Jellyfish indicate the need to be flexible and to protect oneself. By dreaming of jellyfish, we highlight the need to adapt and make changes in our lives at this time. Consider the ways in which you would have the opportunity to be more flexible, and don’t allow opportunities to pass you by at this time.

Jellyfish dreams indicate a period of flexibility that is necessary for survival. Also, it denotes that you currently need to think deeply about a situation. At this time, you will want to take your time and concentrate on those areas where you are too rigid or demand perfection.

This aquatic animal dream predicts a call to action for you. The jellyfish shows that you need to focus on your surroundings, and make sure you are fitting in. However, it is important to be aware of other symbolic elements that have been present in the vision and may mark a starting point for a new interpretation.


This type of dream manifestation is also an indication that you should be more protective of the people close to you. They are a sign that, while you want to allow people to live their lives, you also want to defend those who would do harm to those close to your familiar surroundings. Therefore, jellyfish are undoubtedly a symbol of absolute protection.

But sometimes, if you have dreamed of jellyfish the vision can be somewhat uncomfortable. Not only because of the appearance of this animal, but also because there are those who are afraid of it in real life. Likewise, there is also the possibility of evaluating other complementary meanings as a result of the scenarios and feelings present in this vision. Below we present them to you.

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Dreaming of dead jellyfish

The meaning of dreams with dead jellyfish denotes feelings of resentment because you have been wronged or treated unfairly. Things are not always what they appear to be. If you don’t control this, it will result in an unpleasant ending. This dream represents characteristics or qualities that you can learn or adopt from your relatives. Little things can add up to a major problem later on if not addressed immediately.

The dream of dead jellyfish is, unfortunately, a warning for someone who has a terminal illness or their own fears of death. It also symbolizes that you are not in control of your destiny. There is a problem for which you are trying to find an answer. Your manifestation is a message about the minor obstacles you face in life. You lack control.

Dreams with pink jellyfish

If you dreamed of pink jellyfish it is a symbol of pent up anger and aggression, especially within your personal relationship. Perhaps, you feel that others have been betraying you. You are experiencing inhibitions and helplessness in some areas of your life. Unfortunately, this dream is a warning alert as you need to relax and let off steam or perhaps calm down a bit.

Dreaming of jellyfish in the sky

Having a dream vision with jellyfish in the sky is somewhat strange, but it could suggest your doubts about something or someone. Perhaps you think that «the world is upside down» because of something that is happening that doesn’t make sense. A similar meaning we find when dreaming of jellyfish in the pool, as this is not the natural habitat of a jellyfish.

Dreams with black jellyfish

When we dream of black jellyfish it is a sign of a rash decision we are making. You are being stripped of your identity. Someone is discreetly trying to tell you something you don’t want to hear. It’s about your attitude toward something or someone. You are closing yourself off from the world.

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Dreaming of jellyfish stinging you

The interpretation of dreams with jellyfish stinging you, especially if repeated, denotes that the group in which you move socially does not fully accept you. Although you want to try to fit in, you usually keep people at a distance for a while until everyone involved becomes more comfortable with your presence.

Dreams with jellyfish that chase you.

The meaning of dreams with jellyfish chasing you means that you take a path of resignation and conformity. You tend to take on and accept the daily tasks assigned to you, but you don’t necessarily go out and pursue work and extracurricular activities with passion. You are stuck in the same place at the work level.

Dreaming of small jellyfish

By dreaming of small jellyfish we are highlighting our self-esteem. Do you feel somewhat inadequate or insecure about some things? Take some time to find out why so you can feel better about yourself and see the light inside you. The smaller the jellyfish you see, the lower your self-esteem will be.

Dreams with purple jellyfish

Dreams with purple jellyfish symbolize surfacing and healing painful memories. In other words, you are now ready to deal with these aspects of yourself and move towards forgiveness and love. Therefore, you should look for the light in each memory by focusing on the lessons learned. They are all valuable to you in some way. Conversely, you must also recognize that hostility and aggression will never serve you.

Dreaming of brown jellyfish

To dream of brown jellyfish indicates that you know how to use your power of intuition. You are also not afraid to allow the universe to show you the way. Therefore, you follow your instincts easily and quietly. This dream indicates that you often go with the flow of the universe.

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Dreaming of lilac jellyfish

A dream with lilac jellyfish highlights your need for power, revenge, superiority or control. You need to drain your energy in some way. A certain decision or nagging problem in your life has infiltrated your dream. This dream sometimes reflects the need for a vacation or a much-deserved rest.

Dreaming of jellyfish on the wall

If you have dreamed of jellyfish on the wall it foretells some news about a friend or acquaintance. The fact that they are stuck to the wall represents efforts in vain due to a wrongly made decision and no plan of action. Direct your efforts towards projects that you can accomplish and not dreams that will never materialize.

Dreams with jellyfish on the body

If you dreamed of jellyfish on your body it means feeling depressed. You need to give new life to some relationship or situation that you previously thought was forgotten or dead. You have not achieved a goal you have set for yourself. This vision points to some aspect of yourself that you have forgotten or neglected. You are not ready to let go of the past.

Dreaming of shiny jellyfish

Those who dream of glowing jellyfish are people with a creative and overwhelming personality. Their energy literally «shines» in the crowd, thanks to their communicative skills. However, this dream foretells that they should be attentive to their social environment as they may be victims of envy due to constant success.