a nuptial relationship. To dream that you marry someone unknown varies its meaning according to how you feel in the dream: if you feel happy, then you need to venture to new experiences.

On the other hand if you do not like what you feel, it is a sign that you are afraid to fall into a situation that will limit you as a person. When you dream that you marry a stranger then it’s time to apply changes to your life, start meeting new people and live new experiences.