To dream of lentils is not exactly a positive dream or a dream of abundance, considering that many cultures eat lentils to attract good luck. It is a dream that has different meanings according to the current situation of the dreamer. If you lead a complicated life at the moment, this dream will clarify the reasons that cause these complications.

If your situation is stable, dreams with lentils become warnings that you should keep in mind when the inconveniences that the dream warns of appear. That is, if it predicts a labor conflict, you should have all the facts about your job clear and be prepared to give explanations.

As I mentioned, some cultures believe that eating lentils attracts good luck, therefore, some meanings of dreams with lentils suggest an opportunity to change your life, but the path will always be through challenges and clarifications, in other words, solving problems to achieve the biggest challenges.

However, you should analyze the environment you were in when you dreamed of lentils, as it may even give you some details about the person with whom you will argue or find comfort and a helping hand.


To dream of lentils portends trouble, both sentimental and emotional. This dream suggests that the problems are reaching a point where returning becomes impossible, so you must face the conditions in which you find yourself and find the real solution, that is, without looking for excuses or explanations.

However, this is not the only meaning of the dream with lentils. Sometimes you will not only find this grain in its natural state, but cooked, with rice, raw, of a particular color, burnt or even rotten. Depending on the above, it will have a more accurate meaning to your reality.

Dreaming of cooked lentils

Dreams where we see cooked lentils signify the feelings of pain you are currently in. This pain comes as a result of a problem for which you never found a solution and now it has grown considerably, to the point where it becomes emotionally unsustainable for you to continue in this state.

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That is to say, at present you do not find the way out of most of your conflicts, you look for help from friends and loved ones, generally obtaining closed doors. However, contrary to this scenario, help and a solution to your conflicts will soon arrive.

If you dreamt of cooked lentils it does not mean that this is the end of this bad stage in your life, but it does mean that your requests for help have been answered and it is time to start changing your current situation step by step.

Dreams with lentils and rice

To dream of rice and lentils suggests that your emotional state has begun to improve and bad times are getting good solutions for the first time. The prosperity of the rice is gaining ground on the problems of the lentils, but it is up to you how you behave to feed off this situation or let the opportunity before you slip away.

In contrast, if you let the opportunities slip away, the problems will follow, but this time they will totally hurt your self-esteem. If, on the other hand, you catch the new options in your life, economic and therefore emotional stability will come.

To dream of eating lentils

This dream of eating lentils has two possible predictions. In the first prediction suggests that you exaggerate in the confidence that you give to others and that in addition, other people know of your behavior, so while they can, they will take advantage of you and even try to use your good name in their favor to get more profits. In other words, you are approaching a great betrayal by acquaintances.

In the second prediction are people who firmly believe that eating lentils is positive and attracts abundance. If the above is your case and you dreamed eating lentils then you are approaching a good run in your life, but remember that you should not give confidence to strangers.

Dreams with raw lentils

To dream of raw lentils portends opportunities, but the results will depend on how you behave in this new stage. Opportunities are served on a plate, consider this as a new job offer, a trip or the opportunity to start a new relationship in your life. If you make a new choice in your life it will have results, but you must forge the path.

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Remember that from this point you will be the one in charge of deciding, but given the dangers that dreams with lentils suggest, you must choose with common sense and always respecting the space of others. That is, do not take advantage of this moment to feel guilty about your past and worse, blame others for your misfortunes.

Dreaming of stewed lentils

Dreams where stewed lentils appear suggest reconciliation, especially with family and friends. Regardless of the type of problem you are in, this dream suggests that it is the right time to call that person or send a message to initiate reconciliation.

If this problem demands that you send a message of apology, it is the time to do so. If these apologies are not accepted or reciprocated and you dreamt of stewed lentils after doing so, then be advised that your emotions are already full of peace and that it is not necessary for you to act in a different way. Therefore, it only remains to hope that at some point you will be reciprocated and that person will accept your apology.

Dreams with lentils and chorizo

To dream of chorizo and lentils foretells the reunion with old friends, but not all the time in a positive way. Although in most cases it predicts a meeting full of good emotions, success and joys, sometimes it may be a friend with whom we had some kind of problem and the time has come to reconcile. Dreams with lentils with sausages are not frequent, therefore, take the upcoming reunion as a sign to enjoy the moment or remedy old problems.

Dreaming of green lentils

Dreams where green lentils appear portend joys and reunions, but that should not end in a new business or path. That is to say, take advantage of the reunion with a relative to learn about his past, his emotional states and his health. However, you should stay away from proposing new business to your acquaintances or getting upset because they are not interested in your offer. Simply take advantage of the reunion and put business aside.

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Dreams with lentils and coins

Dreams with lentils and coins portend financial success, as long as you like this grain and consider that consuming it attracts abundance. For people who do not like its taste or smell, this dream suggests that financial problems are approaching, especially for not learning to control the expenses you make. In both cases, it is essential to act with common sense and a lot of financial prudence. That is, do not invest in businesses you do not know and especially with people you hardly know.

Dreaming of rotten lentils

To dream of rotten lentils is negative and bad luck. It is the worst outcome dream you can have. Whether you consider this grain good luck or not, it suggests that you are approaching a time of illness and financial problems that may affect your family. In this dream with rotten lentils, prudence is recommended, both in your present and future plans and even avoiding going on a trip the following days would be one of the options to take into account.

Dreams with burnt lentils

Dreams with burnt lentils are very frequent when you are emotionally bad, that is, you feel without energy, without courage or with a constant pressure in the chest. In this way you feel exhausted, therefore, you need positive people around you to motivate you and not negative people who absorb you in their routine. You need to change your way of being and acting.

Dreaming of lentils in water

Dreams where you see lentils in water suggest that you have been deceived by another person whom you trusted and also considered your friend. It is a stage where bad news begins to arrive generally in the form of gossip, but that acquire veracity as you investigate what that person really wanted from you. However, it is not a dream to be taken lightly and start blaming everyone around you or those you have trusted. On the contrary, it warns you to wake up and look around you more carefully.