Dreams, they are found in all minds, some may become very insistent, others perhaps we have only had them once, what is true, is that these present us states in which our mind is found, but many times these dreams show us something that the future and the stars hold. Dreams with horses are the theme of the moment, in these we will address the different meanings they possess and we will be able to understand a little more about the human mind and dreams.

Dreaming of horses many times they represent very crazy and funny, so much that you will wake up, remember and start laughing at those things you wear in your dreams, maybe you were a cowboy riding on his horse or a prince looking for his princess riding on his white steed.



It can mean is physical strength and energy, which you will have to keep negative energies under control. It can make you understand that you need to be less arrogant, even if you know that you are stronger than others. On the other hand, having us that you could have had an encounter with a horse and in your dream you remembered it.

Dream of brown horses

This may mean that you can become the victim of a deception or perhaps the evil of someone who doesn’t like you very much, you have to go very carefully and not take any offer that seems very good lightly, as it can be a trap.

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Dreaming of dead horses

Dreaming of the dead can mean that something in your life, something fundamental and that gave you strength, has ceased to be, so the horse that means strength and vitality now has only death. This may be something between couples or a friendship relationship.

Dream of many horses

Horses are incredible and indomitable beasts, which, if in your dreams you only meet many horses, may mean that you need to have more control over your emotions or perhaps over the freedom you have and you forget nothing about your responsibilities and tasks.

Dream of white horse

This can mean good fortune, purity and prosperity, this may be related to friends and even women, but you can’t miss a chance if you already have it in your hands. But all this can change at any time, you just need to know how to take advantage of the opportunities.

Dream of horses fighting

This may come to represent that you are presenting emotional and erotic problems along with your freedom. This may be caused by some decision that’s making you doubt, or maybe you have some problems with your partner and they’re a little serious. Just find a way to fix it so you can be at peace with yourself.

Dream of aggressive horses

This may mean that problems with friends and family are on the rise, you will need to find a way to end this. In addition, you have to learn to be more tolerant and have more control with your body-wide choruses and energies, don’t let them build up too much in your body.

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Dream of three horses

It may be because more money gets into your hands, in addition to enjoying a happy and prosperous life, use this money very well so that you have plenty.


  • With small horses: this may mean that you are experiencing problems with your self-esteem, as the horse representing Strength and energy in this case is small. It can also mean that we feel weak for some reason.
  • With angry horses: this may mean that your life will have many problems that may be very complicated, including your family, partner and friends. Keep in mind that if in your dream you can calm the horse, it will not be difficult for you to solve the problems that arise in your life and those around you.
  • With a beautiful white horse: this can mean the arrival of a beautiful woman, along with the success you so long hoped for and a life that is full of prosperity and fidelity with your partner, strength and much energy for both.
  • With black horse: Show your mysterious, wild and unknown side. What it can mean is that you’ll get lucky with the money, the game, but you’ll be embarrassed and disappointed by something you can’t explain. Can represent hidden forces.
  • With a horse running: the horse running away from you, represents that your partner will be unfaithful to you or maybe already is, it may also be planned something that will hurt you a lot. Stay alert to what your partner.
  • With a big horse: this may mean that you have a superiority complex, which corresponds to you wanting to impose yourself on others and even your partner, which means that you want or have authority and power over something or someone.
  • With horses chasing you: this can mean that you are a very puritan person, and you can come up with some problems with your sexuality and start letting your sensuality come out in all aspects of the word.
  • With a wounded horse: dreaming of a horse that is injured can mean that you will have problems with one or more of your friends, which implies that something in your strength will be damaged and this will be your friendship and trust between friends.
  • With riding a horse: Your effort and dedication will bear fruit, you will get fortune and a good social position, it will stay there for the rest of your life, of course if you don’t start wasting it anywhere and with anyone.
  • With wild horses: These dreams can tell you that the success you will have is near, in whatever projects you are. performing, but be careful because, if the horses are thin, you may feel lonely and lead to failure.
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