Dreaming of lice is really unpleasant and can be associated with various diseases, bad company, and difficulty facing problems. They are usually a type of insect, fast, agile, that affects mammals and birds and in the human being where they breed death. In this opportunity we will analyze the variables of the meanings of dreams with lice.

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When we talk about dreaming of lice, we quickly enter the enigmatic and mysterious world, trying to decipher the hidden interpretations.  These types of dreams are different from each other, they have nothing in common; for this reason each of them has specific interpretations that you will know. For this reason you should know which ones resemble the situations, mainly every specific detail that occurred in the dream.

First, the difference between lice and nits should be clarified, as many consider it to be the same. Nits are eggs from lice and should be removed first to prevent growth and reproduction. To learn more about what it is, we will detail the contexts in which they explain the meaning of dreams with lice in particular.



It is common to have some very strange dreams, as usual, can go back many years. They show you part of your past, part of your family life. They can even take a look at scenarios that look familiar or childhood memories. However, there are cases where they show us situations with which we are currently not comfortable. And within the interpretation of the dreams brought to the attention of our subconscious.

One of the most common and inexplicable chimeras is to dream of nits or lice. It is said that seeing these bugs while sleeping is a sign of something dark. Maybe your life is about to come, someone who wants to hurt you. Or that it’s one of your “friends” who’s plotting behind your back to hurt you. For this reason, this time you will be presented with some of the most recurrent dreams you have with lice.

Remember that in the brain is where ideas and thoughts are formed. It’s a warehouse of your memories and all the experiences you’ve lived since your childhood. In the subconscious are stored those things that have left us a greater mark. These can eventually surface through the interpretation of dreams. Pay attention to the signs they give you.

 Dreaming of head lice

Caution should be exercised when dreaming of head lice. Since this dream has to do more directly with your emotional past, trust and self-esteem. This specific dream is telling you that you feel discomfort and sadness for an offense that they did to you.

Something happened in your life that beat you and you thought about leaving it like this. But now your head shows you it’s not like that. That you still feel pain and a certain grudge against a person who was involved. Within the interpretation of lice dreams is that they are common in people whose partners have lied to or cheated on them. Because, even though they love them, the pain and rancor are still latent.

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However, this offense is not usually that big. It is important that you do not let yourself be deeply affected by this situation. Since it could cause you depression and emotional decay.

Dream of white lice

Colors are very important when interpreting dreams. In this case dreaming of white lice, it turns out that the problems and worries are not great. Or that whatever you’re going through will have a simple way out that won’t affect those around you.

White lice indicate solution. If your conflict is emotional, with family, friends, or a couple, don’t be afraid. Inside you know how to fix it, you just have to sit down and meditate well. You will be able to resolve your affairs with this person and enjoy a long and peaceful relationship with him.

Dreaming of lice and killing them

Despite what has already been said, this dream is not so bad. Dreaming of lice and killing them is a good omen that it will overcome its evils. While your life is complicated now, you are going to find a way to solve everything. You’ll get rid of your troubles and sorrows.

This also tells you within the meaning of dreams is that you will soon be eliminating negative and toxic people. Or that, if you’re already doing it, it won’t be that easy, because they don’t want to leave yet. They haven’t finished their job, which is to see you in bad shape. And can, present much resistance to hold on to it.

You will realize that this is not an easy task and it may take longer than you expected. But to make a positive change in your world you must be persevering and constant. Don’t let those people come back to you on pretexts or wanting to pretend they’re not. Put a firm hand and let your decision not falter.

Dream of big lice

It may be a manifestation that you’re not doing your job the way you should. This may indicate that your boss is planning to fire you soon. Also, there’s someone else ready to take over. And yes, you have your own business, because in the interpretation of big lice dreams, he’s warning you that you’re doing something wrong.

What you can do is increase productivity in your work area. And check where, exactly, you’re making mistakes. This will make your superior understand that you really care about your job. And that you’re willing to improve everything to keep him.

Dream that I have lice

Nits are never an omen for positive things. On the contrary, they represent negative aspects of our lives that we even sometimes ignore. In the dream world around you there are bad and interested people. And they pretend to be friends to take advantage of or get something out of you.

Be careful, because these people are closer than you think. And that’s why your mind is informing you. Usually, these people feel envy, contempt, or they just want to see you fall.

He’s on the lookout for all those who are too nice to you, because they’re just pretending. Evaluate also those who have come into your life suddenly without rhyme or reason. Even those who have suddenly started talking to you when they have never done so. Since you can get something on your hands.

Dream of many lice

Within the interpretation of dreams very common among those with a very problematic life. It’s the way you say family problems affect you, friends, parents, among others. You have to find a way to keep these problems from disturbing your self-esteem. Which you must confront them to finish them.

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If the dream is regular, it means that these problems are affecting you more than normal. It can also mean that situations are on the edge, to the point of getting worse. So you will need to review your ideas and make more drastic decisions for an early solution.

Dream of lice and nits

This dream, as we know, can be very unpleasant. But the truth is that it speaks to you precisely of your social circle and of the trust in those around you. Nits tell you about toxic people, people who will cause you problems socially. And you don’t mean a moral point of view. If not they want you badly.

There are people who talk about you behind your back and slander you. The sensible thing is to be attentive to the behavior of your friends. Not it is always good to listen to rumors, but pending what others are saying about your friends. If there’s a lot of coincidences, it’s because something happens.

The best thing you can do in the meaning of lice dreams is to take it from a positive point of view. Think of it as a warning. So you can start cutting and eliminating negative people who don’t bring you anything good. Just like you do with plagues.

Dreaming out lice

This dream can vary its meaning depending on where nits are being taken out. If you’re taking them away from a known person, it might require your help. He’s in some trouble he hasn’t told you about, or yes, but he can’t solve it alone. If in the dream you cannot recognize the person, it is that someone will soon come to ask for your help. It could be from your family or your circle of friends.

It is also believed that dreaming out lice when you are sick or have a fever reveals that your environment is going to get worse. Possibly the diagnostics tell you that this is going to lengthen. To dream that you bring nits to someone is considered positive. Within the interpretation of dreams is that you will put your life in order. If all lice die in sleep, it indicates that your problems can be solved easily.  Dream of black lice

As mentioned, colors are relevant to the interpretation of dreams. If you’ve had dreams about black lice, it could be a warning that they’re plotting something against your life. Not necessarily deadly, but they do want to harm you in some way.

Become aware of your friendships, even family ones, and think Well of who the real ones are. And it lists those who have wanted to harm, even if only by game. At times, don’t accept invitations from strangers anywhere. Stay away from conflicts with other people, stay calm and peaceful.

Dream of lice in someone else

Have you recently dreamed that someone else has lice? This vision has multiple meanings of dreams. One of them is that someone may be affecting your affairs, symbolizing envy. Be careful with this that your intentions are not good at all.

Another interpretation is that there is someone close to you who is going through a difficult time and requires your help. You can see in your dream if the person is a relative. Also, it may indicate that person is untrustworthy and you must eradicate him from your life as soon as you can. To define what the meaning is for you, you must compare the dream with your recent experiences.

Dream of live lice

It is very common to dream of live lice, as they occur in most dream interpretation. However, you have to pay attention to the scenario that presents itself to you. If it’s just a bunch of lice around, it can mean you know someone’s having a hard time. Your conscience is telling you that you must help her to regain your peace of mind and tranquility.

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Likewise, living nits may be telling you that there are people speaking ill of you. Think, you must know who they are, since you’ve been thinking about setting distance. It’s best if you do. You’ll see lice disappear once you’ve gone away. This chimera may also indicate that you have some frustration and guilt over a decision you made in the past. You know it wasn’t the right one and you can’t go back and change it.

Dreaming of dead lice

These kind of dreams are basically discouraging. If you have dreamed of dead nits within the interpretation of dreams, it reveals discouragement and apathy. You’ve fought hard to achieve your goals, but you don’t see the goal yet.

The result wasn’t what you expected, and that makes you feel discouraged from trying. However, this can be positive if you take it as a sign to change your attitude. The current methods don’t work for you, so you need new ones. Change course and maybe you’ll get what you want.


  • Dreaming that my child has lice: usually, in the meaning of dreams it tells you that your child is being harassed in school. He’s suffering from bullying, for sure, at the hands of older children. It’s important that you talk to him so he can tell you the truth and can talk to the teachers.
  • Dreaming of lice in your home: this unpleasant vision indicates in most cases that there are rumors about your home. Or, more specifically, it symbolizes gossip, discomfort that can destabilize harmony in your home. And this, is one of your greatest fears. Be careful what you do outside and who you tell your problems to, you can flip your cards.
  • Dream of being chased by giant, fat Lice: take care of yourself at work. You were caught doing something improper and now your superiors are following in your footsteps. They’re looking for the smallest mistake to fire you for motive. Dreaming of giant nits chasing you is a great warning to pay attention to your job, if you don’t want to lose it.
  • Dreaming of dead lice in another person: this dream tells us that what you fear is not going to happen. Keep calm. That problem with no solution is going to be solved without you noticing. It’s also interpreted as the unnecessary things in your life that you’re throwing away. You’re taking the weight off and your subconscious will thank you.
  • Dreaming of lice on your clean clothes: for different cultures, dreaming of lice is a good omen. In this case, if you dream that you are dressed in etiquette and clearly see a louse on top, it indicates economic and professional success.
  • Dreaming of live lice in your head: in the meaning of dreams it symbolizes annoyance, disgust. It can relate to your social, family, emotional, work environment, among others. You don’t feel completely at ease, there’s something you want to change and you can’t get it out of your mind. You better get inspired and take a few days off the hook. Everything will be solved gradually.
  • Dreaming of lice can have many different meanings. And trying to interpret a dream can be harder than you imagined. That’s why you have to keep an eye out for situations that occur during the day. In addition to taking note of the contexts in your head where dreams develop. So you can make a more accurate interpretation.