It is important to emphasize that a hill is a formation similar to a mountain but with little height. It is not uncommon to have this type of dream one night if you have recently done an activity that involves these «mountains», such as going for a walk or picking mushrooms or wild fruits. For that reason, dreaming of hills is almost always associated with this type of activity.

It is not strange that some analysts affirm that dreaming of hills represents that you are going to witness few difficulties in order to achieve the goals you have proposed for your future. It is possible that you are a person with a lot of common sense and you have set more than one goal that is very accessible or with little ambition. Also, some interpreters agree that this type of dream is also a representation of the need to have a broader view on some specific issues.

It is well known that the meaning of dreams should not be taken literally. The details of your dreams are a big determining factor when it comes to interpretation. For example, dreaming of walking on a hill will not have the same meaning as dreaming of living in a house on top of a hill. For this reason, it is necessary to discover other interpretations when you have dreamed of hills in other situations.


To dream of hills has the meaning of protecting you from certain twists and turns that you do not expect in your life. In ancient times, some settlements were built on top of a hill in order to protect them from possible floods as well as to give them the benefit of a strategic position to be able to protect themselves from any attack. In the dream world, it represents living with a little more prudence.

In addition, dreaming of a hill is also a representation of how other people see you. For example, being at the top of the hill implies that people perceive you as an important person, but if you are going down it means that you must find your north again in some areas of your life.

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Dreaming of green hills

If you dreamed of green hills, it symbolizes happiness in your future. You will start something that will be really successful and will change your life completely. You may have a child or some other responsibility, which will make you a better and nobler person. You will be excited about each new day, so you will overcome many difficulties that seemed like mountains before.

The dream of ascending a green hill with great difficulty, assisted by a strange man, means that, with the advice of a new acquaintance, you will achieve a great goal. For the one who dreams of traveling on green hills that are steep, it shows rivals who will prevent your success.

Dreams with hills of stones

If you have dreamed of hills of stones it is a warning. It could indicate major problems, disputes, as well as physical work that will take longer than you expected. So it is important that you keep family relationships aside because they can be really affected by some problem.

Dreaming of hills of earth

To have a dream vision with hills of earth implies that you will receive a gift. Your friends will join in and want to fulfill your wish in the long run. They may give you a trip to your favorite destination or buy you something you really like. They will try to ask you for details indirectly, so as not to ruin the surprise.

Dreams with sand hills

Dreams with sand hills portend poverty, unhappiness and many small and insignificant problems. Sand hills suggest your closeness to family and spirituality. Any dream involving sand hills is a sign that a hypocritical person will try to influence you against your will.

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Dreaming of hills and water

The interpretation of dreams with hills and water can have several meanings depending on the water shown in the dream: calm water shows that you do not have much emotion at the moment, and it is important that you consider this, as the people around you may need some emotional support. Water on the hill may appear in the form of a stream and portends strong emotions that you will not know how to handle. A flowing stream means that emotions are taking shape.

Dreams of climbing hills

The meaning of dreaming of climbing hills symbolizes danger. You may have stepped on the toes of the wrong people, so you will not know how to solve problems now. Recklessness will lead you to an inconvenient situation, so you will have to ask for help from family or friends who have warned you about these risks you are experiencing.

Dreaming of snow-capped mountains

If you dreamt of snow-capped mountains, it suggests that you will probably find yourself in situations where you not only feel that your close relationships could freeze or even end. But also, you might have a hidden fear of life or failure, especially when it comes to finances and your loves. This dream could also refer to a possible cold attitude in a relationship with others, your tendency to isolate yourself and not express any warmth and love to other beings.

Dreams with colored hills

To dream of colorful hills is synonymous with energy, vibrations and positive emotions. To dream that you climb a colorful hill has the meaning of getting great benefits in the economic field, all this thanks to your efforts. It is also synonymous of the great strength you possess as well as the great ambition you have in life.

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To dream of collapsing hills

If you dreamed of a collapsing hill, it suggests that you need to work on your emotional stability and your fear of change. The collapsing hill may also foretell a pleasant encounter ahead. This dream could also show that you may embark on a prosperous journey in the future and if you wish to invite some friends or relatives.

Dreams with dry hills

To dream of dry hills indicates disappointment and not doing something you have wanted to do for a long time. Who knows, maybe you have waited too long? Dry hill grass in a dream can often be associated with our inner motivations. It may suggest that no matter what you overcome there will always be something holding you back to that situation you wish to overcome, perhaps you have not yet attacked the root of the problem.

Dreaming of hills and mountains

To have a dream manifestation with hills and mountains symbolizes working hard, overcoming obstacles and rising above small everyday disputes. It takes a lot of effort to climb a mountain or a hill and you may encounter many obstacles in your way. When you reach the top there is a great sense of accomplishment with the new skills learned to get there.
Dreams with rocky hills
If you have dreamed of rocky hills it warns you of business difficulties. Your path to business success will be thorny, but you will succeed by being persistent. You will often be tempted to give up, but the goals you wish to achieve will give you strength.

To dream of garbage hills

To dream of a garbage hill or even a landfill represents rejected or unwanted aspects of yourself. You are holding back tasks or parts of yourself that you are struggling to neglect. Consider taking a good look at your arsenal of things to do and try to make a tough decision, either work on it or forget about them altogether.