The prison is a place of confinement for those who for some crime they deserve to be deprived of all freedom. Your symbolism is accurate as to the concern that conveys the dream in the prison. However, this oneiric experience I was able to contain many more meanings depending on the context dream as real on which to develop.

There are dreams that are so strange as recurring. Each one of them has a reason and you’re about to find out. You will know the most common meanings of dreaming in the jail. Generally, this type of dream reveals the current situation that you cross, when you feel suffocated and trapped, totally limited. In addition, it can also be a warning call of your subconscious, so that you focus more in your work and in how you carry, as any mistake could cost you dearly.

This is one of the most recurrent dreams, occupying the first places in the lists of experiences dream. It is something that you should not miss as this imprisonment dream can be strongly related to your current situation. Read on and discover the meanings of dream in the prison.



Dreaming in the jail saves a meaning quite accurate for many people because it makes a clear reference to a specific situation that you are going through. It is a type of prison created by the same subconscious to cause a variety of actions that you have developed by own. The amount of events that attack journal your life and affect you directly vary a lot, so that should exist a large number of situations in which some of them can generate a lack of communication, which is interpreted as a confinement itself and internal.

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The feeling of being imprisoned or locked up is just the reflection of what just you are now living, as it may also be a fact that has been stirring for a long time and you have not given any attention, so that you are just becoming aware of the damage that this will cause.

Dreaming in the prison is also signal changes, and this may be revealed in sleep when you observe that you’re inside the jail, but you notice that the door has the door open.  This is a premonition that something good will soon come to your life, that you have an interesting path to follow and it is your mission to do everything you can to find it.

Dream that I’m in prison

To dream that you are in prison as if you were a prisoner and you even have on your body, chains or shackles that will prey even more, it is because you are living moments of utmost importance for your life. Have started to occur changes in your environment that are going to change are significant in your life. If you don’t get ready and face the right way, you will negatively affect.

Dreaming of someone in jail

To dream of someone in jail is the way in which your subconscious will reveal that you have the ability, energy, and enough power to dominate the competition and achieve success in your job or in business.


  • To dream that you meet the sentence and out of prison, indicates that you will succeed in that which you bring between hands. If you’re sick, you want to say that soon will heal.
  • Dream to see people imprisoned means that you’ll have desires to grant privileges to people, despite knowing in your heart that these are not worthy of such privileges.
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