At some point in your life you have come to have dream experiences that when you wake up leave you a cold feeling. If so you probably just dream of ice. This is one of those dreams that is usually quite strange but has a very significant and very important interpretation for your life. You are probably very close to starting a period of transition or maturity. You will evolve as person. Keep in mind that ice is when water is in a solid state, a fact that occurs after being subjected to low temperatures. This also tells you that ice is not perpetual.

In the dream world, dreaming of Ice reveals the arrival of strong and profound transformations. However, these transformations are associated with disappointments from negative experiences. Rarely will it be a dream that reveals a simple evolutionary process. Water usually represents emotions in the dream world.

That’s why, seeing the frozen water, you should know that your subconscious reveals to you that you’ve stopped your emotional side. Sometimes it’s because you’ve been the target of a major attack on your feelings. It can also be interpreted as the fact that you are on your way to developing a calculating personality, where the balance is tilted towards profit acquisition.

On the other hand, water is characterized by crystallizing in different ways, depending on the conditions to which it is subjected. In the dream world, this is interpreted as your ability to adapt to any circumstance. That is why one of the meanings of dreaming about ice reveals that you will soon have to face a situation that will force you to give way to that strong personality to live up to the situation and thus be able to emerge victorious.



According to onirology experts, the meaning of dreaming about ice is closely related to an imminent change taking place inside you. However, you may not yet be aware of it. Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in your relationship, at work, or any other situation in your life. In dream matters, dreaming about ice is your ability to adapt to what surrounds you. Soon there will come a situation in your life where you will have to be solid and cold as ice to withstand any attack and achieve success.

However, by the general interpretation of dreaming about ice, he points out that this dream experience is due to a strong emotional impact caused by a specific situation. This will bring changes to your life, so you will become a much more analyst, cold, and calculating person. However, remember to take into account the context and details of your dream as it may also warn you of the possibility of developing a selfish and interested personality. This usually happens when you put aside the emotional part for a long time.

Dream of ice and water

Dreaming of ice and water is an oneiric alertness experience. Right now there are evil people around you who want to trip you. In the same way, you may get into trouble with friends or colleagues out of jealousy and envy.

Dream of ice cubes

Dreaming about ice cubes is the way your subconscious reveals your emotional frigidity. It is indicative that you must control your temper, it is time to be kinder and warmer to those around you. In case you dream of pouring ice cubes into a glass, you should know that you’re wasting your time, it’s time to start being productive.

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Dream of ice and snow

Dreaming of ice and snow is a dream of good omen. This means that despite the delays and impediments that will take place in the development of your work or business, in the end you will be able to solve all the problems and achieve success.

Dream of ice skating

Dreaming about ice skating is interpreted as the need to have more self-confidence in each of your actions. On the other hand, this dream can also be a warning sign with a specific relationship or situation. Pay attention to your surroundings.

Dream of popsicles

Dreaming of ice paddles, no matter the taste, is a reflection of the way you want to lead your life. You long for everything to go perfectly along the same line without losing any detail. You’re a person who doesn’t like surprises, and you’re not too inclined to new experiences either. You tend to close more than normal, impeding others you may know. You’re a person of few friends and you tend to be indifferent to anyone around you unless you need them.