Grasshoppers are insects that for most people who get carried away by appearance, they would categorize as ugly. But we are interested in the symbolism or interpretation of dreaming of grasshoppers, since it is not common. Also called crickets, these insects are an excellent omen if you have seen them in any of your dreams.

First of all, you must be in perspective of what a grasshopper is since we tend to confuse them with crickets. Grasshoppers are insects with long, thin wings and short, massive antennae. Their antennae have fewer segments than those of crickets and are usually wood or green in color. Crickets, on the other hand, are usually brown or completely black.

Throughout history, dreams with grasshoppers have had much presence and influence in the different cultures of mankind. Therefore, the interpretation of this vision is very varied. But in general, this harmless little animal can bring us prosperity. Whether you have found it at home, or you have seen it in dreams.


For many Asian cultures, dreaming of grasshoppers is synonymous with good, positive things. Since they represent good luck and abundance, as this is what this insect symbolizes in their beliefs. For other cultures it represents freedom and life, since this is how this insect develops in its natural environment.

However, for other civilizations, grasshoppers can mean tragedy and misfortune. Since, locusts (a species of grasshoppers) usually threaten the integrity of crops since they usually attack them as pests to eat them. So the interpretation depends on the type of dream you have had. For that reason, we tell you the most common ones.

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Dreaming of a grasshopper

If you dreamed of a grasshopper, it may be synonymous with good news. Since, according to Asian customs, this is synonymous with abundance, and good luck. Certainly there are many people outside the continent who share this same criteria. But it all depends on your culture, beliefs, etc.

Now, good luck and abundance is of no use if it is not used in a wise way. Therefore, it is advisable that after a dream with a grasshopper you wake up and meditate on How can I take advantage of my abundance? And invest it in good things to perpetuate this prosperity in your daily life.

Dreaming of green grasshoppers

Green is the color of hope, it is related to life, health and ecology. Therefore, having a dream vision with green grasshoppers can be interpreted as something very good. It denotes that you are enjoying good health and that your environment is very healthy, that it is the ideal place to make life.

Dreaming of grasshoppers on the body

Grasshoppers on the body are also a good sign. In fact, among certain cultures they are synonymous with wealth and goodwill from nature. Since grasshoppers are not usually near human beings, let alone on their bodies. So you could say that this vision is one of the best.

Dreaming of dead grasshoppers

Death for many is not usually a sign of good things. Certainly, there are many different interpretations on the subject. Therefore, when we dream of grasshopper deaths it can symbolize the closing of a cycle or a stage of your life. Do not be discouraged, the closing of a stage in your life only means the opening of something new.

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Dreaming of large grasshoppers

The size in grasshoppers is very varied, and can range from very small to very large. So if you dreamed of large grasshoppers it could mean that your freedom is very great. Currently, you feel the ability to be able to achieve great things with this wonderful gift.

Dreaming of yellow grasshoppers

Visions with yellow grasshoppers are very common. Although mostly the ones we know are the green ones, you can also get yellow ones. Therefore, this dream may mean that perhaps the lifestyle you are leading or the way you do things are not usually the most common. But it can be as good and efficient as all the others.

Dreaming of a giant grasshopper

A giant grasshopper is out of the natural order of things. For those who dream of an insect of this size, it cannot symbolize something good as it goes against the laws of nature. Perhaps you should question the way you are doing things. Because perhaps the methodology you are applying, goes against the natural order that it should.

Dreaming of colorful grasshoppers

Colors most of the time are welcomed by people, as many of us like variety in our lives. Therefore, dreaming of colorful grasshoppers can symbolize the presence of different opportunities in life. This can become a good thing, since if there are several options we can always choose the best one.