To dream of ice cream will always give us a surprise. Ice cream is a combination or preparation that is served cold and curiously since its discovery has transformed people’s lives, since it is considered a placebo. However, ice cream is toasted in happy and sad moments, which suggests that it always accompanies you in good times and bad.

If you dreamed of ice cream you are preparing to receive a surprise, but it is not always positive, although most of the time it is related to love. This will even depend on the flavor of the ice cream and if it is to your liking or not.

Each flavor in a dream with ice cream determines something different. The reason lies in what the fruit can represent and also if it is to your liking or not. Ice cream is the favorite sweet for children and is even used to reward your children for activities they did during the day and are to your liking.


The meaning of dreaming of ice cream is related to rewards, good luck in games, good luck in love or news you were not expecting. An ice cream, depending on the flavor, will deliver information about what surrounds us today and what mood we are in to face the day to day.

As we mentioned, it depends on what flavor of ice cream you are eating to identify the exact prediction. Therefore, we made a list about the meaning of eating ice cream and your favorite flavor, as well as what will happen in the near future in your life.

Dreaming of eating ice cream

Dreaming of eating ice cream is common when you are in love or excited, it is a way to represent the emotions you have for someone you just met or your partner. The more pleasant and meaningful the ice cream tastes to you, the more positive energies you attract to your life.

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If you dreamt of eating an ice cream cone, you will attract good luck and happiness to your partner, that is, all the activities you do together will end in unforgettable moments. If during the dream you were happy while eating your ice cream, it foretells that your children will live stages that will make them happy next to their parents, which ensures a strong family and emotional stability.

However, dreaming of eating a bad-tasting ice cream foretells personal problems, especially those related to trust, since you will end up betrayed by a person in whom you trusted and gave all your support. In this cycle you should act with prudence.

Dreams with chocolate ice cream

Dreams with chocolate ice cream are the most frequent, since its flavor is common and preferred by many. The meaning of this dream refers to the feelings you have and the sensations for the coming days ahead. That is, that your emotions are ready to overcome any challenge and take advantage of any opportunity.

However, dreaming of eating chocolate ice cream describes you as a sensitive person in front of your own and other people’s reality. That is to say, you are affected by other people’s pain and you experience other people’s bad moments as your own. However, it is advisable not to involve your emotions in every problem or you will end up absorbing the bad energies.

To dream of chocolate ice cream augurs good health and the ideal time to exercise outdoors, so you can go jogging or walking the following days with excellent results for your health.

Dreaming of vanilla ice cream

To dream of vanilla ice cream describes illusions. You are living a special stage in your life where you are trusting in people and excited about the future. Currently you believe that your goals are achievable and you are more and more convinced that success will come as a result of your hard work. It is a good time to choose new paths, in case you are tired of your routine.

However, if you dreamed of vanilla ice cream, it warns you about overconfidence and the need to set limits in your relationships. Remember that many people are always looking to take advantage of you and this can generate a false illusion, hurting your self-esteem and leaving negative marks on the way you are.

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Dreams with strawberry ice cream

Dreams where you eat strawberry ice cream attract good love relationships. Your chances of finding a partner are at their best and you have the facility to choose properly with whom to live a pleasant sentimental experience. In addition, the people around you begin to see you as attractive and pleasant to know.

If you already have a partner and you dreamt of strawberry ice cream, it means evolution. Although it does not augur marriage or the arrival of a child, it does refer to the commitments that each one acquires in the relationship and the mutual emotional growth. It is a time to travel and refine your good intentions with both your partner and your friends.

To dream of melted ice cream

To dream of melted ice cream is bad luck, as it warns that all our plans came to an end and failed to be realized. It is a premonition that the path you chose is not the right one, therefore, you are in time to rethink the situation and return to the right path, before mistakes are made with irreversible results.

Dreams with lemon ice cream

Dreams eating lemon ice cream or a sour flavor portend solutions. That is, no matter what problems are approaching in the coming days, you will always find a way out of these inconveniences and take them to enrich your personal and professional experience. However, you must behave prudently and with common sense, so as not to end up making problems worse or having a bad experience in your life.

Dreaming of pistachio ice cream

Dreams where you eat pistachio ice cream indicate liberation. You are currently going through indecisions and carrying burdens that do not correspond to you. This dream warns that you should free yourself from all these burdens and not bring other people’s problems into your life. It is essential to become a reasonable person who differentiates between it and evil, without looking for culprits and assuming only the responsibilities that correspond to you.

Dreams with ice cream of various flavors

If you dreamed with ice cream of various flavors indicates indecision, but with positive results, since you are close to achieving a new goal in your life but you do not find the right path. On a sentimental level you do not know whether or not to start a relationship, if you already have a partner, then you want to take the next step in the relationship. On the labor level, it augurs that the time will come for a promotion, but you will be worried about the new responsibilities. In contrast, whatever path you take will be the best for you.

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Dreaming of strawberry ice cream

Dreams with strawberry ice cream represent the creativity and care you put into your work. However, it warns you that in the coming days you will receive new challenges in your life that will be overcome and rewarded, but only if you make good decisions. These decisions will be based on your knowledge, your way of acting and the way you behave in situations of high stress and responsibility.

Dreams with coconut ice cream

Coconuts fall from a very tall palm tree and usually without warning. If you dreamed of coconut ice cream they mean positive surprises accompanied by unexpected moments. You may be approaching the arrival of a friend, a job promotion or earn unexpected money. In any case, it is a special time to receive blessings, good energies and excellent fortune.

Dreaming of milk ice cream

A dream vision with milk ice cream portends financial satisfaction. Although no great changes in your economy will come, you feel satisfied with the money you have at present and the way you manage it. Try to conserve it and make intelligent investments, do not forget that the extra earnings will never be rejected, but they demand a serious and assertive behavior in front of the money.

Dreams with mint ice cream

To dream of mint ice cream portends pleasure and happiness. You are overcoming an unstable stage in your life and the calm has come after the storm. You wish to start new paths and overcome the new challenges that come your way, but you consider that you are ready not to make the same mistakes of the past. However, a dream with mint ice cream represents the freshness with which you are taking life and that you feel physically and mentally fit to overcome any obstacle.