There are many factors that can take you to dream with ghosts. Well it is a horror book you’ve read, a horror movie or a costume that scare you. That is why it is very common that people who have these dreams to misinterpret its meaning. Of course, the above mentioned factors may provoke them, but if it’s not your case, we will show you which is the true meaning of that dream.

The mind, is certainly a part of the human being rather complex. Usually we all dreamed of and, through these dreams we can know what we alter in our daily life and tends to worry, even we can make known our deepest desires, the dream we can get messages from our subconscious and if we do not have the proper knowledge we can misinterpret these dreams, that is why it is important to know its meaning.

While ghosts tend to be associated with elements of dark, frightening and creepy, you never know what can happen in dreams. There are No limits or logic when your mind starts to create these visions that can sometimes reach surprise you.

It is very normal that when you wake up after a dream with ghosts you feel a great dread for having seen these spectra, but it should be no surprise at all if you didn’t have fear in your dream, but, on the contrary, enjoyed the company of the phantom.

It may be grotesque or real, but without a doubt, dreaming of ghosts will make your skin crawl. This type of dreams always save a message that you must interpret, an indication that discover or a message to share. Especially, if the ghost was someone known.

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The meaning of dream with ghosts varies according to each person, their personal situation and the context of the dream. Is not the same as to dream of a friendly ghost, and helper to guide you towards the answers that you need, that dream of a ghost that follows you wherever you go and don’t stop making fun of you. Whether you’ve lived any of these experiences dream or other, and still not discover your meaning of dreaming of ghosts, then continue reading and find out.



The experiences in dream are fundamental in our lives, because thanks to them we can move forward positively in the course of our lives. Every night, when you sleep, it is normal that we have dreams we don’t remember at the dawn of day. The dream, the opportunity exists to create a bridge sensory between the world day and the messages that it transmits every dream.

The presence of a ghost in your dreams is a great tool that you can guide in the analysis of situations of life you are going through and that you’re not looking at all, or simply fail to see them. That’s where your subconscious decides to recreate it in your dreams a ghost. However, this is not all, when a family member has died comes to you in dreams, you should know that that person you want in great way to communicate with you, or wants you to know that protects you from the great beyond.

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Dreaming of children ghosts

Dream with children ghosts has a close relationship with certain internal conflicts and how you drive. You may be costing you resolve that problem at work or believe you have evil thoughts toward your partner. Evaluate and correct.

Dreaming of invisible ghosts

Dream with invisible ghosts is the way in which your subconscious tells you that you must be alert. These ghosts scare you because you can’t see them, but you must not let your guard down until everything is back to normal. If the nightmare does not stop, then it is time to talk it over with someone you trust.

Dreaming with bad ghosts

Dream with ghosts ill without a doubt does not keep a good omen for you. There are people around you that like the ghosts of evil trying to hurt you. You’ll have to block your senses to not hear them, see them and smell them. Stay away as far as possible from these toxic people in your environment. So far, not only the bad vibe around you, but that will also disappear the dreams with ghosts bad.

Dreaming with unknown ghosts

Dream with unknown ghosts is the way in which your subconscious tells you that there’s a part of you that still don’t know but that is active. This can be both good and bad. You only have to analyze your inner self and know that is hidden in you.

Dreaming of ghosts that attack you

Dream with ghosts that will attack reveals that you do not have the ability to accept your life as it is now. But do not worry, it also speaks about your strength and maturity that you have to change your life. Always keep in mind that there is no difficult situation that can’t be overcome.

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  • Dream with ghosts dressed in white keeps a strong link with the success in your future plans, projects or businesses. On the other hand, to dream of ghosts dressed in black, talks about the despair, frustration and failure.
  • To dream that scares you a ghost means that in the next few days or weeks you’ll be surrounded by a variety of situations very difficult and painful. You must prepare mentally and emotionally to cope with this suffering.
  • To dream that you are chasing a ghost is a sign that soon will come changes to your life and you’ll start living times of spiritual renewal.
  • To dream of touching a ghost and that does not go away is closely associated with your fears and doubts. You know well that you have to cope with these situations, but you feel that you are not able to take the next step. Trust your abilities and move forward.
  • To dream that you are being called a ghost is the way your subconscious reveals that a very important person from your past will come back into your life. It also bears some relationship with the arrival of unexpected events.
  • To dream of a ghost animal is interpreted as your lack of qualities represented in the animal of your dreams. For example, if you dream of a phantom dog, your subconscious tells you that you are missing the traits that you possess the dog in the dream world. These are courage, youth and unconditional love.