To dream of hiding is negative, but it reveals a series of situations that you are about to experience. When you hide, you are trying to escape from a reality that follows you everywhere. Generally, this reality is associated with personal, economic, family and relationship problems. A series of inconveniences that never cease to torment you.

If you dream of hiding from someone or from a threat, it is probably the most common among dream visions. This is because your subconscious interprets the problems in your life as a serious threat to your future. However, it is a way of warning you to defend yourself.

Of course, history has interpreted dreams of hiding as a way of warning the dreamer that he or she is in danger. However, nowadays, in addition to meaning the above, it is an invitation for the dreamer to take action to defend himself.



When you dream of hiding you are usually subjected to conflicting, routine and not at all calm days. Every day you wonder what new problem will arrive and your actions are not enough to solve them. It is time to pause and really withdraw from all the conflict you have experienced.

However, in some situations escape is not an option. The interpretations of hiding in dreams usually invite you to face all these conflicts. Therefore, you must be organized, breathe, calm down and act properly. Here are the meanings of dreams with hiding.

Dreaming of running away and hiding

If you dream of running away or hiding it means that you want to change your own story. It is a moment where a series of unexpected situations altered your tranquility, however, you are aware of your responsibility. That is, you accept that part of these results were due to your own actions.

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When you dream of running away and hiding, your main challenge to overcome is your insecurity, since your lack of determination is causing all your problems. It is time to take a strong character and concrete decisions on the paths to take. However, this dream running away and hiding portends a lack of maturity in the dreamer.

Now, if you are not identified with the previous prediction and are becoming independent, this dream just means all those fears. By starting a new personal path, you are trying to escape from uncomfortable situations caused by your lack of experience and little money. Nevertheless, it is a positive dream that indicates new challenges.

Dreams about hiding from someone

If you try to run away from someone in your dreams it can become a real threat. Your life is currently on bad roads, although this may mean that you lose your peace of mind. Living with the constant threat of trouble that may come from other people starts to drive you crazy. This craziness is reflected in your lack of social interaction, work stress, feeling annoyed by everything that happens and other mental conflicts.

Another interpretation of dreams with hiding from someone refers to your need to avoid trouble. You may not want to deal with the situation right now, but sooner or later it will be a bigger problem for you and will require your attention.

To dream of hiding in a closet

When you are hiding in a closet in your dreams it means trouble with business and new enemies. A closet is a representation that you need a fortress in order to protect yourself. It is important to start changing your outlook on life, as your bad thoughts will soon become a reality.

If you dreamed hiding in a closet you do not tolerate failure, so you always fear for the uncertain future. It is a way of warning you that you cannot rush the results when you are not yet aware of the situation around you.

Dreams of hiding from danger

A dream of trying to hide from danger is common and hints at personal pressures. It is likely that your bad experiences made you overly cautious and untrusting of others. This dream reveals all your fears, which you believe may soon become reality.

If you dream of hiding and being safe from danger, it means that you feel anxious about the future ahead. It is a way of remembering that you are someone with weaknesses and many doubts, but who also fears your future. However, this dream vision should be interpreted as a sign of self-improvement.

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Dreaming of hiding under a table

Have you dreamed of hiding under a table? Probably your illusions are in a low state of mind. You planned and raised your expectations, but the results were negative or are starting to create problems for you. This is a sign that you need to organize yourself in a better way and not leave anything to chance. You are responsible for any progress in your life.

Dreams of hiding from the police

Did you dream of hiding from the police? This means that you are running away from your problems in the wrong way. This dream portends a lack of commitment and seriousness in your ways. It even suggests that you may face situations where you will be treated as guilty of many actions and possibly prosecuted.

To dream of hiding and being found

To dream that you fail to hide and are found is also a sign that you are not paying adequate attention to your partner. In romantic relationships you are not clear about your feelings, so you will always be afraid of commitment.

Dreams of hiding in a bathroom

A dream vision of hiding in a bathroom signifies remorse. An event in your life makes you feel guilty and the least you feel is peace of mind. By being hidden in a bathroom while dreaming, it means that you are looking for a cleansing and clarification of your personal situation. In this dream, it is important to interpret whether it was your bathroom or you were somewhere else.

To dream of hiding in a closet

If you dream of hiding in a closet, you feel that you cannot express yourself in a concrete way. That is, you are going through a stage where sincerity is not your forte, creating a series of ideas, opinions and thoughts inside you that fail to be interpreted correctly.

Dreams about hiding from a war

When you dream of hiding from a war you are trying to avoid your problems. Probably your life is full of personal conflicts, whether sentimental or economic. However, you understood that the only one who can solve these problems is you, so you must solve them, but you are afraid to do so.

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To dream of hiding in a tree

A dream of hiding in a tree is a fear of failure. You are on top of everything you have achieved thanks to your own merits, but now you are afraid of falling. Failure for you became your nightmare and you are making it a reality. This dream warns you that you must eliminate those thoughts from you or you will start to notice them coming true.

Dreams about hiding from a murderer

Trying to hide from a murderer in your dreams reflects your discomfort. This nonconformity can be because of the problem you have with other people or with your own projects. Something at this time really bothers you, therefore, you should try to clarify your ideas.

To dream of hiding under water
If you dream of hiding under water, it means unsocial behavior. In this cycle of your life you are not interested in meeting new people or having a relationship. This is not negative, it means that you are looking to get to know yourself, try to set your own goals and spend some time in solitude.

Dreams of hiding from a lion

Curiously, to dream of hiding from a lion portends new challenges and opportunities. You consider that it is time to face new challenges and that is why you desire something new for yourself. This dream is common when people are subjected to routine and lack of incentives. However, you should try to make the upcoming changes in your life in a positive way.


  • To dream that you are hiding from a tropical storm portends trouble in your life. Being simply tired of the results you are getting, therefore, you need time to rethink your strategies.
  • If you dreamed that you are hiding in a large building it means that you are trying to protect yourself from your enemies who are looking to get your money. It is a way of reminding you that some people only want to extract as much as they can from you, without being interested in you as a person.
  • Dreams of hiding from the rain mean that you will have trouble achieving your goals. This suggests that new challenges, obstacles and conflicting situations will arrive. However, it is a warning that you should try to achieve your goals quickly.