Hummingbirds are small animals that feed on nectar extracted from flowers. The fluttering of these birds is so fast that it is very difficult to visualize. To dream of hummingbirds is a sign of good omen when they appear in dreams, they announce times of happiness for our life and those around us.

The need to enjoy and take advantage of everything good that is presented in our lives may be the reason for dreaming of hummingbird. At the same time, it indicates that we are going to have good times in love, with our family and without financial worries. However, these dreams do not assure anything since everything is dictated by the decisions and actions we make, so we must be careful.

Frequently our subconscious associates or manages to relate some aspect of our life with the dreams we have. These birds have elongated beaks and a plumage of different colors that make them striking, each of these characteristics usually have some clue or clue of what our dreams want to say.


These birds are pleasant to look at for any person, their colors make them attractive and interesting, in addition to their fast flapping that allows them to stay in the air in a fixed place. For these reasons it can be deduced that dreaming of hummingbirds leaves a feeling of tranquility. Even so, we wonder what does it mean to dream of these colorful birds? That is why we will be talking about the different meanings that this dream can have.

One of the things to keep in mind when dreaming of hummingbird is that it is connected to our feelings of joy and happiness. Therefore, having this dream brings good positive meanings, this means that there will be situations that will be favorable and through this dream warns us that everything is about to improve.

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As we can see these birds appear in our dreams to send a message of calm and tranquility. To dream of hummingbirds is a sign of good times ahead. Its jumping characteristics are very important since through them it generates such a feeling of inner calmness. Now taking all this into account we can explore other interpretations that can be generated by dreaming of hummingbird.

Dreaming of hummingbird in your hand

Dreams are usually different in each person, but we always find patterns that are present in the dreams of others. So in this way it can be interpreted that if within a dream with hummingbird. If this small bird lands on one of the palms of our hands. It means that good news is coming that will have an impact on our life. Therefore, we should pay attention to expectations and experiences.

If the hummingbird sits on our head, it is possibly a warning of an unexpected and sudden love. Also if we admire the bird, this action tends to change the signal a little and is fixed more on monetary benefits. In very rare cases dreaming of a hummingbird in your hand can be a sign of something negative.

Dreams with blue hummingbird

Having a dream where a blue hummingbird appears is uncommon, but if you are one of those who have dreamed of it, it refers to the spiritual this small bird of intense color indicates that we can overcome certain difficulties or dangers by letting yourself go by your judgment. In addition, it is very important to take into account what other characteristics or actions the hummingbird has in the dream so that the interpretation is more assertive.

Dreaming of flying hummingbirds

These colorful birds are a good omen in dreams. It is very common to see hummingbirds appear in dreams and then when we look for their interpretations we see that they are good news. That is why dreaming of flying hummingbirds can be taken as a sign. To see hummingbirds flying means good luck in love.

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To see hummingbirds flying is a sign that all will be well and good things are coming. Since it refers to love to be more precise, dreaming of hummingbirds flying augurs that a long awaited love will appear.

If you are in a couple, dreaming of hummingbirds and seeing them flying is a sign that love can be reborn with your partner and surely you have learned from past mistakes. Therefore, this new beginning will go very well.

Dreaming of white hummingbird

The color of the hummingbird we dream about is important. The color white is a symbol of peace and tranquility and as such, dreaming of a white hummingbird is a sign that the days ahead or the coming months will be calm and reflective. It will not be necessary to worry about many things beyond routine.

This dream comes with a lot of calm and the tranquility we need to take a time out as a family since hummingbirds are birds of spirituality. They reflect what is in our being and what we need. In this case it is taking rest and spending time as a family.

Dreams with black hummingbird

The interpretation of this dream unlike the previous one is the opposite and means that there will be problems, if you are a man this is reflected mostly in the economic and labor. Since the man is more affected by these situations that fill him with concern. If you are a woman it is very likely to be problems with your partner or with some close friends.

All this depends on the type of person you are, you have to keep in mind that if you are the woman who carries the weight of the home these interpretations can be reversed. Dreams do not differentiate gender only take into account what is in people’s minds and everything that influences their thoughts.

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Dreaming of a colorful hummingbird

The hummingbird is a symbol of new times ahead and some emotions are left behind to enter into harmony with us. The colors of the hummingbird represent the intensity of those emotions that we try to control and learn from it. That is why it is recommended to meditate and get in communication with our being to know that we are trying to move away from our lives for a while.

Dreams with yellow hummingbird

The yellow color of a hummingbird in our dream is a good sign that we will make the right decisions at the right time. Wisdom and intelligence will be part of an important decision making and according to the interpretation of this dream we will know how to identify the right time and the right choice. So with this in mind we can show a little more calm when the time comes and prepare in advance.

Dreaming of a wounded hummingbird

Sometimes we may find in one of these dreams that the hummingbird is injured. To dream that the bird is wounded, can be interpreted in a way that the people around us take our somewhat vain attitude as they do not know us very well. Then they may realize that it is just our personality and we enjoy good taste.

Dreams with hummingbird attacking you

The most common interpretations of this dream where a hummingbird attacks us, is due to a fight that we have been fighting for years. We know that the time has come to rest and yet we continue to make excuses. In this way we can clearly see that we are ourselves fighting with our inner self. Trying to make us come to our senses so that we take time and attention to things that enrich our spirituality.