Dreams where you kiss someone, are very common, especially in young people. The interpretation of dreaming of kissing can be very varied, whether the person is in adulthood or not, since in that case, the meaning of the dream can take another direction.

Just like kissing, dream visions with kissing often leave traces in people. They are moments that are difficult to forget. However, everything will depend on the situation in which the dreamer is, since, these dreams can be very pleasant, but if the person is going through bad times, they can become nightmares, the worst in fact! So much so that they can disturb the dreamer for a long time.

To dream of kissing, can become both a positive and exciting experience, and both negative and disturbing. Before this type of dream, in addition to analyzing the context of the dream, it is important to take into account who is kissed in it.

Do not feel ashamed if you have this type of dream, and much less if you enjoy it, because your subconscious is only trying to tell you that you need someone by your side, or on the contrary, you are going through a moment of unpleasant sentimentality and you have to get out of it as soon as possible.


These dreams can be interpreted as warnings of an early disappointment in love. Although they may not have any meaning if the dreamer is interested in another person, and his interest is so great that he does not stop thinking about her, and just wants to have her always present.

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No person escapes from this type of dreams, although if it is about sex, women are more likely to experience them. Dreams with kisses are synonymous with restlessness, desire and temptation. However, this can vary if the dreamer has dream experiences where he/she kisses a friend, an unknown person, a woman, a famous person, or a dead person.

Dreaming of kissing a friend

This type of dream is very rewarding, don’t mistake it for some kind of attraction! Actually, it is trying to tell you that, you can trust with your eyes closed that person who was present in your dream.

To dream of kissing a friend, gives you the certainty that the people around you will not betray you, you can put all your trust in them, as they will always be there to support you in everything you need.

Do not worry if the dream is repeated over and over again, as this is a good sign. Before the dream of kissing a friend, you can be sure that the new friendship you start with that person will bring much success to both of you.

Dreams about kissing someone

Dreams where you kiss someone can vary in meaning if the kiss is passionate, or if the person is not your partner. If the kiss is passionate, you can be calm because this will indicate that good times are coming to your relationship.

Now, if you are single, it means that someone will come into your life and you will enjoy their company. But if the person you kiss in the dream is not your partner, and you are currently in a relationship, both of you should be strong.

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There are difficult times ahead that you will have to face together if you want to move forward. Avoid putting aside the problems, and solve them, as they could drift apart, so much so that, it is very likely the presence of a third party in the relationship.

Dreaming of kissing a woman

Dreams where you kiss a woman who is not within your social circle, are of bad omen. These dreams occur when the dreamer is about to face unpleasant situations.

These situations can originate either at work or in the sentimental sphere. To dream of kissing a woman, and if in this case the dreamer is also a woman, the meaning is even more aggravated.

To dream of kissing a woman only represents the negative side of things. The time of bad luck for the dreamer has come, and he must be very careful in every step he takes so as not to be harmed.

Dreams of kissing a stranger

This dream can be interpreted as the dissatisfaction felt by the dreamer. There are things that stun him and do not allow him to fall asleep and no matter how hard he tries he cannot solve the problem. Although dreaming of kissing a stranger can be a sign of betrayal, especially if the dreamer is in a relationship. It is important to clarify that betrayal can not only originate in the sentimental sphere but also in the workplace.

You are about to do something that you should not do, and although you know the consequences, you plan to go ahead, regardless of the people who are hurt. You must change your attitude, because the situation could get out of control and the only one hurt could be you. With this type of dream you must be careful, as your honesty is at stake.

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Dreaming of kissing your ex

This dream is one of the simplest to interpret, if you dream of kissing your ex, although this intrigues you a little, you must accept that you miss that person, that deep down you want to go back to him/her, and it is very difficult for you to accept it.

If you are in a relationship and you dream that you kiss your ex, you should put your feelings in order, the idea of being with the other person is still present, and the doubt of continuing or not with the current relationship could generate many problems. Although if you feel that, in reality, that person does not cause anything in you, it is the best time to concentrate on the person who is next to you.


  • Dreams where you kiss someone on the forehead can be interpreted as the purest. These dreams only demonstrate the love and admiration you feel for the other person.
  • If you dream that you kiss a child. Your honest way of being is demonstrated. You are a kind, sincere and trustworthy person. This type of dream also means surprises. You will soon receive news that will change the course of your life, and the results will be pleasant.
  • If you kiss your mother in the dream, it means good omen, as long as her reaction is pleasant. But the interpretation may vary, if during the dream your mother’s face shows dissatisfaction, because it will remind you of the bad deeds you did in the past, and that still do not let you sleep peacefully.
  • If in the dream you kiss someone and that person is you. You show the love you feel for yourself.